Abuse of Power: McCanns and Leicestershire Constabulary

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Here you will see a snippet from an email from Philomena McCann in which she states "I am sure that you know it is illegal to hire a detective whilst there is an on-going case in Portugal".

Based on the article from Paulo Reis below it can only be assumed that the McCanns did, indeed, break the law - according to Gerry's sister, Philomena McCann - by hiring private investigators while the case was on-going.

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You can also see that Philomena was coping her emails to me to her brother-in-law, Sandy Cameron and Chief Constable, Stuart Prior, of Leicestershire Constabulary.

What else are the McCanns going to get away with?

Homicide? Concealment of a body? Fraud?

Who are these people that they can get away with these crimes?

Is Leicestershire Constabulary, in fact, helping them to get away with crimes?

Link to Paulo Reis article here

Private investigators working at Praia da Luz on May 2007

The McCann held the first of several meetings with two leaders of a team of privates investigators, at Praia da Luz, on May, 2007. Those private investigators, working under the coordination of Control Risk Group, were former special forces soldiers, communications experts and former members of the British Intelligence Services. With the help of relatives from the McCann couple, they checked several areas of Praia da Luz and other places in Algarve, following leads that were send to Madeleine's parents, through different channels.

They also watched closely the work of the Portuguese police and mixed with journalists, collecting information, to keep the McCann advisers updated with the reactions of their Media campaign among the Press. Among a small numbers of relatives and advisers of the McCann, they were referred as "the boys from the Army".

The flow of information, about how the investigation was developing, coming through some British police high ranking officers, gave the McCann an advanced knowledge that even allowed private investigators to check some leads and places, before PJ, as it happened with the “Dutch map” episode.

Duarte Levy and Paulo Reis

Posted by Paulo Reis at 08:15:00


Here is a comment from Paulo's blog:

Another infringement of Portuguese law right from the beginning. What bothers me is that many people in Britain refuse or are afraid to ask the obvious. For example, who are these people that they have immediate access to all these resources? Many people are saying that the FSS lab erred and now they are saying that the Portuguese police misinterpreted the results. Once again the obvious is being ignored. Irrespective of the DNA evidence, consider the following: Two dogs entered the McCann apartment; one dog detects only Cadaver fluid and the other only human blood. Both dogs, specialists in their fields, signal the presence of these fluids in the same spots in the McCann apartment. Given that these dogs have been infallible, you must conclude that a dead body was in that apartment. The McCann child is missing. So you tell me, whose dead body is it?


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