University Hospitals of Leicester links to fraudulent Find Madeleine Fund

Less than two weeks after Madeleine McCann disappeared, the family and friends of the McCann family set up a company called Madeleine’s Fund: Leaving No Stone Unturned Limited. Without properly setting clear objectives and policies from the start, the company was set to become the vehicle for the “official” find Madeleine campaign—whatever that actually meant. It has become a typically British thing to have financial campaigns to assist people in well publicised times of need. Usually there is no specific company set up to do this. In this respect, the “Madeleine Fund” seemed far too sophisticated and if anything it appears to have been premeditated.

British banks are past masters of setting up and administering bank accounts for needy causes and tend to do so without intervention by outsiders. What made the Madeleine Fund and subsequent campaign so distasteful to many is that little of the money has been used for its stated purpose.

The company has several family members on its board of directors and this and many other factors have helped to fuel rumours about the integrity of the management and disbursement of the donated money.

Also, it is unknown who the shareholders are as they have never been publicly declared.

TRUTH For Madeleine tried to contact the company for an update on its performance. Bates Wells & Braithwaite referred us to the Fund and stated that they couldn’t answer our questions due to confidentiality.

John McCann spoke briefly to us on the phone until he realised we were asking about the Fund. His response was to claim we had the wrong telephone number and that he was in fact a “Mr Jones”. This was interesting as he must in the extremely rare group of Scotsmen with a Welsh name!

A lot of donors to the fund would like to have actually seen some real stones turned over by the McCanns in the search for Madeleine. Instead, there has been no publication of the company performance or regular updates as to what actions have been taken in the so-called “search for Madeleine”.

If Madeleine died in May 2007 and the family knew about this then the whole fund is a fraud!

Truth for Madeleine: Fund


University Hospitals of Leicester: link to fraudulent Find Madeleine Fund
University Hospitals of Leicester: Press Releases
Doug Skehan: Glenfield Hospital
Doug Skehan: also at Spire Hospital
Gerry McCann: also at Spire Hospital

DOUG SKEHAN: Dr Doug Skehan is a cardiologist at University Hospitals of Leicester and Mrs. Marcelle Skehan (also known as Dr. Morris) is a general practitioner (doctor) in a Coalville practice.

I have recently received this information in an email:

"In Jan/Feb 2008, Patricia Hewitt rejected a big PFI ( = 'Private Finance Initiative) from a group based on Leicestershire which is believed to have included the Tapas 9 Doctors. PFI is a way of bringing in big amounts of money into the NHS from the private sector. I think it would have involved building a new, large, very expensive hospital. It is believed that the Tapas 9 were in behind a group of businessmen - contractors, builders etc. who were behind the PFI bid that Hewitt eventually rejected. John Geraghty was one of those businessmen. He lives in the next village to Praia da Luz, and is a member of the local R.C. Church. He was instrumental in helping the McCanns get a key to the church (to pray????) and loaned them a car (NB not the one in which cadaver odour was found). A possible scenario is that they booked their holiday in Praia da Luz so they could all work out how to revive their failed PFI bid."

John Geraghty's profile on

Stuart Prior, Leicestershire Constabulary and the unlawful website link to the McCanns Fraudulent Fund

link to website

Leicestershire Constabulary has a link on their website that goes directly to the McCanns website where you will be greeted with a Paypal donation button.

The link has been there throughout the duration that the McCanns were made official suspects (Arguido's) and the revelations from the Portuguese Police that Madeleine McCann died in the McCanns apartment and that the parents are believed to be involved in her death, that they concealed her body and staged an abduction, which makes The Find Madeleine Fund fraudulent.

It is worth remembering that the McCanns have used some of this publicly donated money to pay their mortgage.

Letters and emails of complaint have been written to Leicestershire Constabulary, but the link to the Fraudulent Fund remains there and the complaints go unanswered.

Is Leicestershire Constabulary helping the government to protect the McCanns? If so, for what reason?

Call to action Monday Leicester Police (this was copied from The 3 Arguido's forum)

Please email, write, phone or fax -

PHONE: 0116) 222 2222

FAX: 0116-2298985


(Chief Consable or Stuart Prior)

Leicestershire Constabulary
Force Headquarters
St Johns
LE19 2BX[/quote]


"# One-click link to the McCanns' website from an official police website (paid for by taxpayers). Link in place for over a year and not withdrawn during the time the McCanns were arguidos.

# Paypal button for the fund the most prominent (imo) part of the findmadeleine home page. A fund which pays for the McCanns' defence lawyers (as Mitchell informed us recently).

# A direct link to Metodo3's phone number asking for witnesses and information. A company with no experience in searching for missing persons and a very questionable reputation - one PI on the McCann case now in jail, convicted of smugglng a large quantity of Cocaine and another in custody charged with Extortion and Attempted Murder.

# LP were supposed to have been assisting the PJ with their investigation but at the same time they had a direct link on their official website to the website of the McCanns whom they were designated to investigate (conflict of interest).

I think that covers the salient points concerning the link but if anyone wishes to also question why the LP witheld information from the lead investigation and handed over 81 pieces of official police information to the two arguidos, without the knowledge of the PJ, don't let me stop you! "

Georges Moréas, a former French Judiciary Police Inspector writes about Madeleine McCann

La mystérieuse disparition de Maddie

George Moréas is an acclaimed book author and former French Judiciary Police Inspector

"Madeleine McCann, called Maddie, was nearly four years old. On the evening of May 3rd 2007, she disappeared from her bedroom in a luxury tourist complex, the Ocean Club, in the south of Portugal, where she was supposed to have been sleeping.

No one knows what has become of her since. Recently, the press echoed a statement from the Portuguese prosecutor: case closed. This news is probably unfounded. How can a magistrate, a police officer, allow the closing of a case without thinking of the victim, a child, almost a baby. And if she were alive!...The confusion comes, no doubt, from the order that there were no grounds to prosecute the three suspects.

THE FACTS: The Ocean Club tourist complex is a collection of buildings comprising a residential block, two restaurants, the Tapas and the Millennium, tennis courts, beach, etc.

On this evening, the McCanns are dining with their friends at the Tapas restaurant. At around 10pm, Kate McCann gets up from the table to go and see her children, as she usually does, to reassure herself that everything is fine. Her two little ones, the twins, are sound asleep, in their cots, in the living room*. Her daughter's bedroom door is not closed, which surprises her. She goes in: the window is open, the shutters are raised, Maddie has disappeared. (*It does say, "salon, and appears to be saying that Madeleine is in a different room from the twins. I have translated as it stands. )

She rushes back to the restaurant to alert her husband. Together they go back to the apartment, accompanied by their friends, and they only arrive at the obvious. So, they set out to explore the surrounding area.

