Dogs detect blood and cadaver in McCann's car

Eddie, one of the dogs used by the Portuguese police, signalled Kate and Gerry's car amongst ten vehicles triggered by the cadaver odour. The car was hired 25 days after Maddie went missing.

The vehicle used by Kate and Gerry McCann, a Renault Scénic, travelled, in a little over a month, between the 27th of May and 3rd of July, 2750 kilometres, at a time when the McCanns were globetrotting. This was one of the leads followed by the investigators of the Maddie case. The PJ tried to clarify who drove the car and which were the routes done by the vehicle where traces [body fluids, DNA] presumed to belong to Madeleine were found.

The vehicle was handed over to the McCanns with 3114 kilometres, on the 27th of May of last year, just a few days before one of the most mediatic travels done by the parents of the disappeared child in Praia da Luz on the 3rd of May of 2007: the audience with the Pope Benedict XVI. On the 3rd of July, the car's kilometer counter registered 5864 kilometres.


The vehicle driven by the McCanns turned out to be one of the most important means of proof for the PJ, after traces of the child had been found by the English dogs, namely odour to human cadaver and to blood.

In one of the cino-techniques [Human Remains detection by expert dogs] done on 6th of August by the dog ‘Eddie’, of the English Springer Spaniel race, who detects odour of cadaver, the animal signalled the car of the McCanns between ten vehicles that were in an underground parking lot. There were traces of blood on the key and in the car boot. The key also had the odour of corpse.

Identical traces were found by the animals in the Ocean Club’s apartment, in a flowerbed in the back yard, on two of Kate's clothes and on one of Maddie’s and in the 'plush toy' of the child, which the mother carried everywhere.

In the apartment there was evidence, specifically in the couple’s room (in a corner, near the wardrobe) and in the living room (behind of the sofa, next to the side window of the apartment).


The investigation to the disappearance of Madeleine McCann was archived by the Attorney General of the Republic (PGR) on the 21st of July, but the case will be re-opened at such time when more evidence is found.

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