The deadline for re-opening Maddie's investigation has passed...

What possible reason could there be for the McCanns not to request the re-opening of the investigation into the search for Madeleine, who they believe is still alive and in the hands of a swarthy, foreign, opportunist sexual predator?

The investigation was shelved, pending further evidence, after Gonçalo Amaral was removed from the investigation by UK Prime Minister, Gordon Brown following political pressure from Kate McCann.

Any one of the family, including the grandparents, could request the investigation be re-opened, but so far nothing has happened. Why don't any of them want Madeleine found?

Why are they happy to use private investigators, whose search has proved fruitless?

Gonçalo Amaral was close to finding Maddie before he was removed from the investigation, following positive results from British cadaver and blood hounds, Eddie and Keela.

The McCanns have always maintained that they could not speak about the investigation because of Portuguese secrecy laws, yet since those laws have been lifted, aswell as their arguido status, they have remained silent, other than to threaten the media and continue to scrape in donations to their fraudulent Fund by means of apologies from newspapers who attempt to publish some truths.

Why have the McCanns let the deadline pass and not demanded that the police continue to look for Maddie?

Why are they happy for Brian Kennedy, who has 5 children, to use his wealth to support them indefinitely?

Of course, the McCanns could have requested the re-opening of the case at any time up to the 20th September, rather than leave it til the deadline - so, have they let this vital opportunity pass?

Why is the UK not wising up to the guilt of the McCanns?

It begs the question: What do the McCanns really know about the 'disappearance' of their three year old daughter, Madeleine McCann, who they seem hellbent on denying justice for, by making up excuses for the blood and cadaver rather than demanding to know where it came from.

I will gladly remove this post should any news develop that proves the McCanns have requested the re-opening of the investigation.

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