This is the situation discovered by the first police officers on the spot. Everything leads them to believe that the child has run off. She may not be far away. Searches are organised.

Shortly afterward, the PJ director for Lisbon, receives a call on his mobile phone from the British ambassador. His caller asks him if he is aware that a British child has disappeared.....He goes into action. You can imagine the torrent of phone calls that follows this intervention.

THE INITIAL FINDINGS: There is no disorder in the bedroom where the child was sleeping. The bed is not disturbed. There is no evidence of a break-in, neither on the window, nor on the shutters, nor on the door. A local enquiry turns up witnesses, Irish holiday-makers, who say that shortly after 10 o'clock, they saw a man carrying a child, whose description corresponds perfectly to Madeleine's: face, hair, clothes. Now there is hardly any doubt: this is an abduction. The alert is put out.

THE PJ'S INVESTIGATION: The PJ officers collect witness statements from hundreds of people, and as a priority, from the parents and their friends. Very quickly, they come across certain contradictions between them. For example, a woman states that she went past the apartment earlier in the evening and noticed that the bedroom shutters were closed. But, Kate McCann states the window was open and the shutters pushed up. And the investigators find no evidence of tampering.

Furthermore, the shutters can only be opened from the inside. Can you imagine an individual entering by the door, using a picklock, and going out through through the window, with his victim, after having opened the shutters? And also, the child's bed is not disturbed, as though no one has slept in it. Intrigued, the police officers examine the mobile phones of each of the McCanns: the call history has been erased. Astonishing to think of emptying the memory of your mobile phone when your child has just been kidnapped! But the PJ officers are struggling to do their job. The pressure quickly becomes unbearable.

Little Maddie disappeared on the Thursday evening. On the Friday, the British ambassador, John Buck, is on the spot, accompanied by big-shot police officers and lawyers. And on the Saturday, three British police officers arrive in their turn, in theory to assist their Portuguese colleagues. The contact is not good. The local police officers feel belittled. However, having been involved with the training of Portuguese police officers, I can guarantee that they have no reason to envy either the French or the British - except perhaps certain technical resources.

The working conditions are as follows: 150 Portuguese police officers, three British police officers, authorities, diplomats, and journalists...everywhere. Not the ideal for an investigation. On the Saturday, the PJ director from Faro, tells the press: "It is an abduction." At the same time the McCann couple launch their desperate appeal before the television cameras. It is even said that the police are holding a sketch of the kidnapper, but it will not be published to avoid putting the child's life at risk. A little late, no, to think of the young victim!

During this political, media-staged bustling, the head of the investigation, Commissioner Gonçalo Amaral begins to entertain another possibility. He thinks the McCanns' behaviour is not, "natural." Otherwise, why refuse to participate in a reconstruction of the evening? He finds that certain witness statements do not correspond and that it is becoming impossible to determine where anyone was at any time. Thus, an implausible detail emerges when the Irish witness indicates that after seeing Gerry McCann on television, he positively identified him: this was the man he saw with Maddie in his arms, on the Thursday, at around 10pm. Yes, but at that time, the child's father was in the restaurant with his friends...

Amaral is skeptical. He feels that there is a certain degree of connivance amongst this group of friends. Would they be lying? He goes back to the initial findings and he examines the places from a different angle - as he would do it for a crime scene. The little girl's death becomes the working hypothesis for the investigators.

EVIDENCE OR PRESUMPTIONS: A suspect is arrested. He is a British national living a hundred metres from the leisure centre. I will not give his name as he has taken action against newspapers which said, "certain things," about him, and the press barons backed down. It is said that he banked 750,000€.

Meanwhile, dogs trained to detect certain odours, notably those of blood or cadavers, are brought in. They detect traces inside the apartment, in the couple's bedroom and in the dining room; as well as outside the building. More disquieting, the dogs alert on the child's soft toy and on clothes belonging to her mother. The dogs are placed near a car rented by theMcCanns , and they sniff suspicious odours there too. But this vehicle was actually hired after the little girl's disappearance! On the other hand, the dogs detect nothing, either in the car of the British man under investigation, or at his home.

The vice tightens on the McCanns.

In the places marked by the dogs, minute organic fragments are gathered for DNA comparison with Madeleine's (from samples of saliva on her bed covers). The analyses are done in Great Britain. When the results come out, there is no longer any doubt: There are 15 identical markers in the two DNAs. It is the little girl.

At the beginning of September, the McCann couple are placed under investigation, but left at liberty. The press reports that they are suspected of having concealed their daughter's body after an accidental death - there is talk of the administration of a sedative that was too powerful (the parents are both doctors) - and that they would have got rid of it afterward by transporting it in a vehicle rented for that purpose.

Meanwhile, this case has taken on an international dimension. The McCanns have called the English Prime Minister Gordon Brown and the investigation is followed more closely by the governments of both countries. The press is unleashed. The parents set themselves up as the victims of a bigoted, even backward, police force. The British newspapers really lay into the investigators, who are looking at the parents instead of searching for the missing child. The English police officers, who are involved with the investigation (and who, in theory, have no power to intervene) do nothing to put things right. The public is gripped by this mysterious story - charged with emotion. A support fund is set up. Brian Kennedy, an American Millionaire offers his services.

He takes on the costs of the lawyers and the private investigators. It's even said that he goes to meet some of the witnesses. Does that have anything to do with the fact that afterward most of them refused to go back and participate in a reconstruction? The atypical Virgin boss also puts his hand in his pocket. It is interesting to note that all this energy, all this money, is essentially used to defend the suspects.

New DNA research is carried out by the forensic laboratories in Birmingham, taking the opposite view to the first evaluation. It is said that the samples harvested (by the Portuguese police) were allegedly mixed...

Commissioner Gonçalo Amaral requests another other evaluation. Impossible, the English tell him, the samples have been destroyed, or lost, we don't exactly know, by the laboratory.Amaral can't take any more. All this hooha , this persistent pressure from the bosses, political authorities, the media, is preventing him from working properly. He is taken to task, criticised, watched closely...Even his British colleagues are causing trouble for him. Exasperated, he lets go in the press. It is a mistake, because his bosses jump at the chance. He is transferred.
Gonçalo Amaral has written a book, "The Truth of the Lie," which is out now in Portugal. Bet there will be some interesting details in it. At least if it is translated into French. Will the press, already scalded by this case, pick up on it? Not certain! The McCanns have clearly implied that their lawyers were ready to take action.

