Some questions that need answers from The McCanns

Why did Alipio Ribeiro comment on the case on the famous 'hasty' interview, when he previously said that the PJ should not comment on the media about an ongoing investigation?

Why did Alípio Ribeiro answered the Público Journalist- Paula Torres (the same who only writes articles in Público specially to attack the PJ) when he could have said: 'No Comment'.

Did Alípio Ribeiro receive a call from the former British Ambassador in the night of the 3rd of May 2007? In that call was the former head of the PJ pressured to follow the Kidnap theory? What was the conversation about?

Why did the British Ambassador felt the need to go to Portimão and speak with the PJ team investigating the case when there were already assessors and advisers from within the British Diplomacy helping the McCann Couple?

Why did the British Ambassador felt that he had to intervene in the media and also inside the Diplomacy meanders to help the McCanns? Was he, himself pressured?

Why where all British diplomats who intervened in this affair either removed, sacked or asked for other positions in other countries?

Why did Mr. Alípio Ribeiro almost 'killed' the investigation blaming the PJ, for hastiness in giving the McCanns arguido status, when he, himself was in the group who decided that they should have that status for the investigation to proceed with a different line of questionings?

What is behind the prejudice done to the PJ investigation of the Maddie Case by some Portuguese Newspapers, namely Expresso and Público? Is it true that the Público main owner is in fact being investigated by the Judiciary Police and he is 'ordering' that a specific editorial guideline of defamation against the PJ is followed? What is the Hidden agenda of the owners and Chief Editors of Expresso and Público?

Why didn't the former director of the Judiciary Police defended the Police Officers when they were attacked and character assassinations were done by the British Media?

Why was Gonçalo Amaral removed from the investigation, and with him several members of the team went to other cases leaving the Maddie investigation incomplete?

Why wasn't Gonçalo Amaral and his team called to give statements and their opinions as professionals? Why wasn't the direct knowledge of these investigators taken in to consideration if they were the ones who did investigated everything pertaining to the Maddie Case up to the 2nd of October 2007?

Why were the Barcelona based Metodo 3 investigators, experts of frauds not of missing persons, allowed to do an uncontrolled investigation in Portugal if it is illegal for private detectives to work on cases which are being investigated by the proper Judicial authorities? Given their antecedents, for previous arrests of Francisco Marco and his mum, and the drug trafficking (400kg Cocaine) arrest of one of their detectives who worked between Malta, Morocco and Spain why were they still allowed to investigate in Portugal? Is there any connection between the sightings of Maddie in the above mentioned places and the Metodo3 detectives travels? There where rumours of witness harassment, where this detectives implicated? And last, given the story"She'll be home for x-mas" and the previous issues why did the McCanns keep the contract with Metodo3?

From Anonymous at 20:51

Why was Maddie so frightened of the water? Had she ever suffered a near drowning incident?

Why haven't the British authorities given the Portuguese investigators the information which they requested on Maddie's health? Why don't the parents just give it to them?

Why haven't the parents released the text messages themselves?

Why did the parents, in their media broadcasts, tell the public how happy Maddie was, when independent witnesses were reporting to the Portuguese police how unhappy and frightened she was?

Why is it that the one and only person who was strongly identified - the man who walked like Gerald and looked like Gerald and was carrying a small child to the beach around 10, is assumed to have not been Gerald? Since the request for the reconstruction was based on problems found in the timeline given by Gerald and his friends, would that not automatically cause concern about his whereabouts at 10? Where is that concern?

From Anonymous at 21:47

Why hasn't Mr Alberto Costa, Minister of Justice, come forward to support the PJ against the attacks?

Has the Portuguese Prime Minister ever discussed the case with Mr Gordon Brown? If yes, when was it? And have there been any requests either side?

From Speak Your Mind at 22:13

For Mr. Alípio Ribeiro and Portuguese Authorities:

Do you feel at all guilty for the betrayal of Amaral leaving the media shredding him and the way he is now denounced?

Do you think a Portuguese citizen would get away with what the McCanns have gotten away with in Britain?

If there is an afterlife and you came across Madeleine, what would you say to her?

From Jail House Lawyer at 22:37

For the McCann Couple

What child abduction?

Why did you lie about a break in?

Why don't you tell us what really happened on 3 May 2007?

From Nana at 00:11

For the McCann Couple

Why did you both lie to every man and his dog on the night of May, 03rd, 2007 saying the apartment had been broken in?

Where is the shelf with cuddle cat which Maddie couldn't reach, therefore, according to Kate, she was "abducted"?

For the Portuguese Authorities

The Portuguese authorities responsible for this travesty of justice are ashamed of themselves, unlike Gonçalo Amaral?

From Himself at 00:55

For the British Authorities

Why did the Leicestershire police took the unprecedented step in facilitating Russel James O'Brien to read a previous statement from his wife, Jane Tanner, before being questioned by Leicestershire Police, on April 2008?

Why was Jeremy Wilkins allowed by the Leicestershire police to read his original statement given to the PJ in Portimão on May 2007, previous to a second questioning in the UK in April 2008?

From AACG at 00:59

Is there any "beyond any doubt" evidence (witness not belonging to the Tapas group) that Gerald McCann was sitting at the Tapas restaurant around 21h45?

For the Prime Ministers José Socrates and Gordon Brown

How long will the Portuguese State stand being shamefully libelled by the British tabloids without reacting ? How does the proper British government admit it?

From Anonymous at 03:51

For the McCanns

Do you have any enemies? Have you ever done anything that would lead anyone to seek revenge by taking or harming your first born child?

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Richard D. Hall: 'When Madeleine Died?'
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Prime Minister introduces Prime Suspect to Royalty

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