Mr.Amaral: Matter of Fact on Mitchell Veiled Threats

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"A criminal investigation does not have to be politically correct."

Those who knew me through the media formed an opinion based on my connection with the so-called Maddie Case. During the investigation, even after having being removed, I was a target of the most terrible accusations by the British press, by some commentators at “service in our square” [sic – meaning Portuguese media pundits] and by a gentleman named Clarence Mitchell, whose role is not very well understood. On the eve of the publication of the book that you already know, this gentleman was sending me warnings: "that I should be very careful" – be amazed!

I want to leave clear that I find unacceptable this tone coming from a subject of the oldest Democracy of the World. Be careful, why? Because I can slip on a banana peel fallen in the side walk? Is Mr Mitchell concerned about my security or my health? I do not think so. We all understand his menacing tone.

In Portugal, we are not used to people speaking to us in that way. Nor is this the opinion that we have of the British people, but there are always some people that clash. A criminal investigation does not have to be politically correct, not even to fear veiled threats. The book only contains facts and does not contain any accusation. So the differences stand out.

Gonçalo Amaral, Former Coordinator Criminal Investigation

Source: Correio da Manhã

translation by astro