To go back to the DNA, in France, unless I am mistaken, 13 identical markers between two DNA profiles, is sufficient in law. So, if the events had taken place here, first of all the evaluation would not have been done in Great Britain, but in a French laboratory, and then the McCanns would have been placed under investigation and most certainly placed in preventive detention - and only the judge would have been able to decided on a second evaluation.

Which goes to show that scientific evidence, even the most sophisticated, doesn't depend on a mathematical formula, but on human judgment.

THE BEHAVIOUR OF THE PARENTS: I must say that the behaviour of the McCanns compared to that of other parents placed in such a painful situation is....different. From the start, they looked down on the Portugiese police officers. They lied on certain points and right away, they looked for support from their country's authorities. As if they felt threatened! Were they caught up in the media machine? The support fund which they set up (and which can be found on Google's business pages) collected around 1.5 million euros. However, one of the first expenses incurred by that fund was to make two monthly payments concerning the purchase of their house. It is said that 600,000 euros was paid out to settle the fees of private detectives, who turned out to be crooks. One of them even stated that he had infiltrated a Belgian paedophile network... In their defence, they have guaranteed that they have not used that money to pay the fees of the lawyers who are covering their defence.

These folks have mobilised around themselves so many people, so many of the smart set we might say, from politics and business.....that we can only wonder. Are they part of a network? Of a lodge? Of a sect? Of a clan?....

THE STATE OF THE INVESTIGATION: The McCann couple not having requested the continuation of the investigation, it is officially over. As things stand, there is a 4 year-old kid, probably dead; and three suspects who have been let off. One, the neighbour, suspected because of his past, but against whom there seems to be no evidence; and the parents...

There is evidence that they lied in their first statements to the police, notably about how they spent their time, apparently in connivance with their friends. They couldn't explain the presence of traces of blood or cadaver odour, particularly in the vehicle they had hired, three weeks after the events. Even if in law the second DNA evaluation negates the first, it is not entirely convincing. The experts are happy to conclude that they cannot use the gathered samples they were sent, because they were contaminated. And even if we consider that the two evaluations were contradictory, which one should we believe? The destruction of the samples makes any confirmation impossible.

And after this hullabaloo, Maddie joins the long list of missing children.

CONCLUSION: Everyone can think what they like, but Portuguese law considers that there is no charge against anyone, not any proof, not any evidence. They have, "archived," the case, as they say there.

It is astonishing. But I believe it's a good way to start over in a more calm way. In fact, nothing is stopping the investigators from, "discreetly," continuing their investigations. Portuguese procedure allows the reopening of the case at any moment, if someone brings a new element to it.

What is striking in this case, is that there is a lot of talk about money and very little about the young victim. Finally, one of the suspects pocketed 750,000 € handed over by certain newspapers to avoid action for defamation, and the other two, the parents, have collected 1.5 million euros to a support fund. Not to mention the money spent by wealthy patrons. As for the Portuguese police officers, they were ridiculed.

It must stick in their throats....I'll bet they're not ready to forget it."

Link to George Moréas blog here

Discussion at The 3 Arguido's here

Chief Constable of Leicestersire Constabulary, Stuart Prior, asked Forensic Science Service if they thought Polícia Judiciária were stupid

Screenshot taken from here (item 72-75)

click image to enlarge


Excerpts from Gonçalo Amaral's book: The Truth of the Lie

The PJ's Final Report

The PJ's Final Report (ongoing summary)

Gonçalo Amaral articles on Joana Morais

Discussion at The 3 Arguido's here

Youtube video DNA evidence/Forensic Science Service (length 5 mins 29)

FFS (For Funds' sake): Vanished

Vanished: The truth about the disappearance of Madeleine McCann
Author: Danny Collins
Price: £4.79 (RRP: £7.99)
In Stock

The forward of the book states that 15 percent of royalties from the book will be donated to The Fund: Leaving no Stone Unturned.

On page xviii:
“Madeleine is a class act, the original cute little girl from a spotlight casting directory, picked out to break our hearts in the Hollywood blockbuster still unfolding in the touristy Algarve resort of Praia da Luz. If not spotlight, all the characters must be straight from Central Casting. There are mum and dad, the strong and silent heartthrob consultant Gerry and the cool and lissom Kate, beautiful in her greif but never red-eyed or blotchy. These two attractive thirty-somethings have become household names, veritable celebrities that knock the likes of Jade Goody and Shilpa Shetty far back into the wings.

It’s stuff of fantasy with the frail mother victimised by a cruel and arrogant Chief Inspector of Police with a reputation for long lunches and throwing female suspects [...]”

snippets of book here
discussion at The 3 Arguido's here (registration and sick bag required)

NHS scientist, Martin Hatcher from Exeter, accused of paedophilia

What a sick, sick world we live in:

Martin Hatcher, an NHS scientist who used binoculars to spy on children at a primary school close to where he lived in Devon, has been jailed for three years.

Exeter Crown Court was told that Hatcher, 46, also took pictures of the children in the play area doing handstands and wearing swim suits.

Hatcher, from Exeter, earlier pleaded guilty to 26 charges of making indecent pictures of children.

The court heard he downloaded almost 270,000 images of child pornography.

The pictures covered all five categories of seriousness - ranging from sadism and bestiality to abuse of babies.

'Elevated risk'

Hatcher, an NHS scientist, had four computer towers, 10 hard drives, mass storage devices, discs and videos in his home.

Police also found mannequins made out of children's clothing and magazines with details of child sex cases, including Fred and Rose West.

Hatcher had also taken pictures of neighbours' children which he doctored to look pornographic, the court was told.

Judge Philip Wassall said he was constrained in the length of the prison term by sentencing guidelines and Hatcher would only serve half of the three years before being released.

He said: "You pose an elevated risk of live abuse against children which is plainly evidenced by material seized from your home.

"That material shows the depths and extent of your perverted sexual thinking."

The court was told Hatcher obtained images by subscribing to a child pornography website in America and it was his subscription details that led to his being caught.

In mitigation, Stephen Nunn said Hatcher had co-operated fully with the police and pleaded guilty immediately.

He was ordered to sign the sex offenders register for life, banned from working with children and made the subject of a sexual offences prevention order.

article here

Babies are new target, Met warns as paedophile threat spirals

"Paedophiles are increasingly targeting babies and children too young to speak in an orchestrated strategy to avoid being caught, police have revealed.

