The Lies and inconsistencies of Kate and Gerry McCann and the Tapas 7

A interesting discussion thread has been started by 'Ecolab' on The 3 Arguido's entitled "Behind the smokescreen".

It is interesting to see the lies and inconsistencies told by the McCanns and the Tapas 7 in their quest to 'leave no stone unturned' in their search for Margaret Madeleine McCann who is, um, oh yeah that's right, Kate and Gerry McCann's 3 year old daughter who they say was taken by a swarthy foreigner, gypsy, paedophile.

(Even though Eddie and Keela know differently)


Kate said in her statement that they had rowed the night before. In the Independent article she done in August she stated "we don't row and we've never rowed".

Madeleine does not like to be called Maddie and does not answer to Maddie. Gerry refers to her as Maddie on his friends reunited page.

Clarence said that NONE of the Tapas 9 had a mobile phone or watch with them on evening of 3rd May. He later said that SOME of them didn't have a watch or mobile phone.

Jane Tanner drawing in the evidence file as to where Gerry and Jes were when she "saw" the abductor, differs from the account given in Panorama.

Cuddle Cat being on the shelf......on the bed ......on the shelf....... on the bed.........on the shelf .... etc. etc.

Philomena Mccann:"The shutters were jemmied, the window opened" (Chief Inspector Albert Kirby said that neither the windows nor their shutters had been tampered with." )

Kate Mcann stated that she knew by the way the apartment was that Madeline had been abducted and had not wandered off. (The photographs of the room looks perfectly normal and the bed appears not to have been disturbed.)

They said, they had no credit cards but Gerry does.

”It was like dining in your back garden....”

May 25th: Private Investigaters will not help "Gerry Mccann",
September 25th : A source close to the McCanns' legal team said CRG had been working with the family since May and were in regular contact.

Saying they were cooperating fully with the investigation but Kate refusing to answer 48 questions.

Gerry's blog: "She was taken from our holiday apartment where she was sleeping with her younger brother and sister whilst we were dining 50 yards away."
"The pictures show the McCanns had to walk about 120 metres (= 131 yards) to get to the apartment where their children slept."

Page 2:
Gerry and kate both stated that the children where always in bed, asleep by 7.30, in his blog he states that "he was surprised to learn the twins where tucked up in bed asleep by 7.30... they must like their new bed's"

Clarry (May 2007): Kate and Gerry are cooperating fully with the Portuguese police.

Clarry (August 2008): Kate was within her rights not to cooperate with the Portuguese police (following their line of questioning.)

Return to Portugal or Not: November 2007 - Jane Tanner Of course we will! May 2008 – Kate, Gerry and their friends cannot see the point of all the disruption it would cause to their busy work schedules and families if, as they believe, it will do absolutely nothing to help find Madeleine.

Kate said : She/ they'd take the polygraf test any time, then refused to when she/they had the chance.

"Don't speak 'til the micro's off"

"well within the bounds/ boundaries of responsible parenting" Moaning that the 1st proposed date of the reconstruction had attracted media attention moaning 2nd date had not attracted media attention.

Kates fingerprint on the window, when she said herself that she never opened it. No signs of a break-in and no signs of gloves and the window had been cleaned a short time before.

Page 3:
Clarence says the Tapas 9's system was better than the baby listening service on offer at the ressort, and later admits there was no baby listening service on offer at the resort.

Matthew Oldfield checked on the McCann children at 9.30. Dianne Webster said they only checked on their own children.

"I washed cuddlecat because it had suncream on it"

"Because someone placed cuddlecat on a high shelf"

the cots having no sheets

Page 4:
And we just waited for that.....first bit of light about six o'clock. And then we went out searching, the two of us, at daylight.

The Tapas men sitting around that evening creating a timeline?

Oldfield changed his story from listening check to visual check.

Clarrie saying no investigation was done in PT but yet hiring CRG KM "I will not leave Portugal without M"

If M's favourite ice cream was chocolate, why have we seen 2 pictures of her eating vanilla ice cream and none of her with chocolate ice cream?

Page 5:
"too weird the idea to enter through a door and exit through the window with a four year old..."

Page 6:
Stating that they did not know they were going to be made aguido's, even though they had retained one of Portugals top CRIMINAL lawyers to 'look into' taking legal action against a portuguese newspaper a week or so earlier.

At The Scottish press association G was asked what are the long term objectives of the 'find madeleine campaign' - in his answer he never mentioned actually finding Madeleine. Putting the twins in the creche on May 5th - not knowing if one of the staff were the 'dastardly abducter'.

When the first 'definitive' sighting of Madeleine was reported - was it Belgium, when the police took it so seriousley they had a glass analysed for Madeleines DNA, G jumped on a plane and flew off to the states.

Reporting that Madeleine never had a problem sleeping, then showing a star chart designed to get her to stay in bed overnight.

G is quoted on the Panorama programme as saying that the curtains in the room were closed, so the abducter leaned through the window while carefully avoiding waking Madeleine and thoughtfully closed them after him.

Matching outfits for the first press conference (outside the appartment).

Getting a family friend to film them just weeks after Madeleine dissapeared. The Telegraph posting the story on the web just after midnight the night Madeleine went missing, but the press were not contacted until the morning.

Also I find it strange that there were references to Maddie sleepwalking. And then Kate is absolutely certain she could not have wandered off.

Saying that someone was watching them, yet leaving the children alone.