Suspicion: the PJ admits that the children had been drugged

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19 Agosto 2008 - 00h30

Kate’s strange attitudes

A strange attitude from Kate, in the day of Madeleine’s disappearance, was pointed out by Fiona Payne, one of the women that was part of the group of English that spent holidays with the McCann at Praia da Luz.

The witness stated then that Maddie’s mother, during the first hours marked by despair and by a feeling close to frustration, frequently would go close to the twins, putting her fingers in front of their noses.

Sean and Amelie were sleeping at the time, but Kate seemed to want to confirm that her younger children were alive, checking if they breathed.

This behavior associated with the fact, confirmed later by Maddie’s grandparents, that the children took sedatives to sleep – a medication that is usual in the United Kingdom and is seldom administrated to children – raised doubts to the investigators. But this detail was never looked deeper, although one of the thesis defended by the team responsible for the investigation it is that the disappearance is related with an accident, which could be directly linked with the medication given to the children.

Another detail puzzled the investigators. Kate and Gerry always said that Maddie, Sean and Amelie slept at around 19h:30/20h:00 , which permitted that they could leave them alone, while they dined at the restaurant of the resort, situated at about 100 meters, but from which the rooms were not visible.

Later the versions changed, when Gerry was interrogated as an arguido.

At that moment, the father told that Maddie had trouble sleeping and to overcome those fears they had established a system of points. The child was rewarded when she achieved certain goals.


Months after Maddie disappeared and a t a time when Kate was feeling that the investigation was turning against her, the english doctor suggested to members of the Policia Judiciária to have the twins tested, in order to verify if they had been drugged on the night of the disappearance.

The request was signaled as a strategy to mess up the investigation, since, being a couple of doctors, they should know that at that moment it was no longer possible to detect any vestige of any substance that could have been eventually taken by the children.

Kate alleged that the younger brother and sister of Madeleine could have been drugged by the alleged kidnapper, adding that it was by that reason that they kept on sleeping, even during the confusion created by their sister’s disappearance. In the process, the thesis was not considered credible.

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