The disturbing revelation came as Scotland Yard warned that the threat facing society from child abuse is far graver than previously assumed, with 'huge' numbers of paedophiles scouring the internet for potential victims."

article here


From the CEOP website:- link

Tuesday 13 May 2008

Couple convicted after abusing baby and sharing images on the internet

A Northamptonshire couple who abused a four month old baby girl and shared footage of the abuse on the internet were jailed on Friday 9th May 2008 following a joint operation between the Child Exploitation and Online Protection (CEOP) Centre, Northamptonshire Police and the FBI.

Kate Scott and Christopher Oxtoby, of Ashbrow Road in Briar Hill, Northampton, were arrested after intelligence and child abuse images were received from the US by the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre. CEOP officers then worked to identify and locate the two UK perpetrators and worked alongside Northamptonshire Police and local social service to secure their arrest.

Operation Ore
Dr David Payne (one of the McCanns friends) suspected of paedophilia (and has never denied the allegation)
Where does the danger really lie?
Even a vicar is guilty of paedophilia

Discussion at The 3 Arguido's here (requires registration)

McCanns relied heavily on others to care for their children

CHILD CARERS working at the Ocean Club in Praia da Luz noticed that the McCann children spent the maximum time available in the care of the resort’s kids club according to police files released to the media surrounding the case.

Gerry and Kate McCann used to leave their children with nannies for most of the day.

The usual routine of Gerry and Kate McCann was to put the children in the nursery facility at about 9am and then pick them up between midday and 12.30pm to give the children lunch before bringing them back at 3pm and returning at the end of the day between 5pm and 5.30pm.

Other children in the tapas nine party would not spend as much time away from their parents. The other parents in the group, the files reveal, would normally leave their children with the babysitting service only in the morning sessions.

The police files also gives details about Madeleine’s personality as described by her father, Gerry and those that spent time with Madeleine while they were on holiday in the Algarve.

Madeleine was described by Gerry as being an extrovert, very active and having happy relationships with other children. She would never go with a stranger and he states clearly that she was not taking any medication.
In a statement made by one of the nannies working at the Ocean Club, Madeleine was described as being a calm, beautiful and happy child.

However, she was portrayed as being more shy than the other children at the kids club.

Maddie Predators v. Money Predators

Since Madeleine McCann disappeared in Praia da Luz on 3rd May 2007, and it has become increasingly obvious that something sinister is going on with this case, many people have become intensely eager to help find justice for this little girl who no longer has a voice. I say no longer, because Eddie and Keela, the British sniffer dogs, detected that Madeleine is dead, despite her parents continued claims that she is alive and has probably been snatched by a paedophile ring.

'The People' recently ran an article on their front page called 'The Maddie Predators' - they were referring to Gonçalo Amaral, who has written a book called "The Truth of the Lie" in which he writes about the truth of the investigation up to the point where he was removed from the investigation by Gordon Brown - and Duarte Levy, a French journalist who, along with Paulo Reis, a Portuguese journalist, are seeking justice for Madeleine McCann.

Duarte and Paulo are unique in that they are actively searching for the truth in comparison to the British media who merely print what Clarence Mitchell tells them to in the hope that British citizens will believe their spin that the Portuguese have bungled the investigation, when it is actually the British government who have helped pervert the course of justice, along with Madeleine's own parents.

One must ask why Madeleine's parents would want the death of their daughter covered up and why they forced political pressure on the investigation and why they needed the protection of Tony Blair and Gordon Brown. And, indeed, why Madeleine's parents could so easily obtain this protection in the first place when a lady called Karen Matthews is in jail awaiting trial for a similar crime, albeit her child was found alive and she didn't raise millions of pounds with a fraudulent fund.

After all, Kate and Gerry McCann are only NHS doctors aren't they?

Or are they?

I also work for a government agency but I doubt very much whether the Prime Minister would come to my rescue if I needed him. In fact, I know he wouldn't because I already tried when my husband was deliberately misdiagnosed with an inoperable condition by a couple of NHS doctors (who, spookily, work at the same hospital as Gerry McCann) in an effort to save money, reduce waiting lists and meet government targets. But, hey, that's another story.

Anyway, given that the McConns, er sorry, McCanns set up a Fund campaign, with the help of J K Rowling and Richard Branson to name but a few, and urged the public to donate so that they could search for their 'lovely daughter' who had previously been put up for adoption, and who they admit they never actually physically searched for themselves, and that Eddie and Keela detected that Madeleine died in their apartment - then the question must be asked "Who are the real 'Money Predators'?"

Are the 'Money Predators' really the people who are seeking justice for the, apparently unwanted, daughter (who was dead before we even knew she existed) that the McCanns seem to have willfully disposed of - or are the real 'Money Predators' the parents' themselves?

A few other 'Money Predators' might include Clarence Mitchell who left his highly paid government job which involved the mysterious deaths of Dr David Kelly and Princess Diana, to be the spokesman for a pair of NHS doctors who are believed to have been involved in their daughters' death, staged abduction and concealment of her body, which means that the money they have obtained from members of the public is fraud. They continue to insist that Madeleine is still missing because to not do so means the public will not continue to donate. So who is making money out of Madeleine's plight?

Gerry McCann's brother, John McCann, also left his highly paid job a week or so after Maddie 'disappeared' - despite having a house, wife and kids - to work for the Find Madeleine Fund. One might ask how he knew that Maddie wouldn't be found any time soon which would have left him high and dry without a job.

I could go on, but I'm sure you get the point. After all, these questions are the ones that the British media should be asking, not me. They were certainly quick enough to ask for information* (see below) about the "Brit Party girl" whose daughter was taken into care in Portugal recently, although I realise she wasn't an NHS doctor and didn't have connections in high places as the McCanns clearly have.

*The Sun: DO YOU know the mother and child? Ring The Sun’s newsdesk on 020 7782 4104, text 63000 or email

Jill Havern

Links: (You will find more links about this on the right hand side of the blog under "Abuse of Power", just underneath the photograph of Maddie, the little girl betrayed by her parents and our government and media)

Goncalo Amaral

Response from Duart Levy to the accusations by The People

Truth for Madeleine forum: Post by solicitor Tony Bennett: Duarte Levy 'despicable'

"Brit Party Girl"

Clarence Mitchell: An ongoing profile

Eddie and Keela

Kate McCann forced political pressure on investigation

Money Predator

Question 41. Is it true that in England you even considered handing over Madeleine’s custody to a relative? See all 48 questions that Kate refused to answer here

Gonçalo Amaral's book "Truth of the Lie" hits the UK amid outrage from the McCanns


Cop accuses McCanns

By Jerry Lawton, 28 August 2008

Madeleine McCann's parents faced fresh heartache last night as a best-seller on the case hit Britain.

