Cadaver and Blood in McCann's apartment and car: Damn those mosquitoes eh, Philomena McCann?

Eddie and Keela detecting cadaver and blood in the McCann's apartment and car.

You will note that Martin Grimes said the dogs would only detect human blood, not that of a mosquito, Philomena McCann....


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Of an abductor entering an apartment through the door and exiting through the window?
Of a child being taken in the only 5 minute window of opportunity when there was nobody checking?
Of an abductor leaving no prints or DNA evidence?
Of an abductor hiding behind a door that opens against a wall?
Of a mother running away from the abduction scene, leaving two two-year olds exposed to the very same abductor?
Of patio doors being left unlocked, yet the parents being adamant that the child had not merely wandered off?
Of the parents staying in the apartment while everyone else searched long into the night for the 'abducted' child?
Of all the children, of all the families, falling asleep at approximately the same time, and of none of them waking up?
Of none of the group wearing watches or having their mobiles with them?
Of not taking your children to the restaurant with you because there was no buggy available?
Of having your wallet, sports bag and your child all taken - all in separate incidents within a few weeks?
Of a mother who said the "abductor" had moved cuddle cat, actually holding it and washing it when it could have had the "abductors" prints or DNA on it?
Of the parents of an abducted child to keep always forgetting to mention the £2m reward for her safe return during their TV appeals?
Of the finger of suspicion being pointed at another by three of the group, until the likeness to one of the group was observed?
Of the parents not sacking a detective agency who endangered the life of their child by announcing her location and her imminent rescue - on two separate occasions?
Of highly-trained forensic cadaver dogs and DNA analysts from the UK being mistaken?
Of a GP coming into contact with 6 dead bodies in the week before the holiday?
Of the GP bringing a "Cuddle Cat" to work with her and it thus acquiring the scent of death?
Of the Portuguese police offering a "deal" for which there is no provision under Portuguese Law? Of the parents setting up a website within one week, and registering the child's eye defect as a trademark within 2 weeks of her disappearance?
Of innocent parents refusing to help the police by answering their questions and not immediately agreeing to take part in a reconstruction?

The combined police forces of two countries, plus Interpol...
Ex-SAS officers and 30 private detectives...
The backing of several millionaires,
and a £1m 'fighting fund' donated by the public...
A £2.5m reward on offer,
and an unprecedented 'awareness' campaign...
The unstinting support of the entire British media...
The world's best sniffer dogs and forensic scientists...
... and still not a single lead?

Still not a single clue turned up supporting the claim of abduction?


(many thanks to The Three Arguidos)

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