What's in the urn on your mantlepiece?

'Sentinel' from the 3 Arguido's has started a very interesting and important thread regarding some questions that should have been asked of the McCanns:

1. why did you dump the fridge?
2. why did you delete the reference in your blog?
3. who is the 10th tapas?
4. who arranged the private plane and where did it fly to?
5. is this your blue bag? (showing gerry the blue bag)
6. why did you say you didn't have one?
7. why does uncle john say he wasn't on holiday with you?
8. why does aunty nora say you had been here before?
9. why does Clarence Mitchell say he wasn't here on the 4th may?
10. what is your connection to castle craig?
11. why does robert murat deny that he picked kate up from chaplin's and took her home to his sofa?
12. what is your connection to malta?
13. just how many people called mccann can we connect to this?
14. have you ever eaten mccann oven chips? Do you deny that there is a connection?
15. just how many cuddle cats were there?
16. was cuddle cat old, new, from Jon Corner or what?
17. why did you turn the cleaners away on the 2nd may?
18. just how many nights were you in chaplins?
19. does gordon brown wear nappies (diapers)?
20. if you used the nissan micra to move the body, why did the dogs not smell anything?
21. why does Jill Renwick say that she wasn't on holiday with you?
22. Have you ever visited a volcano?
23. What's in the urn on your mantelpiece?
24. When did you visit the pet crematorium?
25. what happened to the syringe?
26. who hired the boat?
27. How did you get the creche Nanny to lie for you as M wasn't in the creche on the 3rd May?
28. How did you get phone numbers for Gordon Brown and Tony Blair?
29. How long did David Payne stay in the apartment on evening of 3 May?
30. Who was the man in the boat that Charlotte Pennington saw?
31. Where did you put the shower curtain?
32. What did you do with the bed-sheets?
33. Why did your father say you gave Valium to Madeleine?
34. Who left in a private jet on the 3rd May?
35. Why did you feel the need to photoshop the photo of Madeleine by the pool?
36. what is your relationship with bernie ecclestone?
37. Did you have a copy of the book No Stone Unturned at your villa?
38. Why with all the advice that it could be harmful to your daughter did you use her eye defect as a publicity strategy?
39. Why did you take Madeleine out for dinner before feeding her at home?
40. And who were the people you were having dinner with in the cafe which was on CCTV handed over by the manager?

Discussion here (requires registration)

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