Kate and Gerry are already planning to sue retired Portuguese cop Goncalo Amaral, 48, over allegations in his book.

They have launched a bid to stop it being published in the UK. But the first copies have arrived here via Portuguese booksellers.

Chunks of the 221 pages have been translated into English and posted onto the internet. The book, seen by the Daily Star, includes photos from police files.

One shows Kate and Gerry, both 40, and their holiday pals giving information about Madeleine at the scene just hours after she vanished.

The police chief criticises the McCanns, their friends, Prime Minister Gordon Brown and Leicestershire Police.

Last night the McCanns' spokesman Clarence Mitchell said: "This account has gross inaccuracies and is grossly defamatory.

"The conclusions are entirely false. They suggest Kate and Gerry were involved in the death, accidental or otherwise, of Madeleine and covered it up."

He added: "Mr Amaral and his publishers should not mistake a lack of action yet for any lack of long-term action.

"He is presented as a world-class Madeleine expert but what does he know?

"Do you know how many times he interviewed Kate and Gerry when he was on the case - not once!"

Madeleine, now five, vanished from the family holiday apartment in Praia da Luz, Portugal, a year ago last May.


Discussion at The 3 Arguido's here

"Chunks of the 221 pages have been translated into English and posted onto the internet" can also be found here

Click image to buy Portuguese version of the book

(link will be here when English version is available)

Related: Gonçalo Amaral's book 'Maddie: L'Enquête Interdite' ('The Forbidden Investigation' is being translated into English) here

'Bungling' Portuguese Police or Wild Goose Chase?

Drs Gerry and Kate McCann claimed that 3 year old Maddie was abducted, and thereby began the most expensive police search in Portugal.

Whilst the local residents and police were searching for their daughter, Kate and Gerry left them to it and toured the world, gaining celebrity status, aided by people such as The Pope, J K Rowling, Richard Branson, David Beckham, Wayne Rooney, Sir Philip Green to name but a few. They also collected millions of pounds from public donations along the way which has helped to pay their mortgage.

The McCanns and the winning trio
Who's who in Team McCann?

Whilst the McCanns were globetrotting around the world, meeting the Pope and visiting the Whitehouse, the Portuguese police were following up false trails of 'sightings' all over Europe.

It was 3 months before the British Police brought in their sniffer dogs, Eddie and Keela (who have a 100% success rate), who detected blood and the scent of death which, belatedly, sent the investigation into a different direction - away from investigating an abductor and Robert Murat, who was wrongly framed.

The McCanns have since admitted they did not physically search for Madeleine. Why would they, though, when the evidence points to Madeleine having died in their apartment and that there was no abductor? For the cadaver odour to develop, Maddie would have to be dead for around 2 hours and the McCanns said they were checking on their children every 30 minutes, which means they must have seen Maddie's body during their checks, especially as there was blood splattered on the walls and floor. Is it really credible that an abductor would break in and kill Maddie then hang around for 2 hours (during the checks by the parents) for the death scent to develop, then clean up the apartment and take a dead child through a jemmied window, that wasn't jemmied, and which only contained Kate's fingerprints - and then walk though the streets of Praia da Luz towards the beach, dressed like Gerry McCann? Didn't Kate McCann say in her Panorama interview that the alledged abductor only had a "small window of opportunity"? Didn't she also say that she thought the family had been watched for a number of days? Why leave the children on their own then?
Here's the link to the clip where she said it on Panorama

Summary of Gonçalo Amaral's book: The truth of the lie

Given that the Portuguese Police were sent on a wild goose chase by Team McCann, Tony Blair and the British government and their spokesman, Clarence Mitchell (who has been involved with the mysterious/ controversial/ unresolved, deaths of Dr David Kelly, Princess Diana, Milly Dowler, and Jill Dando), how can the PJ now be described as 'bungling' and 'incompetent' by our government and British media who, themselves, refuse to tell the truth and insist on quoting that Maddie was snatched when there is clear evidence of her death?

Clarence Mitchell: David Kelly/Hutton Enquiry


Given the nature of these articles below, it could be said that the Portuguese Police didn't stand a chance against the British Government's sinister involvement.

If Maddie had died by accident, why the need for the government to help cover it up?

What's in the urn on your mantlepiece?

'Sentinel' from the 3 Arguido's has started a very interesting and important thread regarding some questions that should have been asked of the McCanns:

1. why did you dump the fridge?
2. why did you delete the reference in your blog?
3. who is the 10th tapas?
4. who arranged the private plane and where did it fly to?
5. is this your blue bag? (showing gerry the blue bag)
6. why did you say you didn't have one?
7. why does uncle john say he wasn't on holiday with you?
8. why does aunty nora say you had been here before?
9. why does Clarence Mitchell say he wasn't here on the 4th may?
10. what is your connection to castle craig?
11. why does robert murat deny that he picked kate up from chaplin's and took her home to his sofa?
12. what is your connection to malta?
13. just how many people called mccann can we connect to this?
14. have you ever eaten mccann oven chips? Do you deny that there is a connection?
15. just how many cuddle cats were there?
16. was cuddle cat old, new, from Jon Corner or what?
17. why did you turn the cleaners away on the 2nd may?
18. just how many nights were you in chaplins?
19. does gordon brown wear nappies (diapers)?
20. if you used the nissan micra to move the body, why did the dogs not smell anything?
21. why does Jill Renwick say that she wasn't on holiday with you?
22. Have you ever visited a volcano?
23. What's in the urn on your mantelpiece?
24. When did you visit the pet crematorium?
25. what happened to the syringe?
26. who hired the boat?
27. How did you get the creche Nanny to lie for you as M wasn't in the creche on the 3rd May?
28. How did you get phone numbers for Gordon Brown and Tony Blair?
29. How long did David Payne stay in the apartment on evening of 3 May?
30. Who was the man in the boat that Charlotte Pennington saw?
31. Where did you put the shower curtain?
32. What did you do with the bed-sheets?
33. Why did your father say you gave Valium to Madeleine?
34. Who left in a private jet on the 3rd May?
35. Why did you feel the need to photoshop the photo of Madeleine by the pool?
36. what is your relationship with bernie ecclestone?
37. Did you have a copy of the book No Stone Unturned at your villa?
38. Why with all the advice that it could be harmful to your daughter did you use her eye defect as a publicity strategy?
39. Why did you take Madeleine out for dinner before feeding her at home?
40. And who were the people you were having dinner with in the cafe which was on CCTV handed over by the manager?

