Madeleine McCann: No evidence our daughter has been harmed, says Gerry

In his first public statement since a 30,000-page file from the police's dossier on the case were passed to his family last week, Gerry McCann made a fresh appeal for information or details of suspected sightings from the public.

"It will be clear to everyone now, that there is absolutely no evidence that suggests Madeleine has been seriously harmed," said Mr McCann, in a blog on the Find Madeleine website. "Knowing this, we strongly believe that Madeleine is out there and can be found."

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Erm, Gerry... I thought you were trying to convince us that Maddie had been taken by a paedophile ring? If that were the case, do you really think they'd be treating her like a princess? Even if she wasn't being physically abused for giving them "her tuppenceworth", the emotional trauma of being away from her family for over a year would constitute serious harm. But, as doctors, you and Kate would know that.

Besides, Eddie the Cadaver dog begs to differ with you, and so does Keela who detected blood on the bedroom walls. With over 200 cases that they've dealt with, they've never been wrong - not even in Jersey. Cadaver odour and blood means Maddie has very much been seriously harmed and the only reason you keep on about the fake abduction is to keep the donations pouring into, what can now only be described as, a fraudulent fund.

What there IS no evidence of... is an abductor!

Why not tell the truth... for Madeleine's and the twins sake? Or have you gone too far for that now? The world is wising up, and when the truth does become known, it's going to be far worse for you then, because you'll also be guilty of perverting the course of justice and fraud, aswell as possible homicide and concealment of Maddie's body.

Or are you simply relying on 'calling in more favours' from Gordon Brown? You know, like the favour where he gave you two government spokespersons or the one where he had Gonçalo Amaral removed from the investigation for you, just after his dog was mysteriously killed?

Even Dr Harold Shipman was caught eventually.
Tick, tock, tick, tock....

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Richard D. Hall: 'When Madeleine Died?'
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