McCanns: PJ admite morte de Maddie

It was between the week of July 31 and August 6th, when the investigations related to Madeleine McCann’s disappearance began to indicate that something was about to happen. The arrival of Eddie and Keela, dogs specialized in detecting cadaver odour and blood, together with the police surveillance of the friends with whom Maddie’s parents dined in the Tapas Bar, confirmed a turnabout in the work of the police and the thesis of abduction was abandoned.

On the 31st of July, 2007, the first page of our journal did not make any illusions about the case, but in the beginning of August information surfaced that suggested a complete turnabout in the investigation. On the 1st of August, a British Team specialising in crimes against children reached the Algarve to help the PJ investigators. At that point, the team wanted to establish the profile of an abductor, but the information that was available was tenuous and a conclusion was never reached. On that same day, Gerry McCann uttered a phrase, published in our journal, “The vital piece of information may only be a phone-call away!” It was never clear to the authorities what this piece of information was supposed to be and what number should be called in the event [the information needed to be transmitted].

Tanner is Sorry
The woman who claims to have seen Maddie’s abduction is full of remorse for not having stopped the crime. In accordance with the files being made public on the 20th, it is true that, as 24Horas pointed out, the searches carried out in the home in which Murat lived, which involved an excavation machine, and later the English dogs, did not result in any proof that tied him to the disappearance of Madeleine McCann. Also proven in the files is that he did not know the McCanns or their friends before this case.

From a reading of legal documents, to which 24Horas has access, it is evident that Jane Tanner was never in the street where she claimed to have seen Maddie’s alleged abductor. Employees of the Tapas Bar stated that she did not leave the restaurant between 19h30 and 22h30--when the disappearance occurred--and Gerry, nor his friend, who were on this same street, remember having seen the Briton [Jane] and much less the abductor. It was some two months after the disappearance when Tanner remembered to tell the authorities what the abductor was wearing and also helped in creating the photo-fit.

The person that came again to be implicated was Robert Murat, until that time, the only arguido in the process. The British press told that he already know Jane Tanner and her companion Russell O’Brien before the disappearance of the child—a fact that was outright denied by 24Horas. The coverage of the case, by our journal centered on the 3rd and 4th of August, in a lead from Belgium. A woman, a children’s therapist, claimed to have seen Maddie in a café called “De Panzel” accompanied by a couple. With information given to them, the Belgian police issued a photo-fit together with a national alert. However, this time, [the photo-fit] was opposite to the photo made with the help of Jane Tanner, and had a face. Also found was a milk-shake bottle that was supposedly consumed by the little girl in that café. The authorities hoped that test carried out on that bottle matched Madeleine’s DNA. But the exams were not a match.

On the 5th of August, things started to get complicated for the McCanns. In accordance with e notice put out by 24Horas, on the evening of, authorities had begun searching with the British dogs. The investigations began in Murat’s house, at the point, the only arguido. Nothing incriminating was found.

But on the 6th of August the floodgates opened. Searches made in the Ocean Club apartment complex rented by the McCanns, the dogs detected cadaver odour and blood smells. Our headline that morning read “British dogs detect death in Maddie’s room.” Later came the detection of blood and cadaver odour in the McCann rental car. Refer to the fact that, according to the British specialists, the dogs can only lead to clues regarding dead human brings.

The McCanns opted, at the time, for silence.

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