Discussion here (requires registration)

Some related articles:

Gonçalo Amaral: Maddie's body frozen or kept in the cold
Who's who in Team McCann
Portuguese police swoop on pet crematorium in new Madeleine lead
Where were you that night, Kate? ask Susan Healy
The mantlepiece, does this gross anyone else out?
Terramundi Money Pots

Party Brit's girl taken into care: (after doing a 'McCann')

A GIRL of eight was taken into care after her British mum went partying and left her alone in their holiday apartment — a few miles from where Madeleine McCann was snatched.

Worried neighbours who called police claimed the child had been abandoned several times at night.

Cops in the resort of Portimao, Portugal, were forced to take her into care when the mum did not return.

Portimao is less than 25 miles from Praia da Luz, where Maddie vanished in May last year just before her fourth birthday.

The resort was also the HQ of the Portuguese police hunt for Maddie.

The Sun understands the mum had been urged by a doctor to avoid drink on holiday as she was on medication to combat alcohol-related problems and depression.

But she ignored the advice, went out boozing and ended up needing hospital treatment.

Police handed her frightened daughter to a temporary care home in Faro.

After being assessed there she was transferred to a children’s home in nearby Loule.

Worried family members are believed to have flown out to Portugal to help the youngster and her mother.

And a spokesman for the British Consulate said: “We can confirm we are offering advice to the girl and her family.”

But neither the consulate nor police would say if the mum could face charges.

The offence of abandonment carries a maximum ten-year jail sentence in Portugal, but only if prosecutors can prove a parent intended to neglect a child.

Maddie’s parents Kate and Gerry were recently cleared of any involvement in the disappearance of their daughter, who vanished from their holiday apartment as they dined out nearby with friends.

But many outraged Portuguese believe the couple should have been charged with abandonment.
Earlier this year two British children were taken into temporary care in the Algarve when their parents collapsed after an afternoon out.

DO YOU know the mother and child? Ring The Sun’s newsdesk on 020 7782 4104, text 63000 or email

article here

discussion at The 3 Arguido's here and here

A few comments from the discussion thread:

1. So this mum was an 'alki' who'd gone out 'boozing'
... whilst the McCanns were merely 'dining' as they would in their back garden

What's left to say ...

2. Perhaps she has been following the McCann saga, and knows that Portugal and the not fit for purpose prosecutors they have got at present couldn't care less to press charges if the kids are left alone while the parents go out for the night. Not even if they disappear while they are out.

So she hasn't got anything to worry about.

3. Can you believe it? Will the papers condemn her???

4. The bit that gets me.

DO YOU know the mother and child? Ring The Sun’s newsdesk on 020 7782 4104, text 63000 or email

No such digging on the Mccanns

5. ... forget the Amber Alert ... this is the McCann's REAL legacy

6. The Portuguese authorities and the McCanns have set a very dangerous precedent here.

I mean how can they possibly prosecute this woman for leaving an 8 year old, when you can get away with leaving 18mth old twins with a 3 year old.

Yet another example of bad parenting, and she's most likely going to walk away with her daughter and no punishment.

7. Is the British Ambassodor on his way, has he phoned the head of the PJ yet ?

Are International Family Law Group flying out. ?

Have Gordy and Clarry been mobilized ??

8. She could always claim as her defence if they tried to prosecute her, that the McCanns did it, and nothing happened to them, even though their child came to harm by disappearing.

9. Don't you know that as far as our great and good are concerned the McCanns can walk on water.

They even got Brown calling them.

I wonder if the Queen has invited them for tea yet?

10. So we have a mother of an 8 year old arrested in Portugal. 8 year old child.

We have Karen Matthews in prison waiting trial. 9 year old child.

Are what either of these did any worse then what the McCanns did? There children are still alive.

We have the McCanns walking free and losing a 4 year old, according to the Sun they did not intend neglecting Maddie, how do they work that out when they left her for one and a quarter hours along with her baby brother and sister crying. How can that not be intentional, when knowing this they still went out and left them again, and left them every night.

Just why are these being protected. Oh it makes me so angry.

11. What a miserable article.

The case is much more complex than that. It's a sad human case that is being treated in such a despicable way by comparision with the McCann that it shouts out loud the biased way the Media treats these cases.

That young woman is depressive and has alchoolic problems in fact. She arrived in the Algarve in the beginning of August.

The mixture of medication and alchool in fact lead to a series of abandonments of her little child at the residence (small hotel) were she was staying. When she got out of money she slept on the streets with the child until a british couple worried with the situation invited her to their home. However a friend of the family one night, was so disgusted with the situation, that at midnight took the child to the police station. The young mother was taken to the hospital and the child to a children care center.

The child is well, although a bit frighten with the situation. She is in a children's home here in Loulé and has been visited by members of the family.

This situation has nothing in common with the McCann and it's shameful that they use it to keep publicizing those people. It's a case that should instead be used to reflect about the situation of young mothers and the mental health problems of our population. What is being done to prevent these situations?

12. Does anyone know if the woman was carrying out half hourly checks on her daughter?

13. that's funny
i don't remember the sun, or any other paper printing "do you know the tapas 7" last may!

obviously no press gag in this case, then.

McCann's et al: Analysis of statements

Enfants Kidnappés

Kate Marie Healy's statement.

Kate's interview took place on the day after Madeleine's disappearance, 04/05/07 at 2.20pm.

On the subject of the proceedings:

The interviewee was heard as a victim, being the mother of the minor. Of British nationality, she has no command of the Portuguese language, spoken or written. Thus, the interview was done in the presence of an interpreter: Natalia C.F. de A. The interviewee says she has been married to Gerald since December 1998. She has never been to Portugal before. The trip came at the suggestion of friends, who convinced them, at the end of last year, to spend their holiday in Portugal. The trip was organised by David Payne, who made the Praia da Luz Ocean Club reservation on the Internet for the interviewee and her husband, as well as for the rest of the group, a total of 9 adults and eight children, including her daughter Madeleine. She has known some members of the group since the year 2000 and others for a year. She was a colleague of David's wife.

Comment (News from my big desk): First thing I notice here is that Kate's statement is at a different time to the previous ones detailed by Enfants Kidnappés. Both Jane Tanner's and Matthew Oldfield's took place at the same time in the morning of May 4th 2007, but Kate's was in the afternoon, giving ample time to confer with those who had already been interviewed?

They traveled in two separate groups. One of the groups was composed of the interviewee, her husband Gerald, their three children, David and his wife, the mother-in-law and their two children. One of the groups left from Leicestershire and the other from London.

