University Hospitals of Leicester links to fraudulent Find Madeleine Fund

Less than two weeks after Madeleine McCann disappeared, the family and friends of the McCann family set up a company called Madeleine’s Fund: Leaving No Stone Unturned Limited. Without properly setting clear objectives and policies from the start, the company was set to become the vehicle for the “official” find Madeleine campaign—whatever that actually meant. It has become a typically British thing to have financial campaigns to assist people in well publicised times of need. Usually there is no specific company set up to do this. In this respect, the “Madeleine Fund” seemed far too sophisticated and if anything it appears to have been premeditated.

British banks are past masters of setting up and administering bank accounts for needy causes and tend to do so without intervention by outsiders. What made the Madeleine Fund and subsequent campaign so distasteful to many is that little of the money has been used for its stated purpose.

The company has several family members on its board of directors and this and many other factors have helped to fuel rumours about the integrity of the management and disbursement of the donated money.

Also, it is unknown who the shareholders are as they have never been publicly declared.

TRUTH For Madeleine tried to contact the company for an update on its performance. Bates Wells & Braithwaite referred us to the Fund and stated that they couldn’t answer our questions due to confidentiality.

John McCann spoke briefly to us on the phone until he realised we were asking about the Fund. His response was to claim we had the wrong telephone number and that he was in fact a “Mr Jones”. This was interesting as he must in the extremely rare group of Scotsmen with a Welsh name!

A lot of donors to the fund would like to have actually seen some real stones turned over by the McCanns in the search for Madeleine. Instead, there has been no publication of the company performance or regular updates as to what actions have been taken in the so-called “search for Madeleine”.

If Madeleine died in May 2007 and the family knew about this then the whole fund is a fraud!

Truth for Madeleine: Fund


University Hospitals of Leicester: link to fraudulent Find Madeleine Fund
University Hospitals of Leicester: Press Releases
Doug Skehan: Glenfield Hospital
Doug Skehan: also at Spire Hospital
Gerry McCann: also at Spire Hospital

DOUG SKEHAN: Dr Doug Skehan is a cardiologist at University Hospitals of Leicester and Mrs. Marcelle Skehan (also known as Dr. Morris) is a general practitioner (doctor) in a Coalville practice.

I have recently received this information in an email:

"In Jan/Feb 2008, Patricia Hewitt rejected a big PFI ( = 'Private Finance Initiative) from a group based on Leicestershire which is believed to have included the Tapas 9 Doctors. PFI is a way of bringing in big amounts of money into the NHS from the private sector. I think it would have involved building a new, large, very expensive hospital. It is believed that the Tapas 9 were in behind a group of businessmen - contractors, builders etc. who were behind the PFI bid that Hewitt eventually rejected. John Geraghty was one of those businessmen. He lives in the next village to Praia da Luz, and is a member of the local R.C. Church. He was instrumental in helping the McCanns get a key to the church (to pray????) and loaned them a car (NB not the one in which cadaver odour was found). A possible scenario is that they booked their holiday in Praia da Luz so they could all work out how to revive their failed PFI bid."

John Geraghty's profile on

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Richard D. Hall: 'When Madeleine Died?'
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