Madeleine McCann investigation: Second signs of death: the intervention of the British investigators

This information was extracted by Blackberry from page 153-173 of "A Verdade da Mentira" by Gonçalo Amaral
Chapter 16 - Second signs of death: the intervention of the investigators

- first days after disappearance, dogs from GNR searched without finding anything of note

- UK police suggested bringing in UK dogs, but GNR didn't think it was necessary at that time

- after Krugel's visit [and the McCann's suggestions that Madeleine was dead], the Brits began to really emphasize the amazing qualities of the South Yorkshire dogs... which "worked miracles"

- it's July, all the abduction research has proven negative

- a letter is sent to UK requesting their top forensic investigators

- A few days later, Mark Harrison arrives, with dozens of international criminal investigations under his belt working with the best police forces throughout the world, his work is the analysis of these types of cases, giving advice and helping plan strategies and determine the resources necessary. He began work immediately, always in the company of the PJ, Leicester police and Scotland Yard.

- Harrison has full access to absolutely everything, reviews testimonies, movements, etc. A helicopter flys him over Luz, then goes on foot. Streets are measured, distances between buildings, routes on foot and by car considered... meteorlogical factors, geololgic and maritime research... even the best antropologist in Portugal gave an opinion about the most probable state of any mortal remains that might be found.... a study of the carrion-eating wild animals in the area... reviewed all the searches "brilliantly organized" by the regional GNR officers.

- After a full week of work, Mark presents his report: most plausible scenario is that Madeleine is dead, her body hidden near Praia da Luz. He highlights the extensive work done in by the Portuguese authorities to find a living Madeleine... however, in his opinion, it was time to take on new searches with the possibility that M is dead and her cadaver hidden nearby.

- Data from Harrison for children under the age of 5 who had disappeared in the UK since 1960, 1528 cases: in 82% of the cases, the child's parents were the predominate aggressors; in 96%, some kind of relationship existed between the child and the agressor. In only 4%, the aggressor was unknown to the child.

- In this "very unsubtle way", Harrison points out that the solution to this case could very will be hidden in the small circle of people closest to Madeleine. That is, we are now going to consider more seriously investigating the parents and friends.

- Finally, Harrision specifically recommends bringing in Eddie and Keela

- GA says statistics are fine, but the change in investigation is owed as much to the exhaustion of the abduction theory and the necessity to re-start at the beginning.

- To showoff/sell the dogs, Harrison shows a video of them in action to those managing the investigation, which was impressive.

- Harrison suggests taking the dogs to all the apartments (McCanns and friends) and Murat's home; also having the dogs examine all cars to see if a cadaver was transported in any of them. A detailed plan is created.

- At the same time, a piece of equipment from America which identifies people based upon their particular scent was requested. However, it arrived late (requested late and then held up in customs) and was never used... especially because the dogs obtained such "concrete and positive results."

===== THE ENGLISH TEAM =====

- 30 July 2007, Dogs and their handler, Martin Grimes arrives.

- Eddie, looks for mortal remains. ALSO trained to find just the smell of a cadaver, when no actual remains are present to be collected, given that the odor attaches itself to permeable materials, like clothes and car upholstery.

- Keela looks for/finds human blood in amounts so very small that they often can be found by no other technical means.

- Method: first Eddie searches for cadaver odor; if found, Keela tries to find a reason, that is, vestiges of human blood. If they both alert, this indicates that blood was spilt and a cadaver was there. Which could be interpreted as if the death happened in that spot.

- Impressive CV: Eddie and Keela have been used more than 200 cases around the world, including with the FBI; approved "with distinction" in test realized at the "Body Farm", FBI/USA, the only place in the world authorized to use human cadavers for training.

- Used in these famous cases: Attracta Harron (N Irland), Amanda Edward, Charlotte Pinkney (British/Eddie detected a spot where the cadaver had only "momentarily" been laid), Haut de la Garenne.... amazing details given; worth discussing later

- Every year the dogs and Martin Grime undergo testing. These two dogs, as a team, are unique in all the world.


- evening of 3 August, Portuguese and UK investigators begin at Ocean Club, Apt 5A

- Martin leads in Eddie and tells him to sit at the front door, so that he can remove the leash. Contrary to expectations of this wonder dog-detective, Eddie ignored the command and ran immediately to the interior of the apt, where he ran "devilishly" from the living room to the parent's bedroom. Grimes says worriedly that something has made Eddie nervous and he calls Eddie again so that he can give orders to indicate where to start searching. An investigator is video taping. Some minutes later, Eddie focuses on the floor of the couple's bedroom, next to the wardrobe and gives the alert for cadaver odor, in a strident bark

- Why here, in the couple's room? More goosebumps to follow: Eddie gives another strident bark next to the living room wall, behind the blue sofa, under the window.

- Apt 5A begins to give up its mystery.

- On that night, before 10pm, the investigators see Gerald McCann near the apartment, driving alone in the rented Renault with the face of one "who has few friends."

