Party Brit's girl taken into care: (after doing a 'McCann')

A GIRL of eight was taken into care after her British mum went partying and left her alone in their holiday apartment — a few miles from where Madeleine McCann was snatched.

Worried neighbours who called police claimed the child had been abandoned several times at night.

Cops in the resort of Portimao, Portugal, were forced to take her into care when the mum did not return.

Portimao is less than 25 miles from Praia da Luz, where Maddie vanished in May last year just before her fourth birthday.

The resort was also the HQ of the Portuguese police hunt for Maddie.

The Sun understands the mum had been urged by a doctor to avoid drink on holiday as she was on medication to combat alcohol-related problems and depression.

But she ignored the advice, went out boozing and ended up needing hospital treatment.

Police handed her frightened daughter to a temporary care home in Faro.

After being assessed there she was transferred to a children’s home in nearby Loule.

Worried family members are believed to have flown out to Portugal to help the youngster and her mother.

And a spokesman for the British Consulate said: “We can confirm we are offering advice to the girl and her family.”

But neither the consulate nor police would say if the mum could face charges.

The offence of abandonment carries a maximum ten-year jail sentence in Portugal, but only if prosecutors can prove a parent intended to neglect a child.

Maddie’s parents Kate and Gerry were recently cleared of any involvement in the disappearance of their daughter, who vanished from their holiday apartment as they dined out nearby with friends.

But many outraged Portuguese believe the couple should have been charged with abandonment.
Earlier this year two British children were taken into temporary care in the Algarve when their parents collapsed after an afternoon out.

DO YOU know the mother and child? Ring The Sun’s newsdesk on 020 7782 4104, text 63000 or email

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discussion at The 3 Arguido's here and here

A few comments from the discussion thread:

1. So this mum was an 'alki' who'd gone out 'boozing'
... whilst the McCanns were merely 'dining' as they would in their back garden

What's left to say ...

2. Perhaps she has been following the McCann saga, and knows that Portugal and the not fit for purpose prosecutors they have got at present couldn't care less to press charges if the kids are left alone while the parents go out for the night. Not even if they disappear while they are out.

So she hasn't got anything to worry about.

3. Can you believe it? Will the papers condemn her???

4. The bit that gets me.

DO YOU know the mother and child? Ring The Sun’s newsdesk on 020 7782 4104, text 63000 or email

No such digging on the Mccanns

5. ... forget the Amber Alert ... this is the McCann's REAL legacy

6. The Portuguese authorities and the McCanns have set a very dangerous precedent here.

I mean how can they possibly prosecute this woman for leaving an 8 year old, when you can get away with leaving 18mth old twins with a 3 year old.

Yet another example of bad parenting, and she's most likely going to walk away with her daughter and no punishment.

7. Is the British Ambassodor on his way, has he phoned the head of the PJ yet ?

Are International Family Law Group flying out. ?

Have Gordy and Clarry been mobilized ??

8. She could always claim as her defence if they tried to prosecute her, that the McCanns did it, and nothing happened to them, even though their child came to harm by disappearing.

9. Don't you know that as far as our great and good are concerned the McCanns can walk on water.

They even got Brown calling them.

I wonder if the Queen has invited them for tea yet?

10. So we have a mother of an 8 year old arrested in Portugal. 8 year old child.

We have Karen Matthews in prison waiting trial. 9 year old child.

Are what either of these did any worse then what the McCanns did? There children are still alive.

We have the McCanns walking free and losing a 4 year old, according to the Sun they did not intend neglecting Maddie, how do they work that out when they left her for one and a quarter hours along with her baby brother and sister crying. How can that not be intentional, when knowing this they still went out and left them again, and left them every night.

Just why are these being protected. Oh it makes me so angry.

11. What a miserable article.

The case is much more complex than that. It's a sad human case that is being treated in such a despicable way by comparision with the McCann that it shouts out loud the biased way the Media treats these cases.

That young woman is depressive and has alchoolic problems in fact. She arrived in the Algarve in the beginning of August.

The mixture of medication and alchool in fact lead to a series of abandonments of her little child at the residence (small hotel) were she was staying. When she got out of money she slept on the streets with the child until a british couple worried with the situation invited her to their home. However a friend of the family one night, was so disgusted with the situation, that at midnight took the child to the police station. The young mother was taken to the hospital and the child to a children care center.

The child is well, although a bit frighten with the situation. She is in a children's home here in Loulé and has been visited by members of the family.

This situation has nothing in common with the McCann and it's shameful that they use it to keep publicizing those people. It's a case that should instead be used to reflect about the situation of young mothers and the mental health problems of our population. What is being done to prevent these situations?

12. Does anyone know if the woman was carrying out half hourly checks on her daughter?

13. that's funny
i don't remember the sun, or any other paper printing "do you know the tapas 7" last may!

obviously no press gag in this case, then.

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