The meeting point was the Ocean Club where the interviewee's group arrived on Saturday April 28th at around 3pm from Faro airport in an airport mini bus. The other group arrived on the same day, late morning.

After checking in, the interviewee and her family were placed in apartment G5A. The nuclear family comprises the interviewee, her husband, her daughter Madeleine and twins, Sean and Amelie, aged 2 years.
The apartment has two beds in one bedroom, and two in another where there are also two cots on loan from the Ocean Club.

The interviewee and her husband sleep in one bedroom and the three children in the other. The twins sleep in cots, Madeleine in a normal bed, the other bed staying empty.

Between the day of the arrival, April 28th, and the time that Madeleine's disappearance was discovered, the interviewee says that she noticed nothing unusual. She reports only one episode where, on the morning of Thursday May 3rd, Madeleine asked the interviewee why she had not come to look in the bedroom (apartment?) when the twins were crying. The interviewee states that she had heard nothing and had therefore not gone into the bedroom (apartment?). She ignored her daughter's words because it was the first time she had talked about it.

The routines

The day after their arrival, they went for breakfast at around 7.30/8.30 at the Ocean Club, in a bar situated some distance from the apartment. On the following days, because the bar was quite far away, they started buying supplies from the "BAPTISTE" supermarket, located on the same road as the apartment and they had their first meal of the day in the apartment.

After breakfast, at around 9/9.30am, the children went to the club called the "KIDS CLUB" where they did various activities such as painting, collage etc. They stayed there until around 12.30pm, constantly supervised by several Ocean Club employees in a ratio of three children to one employee. Within the "Kids Club" because of the difference in ages, the twins were in one group and Madeleine in another, with separate activities.

At 12.30pm, they (Editor's note: the McCann parents) collect their children and have lunch in their apartment since they have provisions. After lunch, at around 1.30pm, the children spend time close to the club's swimming pool, supervised by the parents, for about 45 minutes, where they play and have sun cream applied. After this time, they take the children to the "Kids Club" until around 5/5.30pm, the time when the children eat in a bar under the watchful gaze of the parents. After the 5pm dinner, they give the children a bath, prepare them for the night and let them play for a while in a playground next to the tennis courts, still and always under parental supervision. At around 8pm, the children are put to bed until the following morning when the described routines start all over again. While the children are at the "Kids Club," the interviewee played tennis with her husband, went for walks, read or went "Jogging."

Thursday May 3rd 2007
Yesterday, after the daily routine, Madeleine and the twins went to bed at around 7.30. They were in their respective beds. The interviewee and her husband stayed in their apartment to relax until 8.30pm. She took a bath, did her make-up and drank a glass of New Zealand wine with her husband. Just after 8.30pm, the interviewee and her husband, after checking on their children, joined the other adults of the group at the "TAPAS" restaurant, about 50 metres away, where they had dinner. As usual, every half hour, and given that the building is very close, the interviewee and her husband went to make sure the children were OK. Thus, at around 9pm, her husband went to the apartment to make sure the twins, as well as Madeleine, were OK, then he went back to the restaurant. Her husband said that the children were doing well and that he had bumped into the person with whom he had played tennis, a person who has two children. At the same time, one of the group of friends, Russell, went to see his children, without checking on the interviewee's children.

Around 9.30pm was the time the interviewee should have gone to see her children, but her friend Matt (a member of the group) had just done a check in his apartment then gone to the interviewee's. He had gone into the apartment through a glass door at the side and once inside had not gone into the children's bedroom. He only looked through the door, and did not hear any noise. He went back to the restaurant and said that everything was fine.

At around 10pm, the interviewee went to check on the children. She went into the apartment by the side door, which was closed. She noticed that the door to her children's bedroom was completely open, the window was also open, the shutters raised and the curtains open, while she was certain of having closed them all as she always did.

Faced with this situations, she verified that the twins were indeed in their respective beds, unlike Madeleine, who had disappeared. The cover was pulled back and the toys were on the pillow as usual. After searching the whole apartment thoroughly, the interviewee went back, scared and shocked, to the restaurant, to alert her husband to the disappearance. The whole group then set about searching for Madeleine throughout the complex, looked in all the buildings, swimming pool, tennis courts well as in the apartment with the help of employees, who, at the same time, contacted the authorities.

Later, a member of the group, Russell's partner Jane, saw, when she went to her apartment at around 9.15pm, about 50 metres away, on the perimeter road of the club, a long-haired person with a child in his arms, walking very quickly. But she is better able to tell you about that herself.
Comment: are a couple of words missing from this last paragraph? Should it read, "Later, Jane.....said she saw..."? Or is there another way I can translate, "Plus tard," in that context?

Concerning Madeleine, she is Caucasian, white, aged four years (12/05/2003) about 90cm tall. Very slim, dark blond hair; shoulder-length. Left eye blue-green same as the right, which has a brown spot. She has a small brown spot on the skin of her left leg as well as sunburn on her right forearm. She has no scars. At the time of her disappearance, she was wearing pyjamas with white bottoms with a floral pattern. The short-sleeved top, mainly pink with a blue-grey pattern bearing the inscription, "EEYORE," an inscription which is also on one of the trouser legs. The pyjamas are "Marks and Spencer" brand.

Concerning the child's personality, she is extrovert, very active, talkative, smart and relates to other children with great ease. But she would never go with a stranger. She has no suspicions to talk about, finds no reason for this act, neither she nor her husband has enemies. She states that her daughter has no illnesses and is not on any medication.

Following a request from the inspector, she authorises a reading of the calls on her mobile phone. Apart from the Kids Club and the apartment, they only went once to the beach with Madeleine and the other children and only for a very short period of time, since the weather was changeable. They could only go to the beach between 1.30 and 3pm, the time when they went back to the club. At the beach, they only ate an ice cream then they went back to the apartment. Apart from that Madeleine went to the beach with the Kids Cub for an hour. The supervision and planning were the responsibility of the club. The interviewee and her husband were not present. She never noticed any strange behaviour during these recent days which could explain the disappearance. After having been shown the list of the Ocean Club's guests, she says she only knows the names of those of the group. Other than the child, nothing else has disappeared, neither clothes nor the child's jewelry. (? parures?) The interviewee did not have an intercom, unlike David and Fiona Payne who were able to hear crying or any kind of noise. She has nothing else to add. After having read the deed, she confirms it, ratifies it and signs it with the interpreter.

