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Process: PJ apprehended document that was written by the group

Hours after the disappearance of the little English girl, the McCanns used the covers of children’s story books that belonged to their daughter, to write down details of the evening

Hours after Madeleine disappeared, the English girl’s parents tore the covers of two children’s books that the child enjoyed leafing through before going to sleep, to write down the details of the evening of the disappearance.

There, according to what can be verified by the pages that have been appended to the process, Madeleine’s parents noted the periodicity of the visits to the rooms where the various children slept and who within the group of English people had verified that nothing out of the ordinary was taking place.

The PJ appended those documents to the process on September 9 of last year, then referring that the same had been apprehended by the GNR on the night that the girl stopped being seen.

The importance of the book covers was related to the fact that the PJ considers that there was a manipulation of the testimonies – the depositions between the elements of the group were combined in a detailed manner. That was the motive why those pieces of evidence were gathered only after Gerry and Kate were made arguidos, at a time when they had already formally assumed that they were suspects.

To the authorities, it was then an important detail at that moment in the investigation, because it revealed the little girl’s parent’s concern in protecting themselves from possible responsibilities, overshadowing the preservation of objects that belonged to the child at a moment in time when she had only been missing for a few hours.

Which led the authorities to admit that there could have been a manipulation of testimonies.

Maddie's torn sticker book

I guess the McCanns thought Maddie wouldn't need the book anymore.

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