British police to consider releasing Madeleine information to public

British police will consider whether it is in the public interest to release information about their involvement in the Madeleine McCann inquiry, officials said today.

A number of media organisations made requests under the Freedom of Information Act for details about their role in the investigation.

But Leicestershire Constabulary, which led the British side of the investigation for their Portuguese counterparts, said it must apply the ’public interest test’ before agreeing to disclosure.

In a written response, Linda Dempsey, of the force’s data protection department, said: “An initial meeting has now been held and from this we are still in the process of preparing the Public Interest Test regarding the intended response.

“It will be necessary to consult with other agencies to assist in this matter in order for us to give the due consideration that must be given to such a high profile case and the need to balance the needs for disclosure or not.

“It is clearly mandated in the Secretary of State’s code of practice part IV that this consultation should take place.”

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