Enfants Kidnappés 26/08/08

Other statements will appear here as they are released to the public:

Matthew Oldfield's statement here

Jane Tanner's statement here

David Payne's statement here


Discussions at The 3 Arguido's

Catriona Baker's statement - here

Kate McCann's statement - here

Matthew Oldfield's statement - here

Jane Tanner's statement - here

David Payne's statement - here

Fiona Payne's statement - here

Clarence Mitchell: An ongoing Profile

What do we know about Clarence Mitchell, the McCanns government spokesman?

Mitchell began his career as a journalist as a local reporter for the Barnet & Potters Bar Times in South Hertfordshire before leaving to join a BBC training scheme.

We know that he worked on Breakfast News, then as one of the team of reporters who worked for the main news bulletins on national TV and radio.

We know he was closely involved with the Fred and Rosemary West case, in 1993, where a murderous couple had killed young girls and buried the bodies under their patio in Gloucester.

He reported on the death of Michael Hutchence in 1997.

He was also one of the first reporters to arrive at Gowan Avenue, Fulham in south west London, when the immensely popular BBC TV presenter Jill Dando was shot dead in a murder many feel has never been satisfactorily explained.

Towards the end of his BBC career Clarence became heavily used on royal stories. He was deeply involved in coverage of the post-Diana era and the death of the Queen Mother. Many people feel the facts surrounding the deaths of Dodi Fayed and Princess Diana were never truly established.

And more recently, in a story he worked on right up to the day he left the BBC, Clarence led coverage of the murder of the Surrey schoolgirl Millie Dowler in 2002. The case has never been solved.

Clarence Mitchell was also involved in the coverage of the Soham murders. Clarence Mitchell made comparisons between this case and the case of Maddie McCann by saying, "An outcome similar to Holly and Jessica is possible. I don't want to, and I can't, talk about Robert Murat but some journalists who worked with me in Soham, and that were now in Portugal, saw resemblances between that case and Robert Murat. And I won't say more."

After 20 years as a journalist, in April 2006 he joined the government's Central Office of Information as director of the Media Monitoring Unit and in May 2007 was sent to Portugal on behalf of the UK Foreign Office to provide temporary consular assistance to the McCanns with handling the media following the disappearance of their daughter Madeleine McCann who disappeared on 3 May 2007 while on holiday with her family in the resort of Praia da Luz in the Algarve, Portugal. On 17 September, he resigned as director of the Central Office of Information's media monitoring unit to become the McCanns' media spokesman.

The disappearance of Madeleine McCann is also shrouded in mystery and the McCanns are clearly being protected by the government. But why, when it is clear they are guilty of child neglect at the very least?


Clarence Mitchell: Profile
Clarence Mitchell: A master media manipulator
Clarence Mitchell: Lied under Oath?

McCanns phone taps and Clarence Mitchell
UK government agency, blogs and Clarence Mitchell
Forums under attack, blogs will be next
Clarence Mitchell threatens Mr Amaral
Clarence Mitchell re Maddie: "If she's dead, then she's dead but not by their hand"
Clarence Mitchell, the McCanns’ PR adviser, is “using the Government’s services to keep watch on journalists and forum participants.” Says Mr Levy
Clarence Mitchell: The Inside Man?
Clarence Mitchell: The gloves are off!
Key members of "Team McCann"
Joana Morais blog search: Clarence Mitchell
Paulo Reis blog search: Clarence Mitchell
For whom was Clarence Mitchell working?
Who framed Robert Murat?
Why was Gonçalo Amaral removed from the Investigation?
Government interference in McCann case.
Gonçalo Amaral: "The day I was taken off the case, I was preparing the process to bring to Portugal a key witness"
Perverting the course of justice
Clarence Mitchell to join Freud Communications
Clarence Mitchell at last TELLS THE TRUTH!

Some other Government mysteries:
Clarence Mitchell: David Kelly/Hutton Enquiry
The Strange death of Dr David Kelly
Police 'failed to find scientist'
Why did a heat-seeking helicopter fly over the exact spot where David Kelly’s body was found - and detect nothing?
BBC2: Conspiracy Files: David Kelly
David Kelly/Operation Mason: "If Iraq is attacked, then I might be found dead in the woods..."
David Kelly's closest female confidante on why he COULDN'T have killed himself
Lingering questions about Robin Cook's death
The Kincora Scandal
Stephen Milligan: Accident or murder
Clarence Mitchell involved with Princess Diana case


LISTEN TO AUDIO- Clarence RESPONDS To Forum Criticism & MORE - here
Discussion at 3 Arguido's here


Clarence Mitchell's bloopers/clangers and out-takes:

..Mr Mitchell hit back: "It's a great shame that people seem more interested in making money out of Madeleine's disappearance instead of helping the search for her."


Kate and Gerry are not accused of any crime whatsoever. Neither is there any suggestion that any charges are being considered.


"However, Kate and Gerry and their friends welcome the police interviews. The friends are more than happy to co-operate fully, as are Kate and Gerry, although in this case Kate and Gerry will not be re-interviewed." "This has not been requested but Kate and Gerry would have agreed to answer any questions had they police wished to put anything to them.


There is a wholly innocent explanation for any material the police may or may not have found".


This appears to be another disgusting attempt to make money out of their plight."


"An outcome similar to Holly and Jessica is possible. I don't want to, and I can't, talk about Robert Murat but some journalists who worked with me in Soham, and that were now in Portugal, saw resemblances between that case and Robert Murat. And I won't say more."


They don't cry in public, but plenty of tears are shed 'backstage'.


This is not only extremely hurtful to Kate and Gerry but totally disrespectful to Madeleine. The magazine had not sought permission to use Madeleine’s image and the McCanns’ lawyers were now studying the publication.


Kate and Gerry are realistic enough to know that Madeleine may be dead and it would be a tragedy that she is found as such, because it rules out the hope that she is alive... But any widening of the search area is encouraging and we would welcome that. If she is dead then she is dead, but not by their hand.


No decision has been taken on Kate's future yet. She hasn't approached, or been approached by, any children's charities.


It is true that we have requested a meeting with the prime minister to show him the strength of our case, to explain Kate and Gerry's innocence and yet all we've been offered is a medium-level-consular meeting, which we rejected.


PeterMac's Free e-book: What really happened to Madeleine McCann?

Gonçalo Amaral's 'Maddie: Truth of the Lie

Richard D. Hall: 'When Madeleine Died?'

Richard D. Hall: 'When Madeleine Died?'
Please click on image to view all three Madeleine films

Prime Minister introduces Prime Suspect to Royalty

Prime Minister introduces Prime Suspect to Royalty

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