- If the cadaver (EVRD) dog alerts, then the blood (CSI) dog is brought in. They are trained to find ONLY human blood, even in areas thoroughly cleaned with chemicals or bleaches. Sometimes they find blood vestiges so small that they can't be collected, and the surrounding materials themselves have to be transported to the lab. This happened with Keela.

- Keela is brought in and she marks blood in the same place as Eddie marked the cadaver smell... she stopped, immobile, with her nose pointed at the precise location of the smell. The tiles on the floor.

- Outside, Eddie gives two more alerts of cadaver smell, on the varanda of the couple's bedroom and also in a garden situation directly below it. Here, the bark is weaker, like a "could be", with some doubt, like a human shrugging their shoulders.

- Going now to the other apts, the investigators are nervous. Who knows what will come next? But to the amazement of all, after very careful exams of all the other apts, Eddie exhibits complete disinterest. Martin decides to not use Keela, since Eddie found no cadaver smell.

- There are signs of death in Apartment 5A. It's necessary to confirm that, prior to 3 May, no one had died there. The OC has no records of anything like that, nor the fire department, nor the paramedics, nor the prior apt owners knew of any death in the apt.

- It is concluded, therefore, that the cadaver odor could only come from one person: Madeleine Beth McCann


- The search area includes Krugel's "cadaver area". Harrison had created an iron tool for puncturing the soil to allow smells to exit.

- The British team, with PJ and GNR takes a fine tooth comb to Luz, any and everywhere a body might have been hidden or momentarily deposited... buildings, abandoned/inconstruction, ruins, waterways, entrances to sewers, beach, vegetation around the village, including the vulcanic rock "Rocha Negra". No signs from Eddie anywhere else around Praia da Luz.

===== EXAMS IN THE INTERIOR OF McCANN'S HOME [second villa] =====

- when preparing to go to the McCann's villa with the dogs, everyone knew this was the moment to either take up a technical and legal instrument which could assign responsiblity, or fully remove from suspicion, Madeleine's parents in her disappearance.

- We knew, then, that we had failed when we decided to not wiretap and follow the friends and McCanns from the beginning of the investigation.

- The Public Ministry (MP) created the proper search documents. At the same time, they asked for authorization to wiretap the villa and car at that time. The MP agreed, as it's been used in other cases. 24 anxious hours later the sitting Judge, covering for someone on holiday, denied the MP's agreement. No time to re-request, the last chance to know what the McCanns said away from the press microfones was gone, just as the couple prepared to leave the country.

- The search was planned in great detail.

- The villa is on Rua das Flores, 27, rented at the beginning of the summer with money donated to the Find Madeleine Fund.

- 2 August, 6pm-ish, the inspectors knocked on the door. Kate and Gerry were giving the twins a bath in the exterior pool. Surprisingly, they both reacted well to the search warrant and in a forthright and open way gave unlimited access to the investigators.

- Eddie started., going directly to the living room where on top of a chair was cuddlecat, which now had a little green ribbon and rosary around its neck. Again, Eddie showed his 7 years of experience dedicated to forensic crime scene work and, with a determined and affirmative bark, indicated that CuddleCat had been in contact with a cadaver.

- Using cardboard boxes, all the clothes in the house were taken to a specially prepared area to be placed on the ground for the dogs.

- at 23h20 all the clothes are spread out. Again, Eddie marks a strong cadaver odor on Kate's clothes: slacks in black/white check and a sleeveless white blouse. He barks frenetically.

- Keela finds no blood vestiges.


- 4 and 5 August. Ground "aired" and opened. Over two days of thorough searching, no signs from Eddie at Muart's home.


- 6 August, underground parking garage

- 10 vehicles examined which were used by Murat, Michaela, Malinka, Luís António, McCanns and one by Russel O`Brien

- 10 metres between cars to avoid contamination of smells between them

- Martin tells Eddie to start on exteriors, with all doors/windows tightly closed: intense sniffing of wheels, underneath, door jams, edges of boot. 1, 2, 3 cars. Nothing.

- 4th car. Eddie significantly alters his behaviour. Visibly more excited, he doesn't immediately approach the car as he did with the others. He raise his head and, with his nose in the air, sniffs incessantly around the car indicating that he is trying to find the source of that well-known odor and which he has been finding for years, which he had detected in the area and knows he is now going to find. Martin's voice commands him back to searching the car itself. Eddied provides yet another surprise in the case, barking strongly as he alerts to the existence of cadaver odor in the car rented by the McCanns.

- Precisely, Eddie alerts to:

---- the lower part of the driver's door
---- in the boot, where the dog was biting and barking, indicating the was come from inside the car

The car was taken apart by forensic experts and around dawn, Keela finds vestiges of blood where Eddie signaled: the key and the luggage compartment

- As with the apartments, Eddie was uninterested in the other cars, not hesitating nor displaying behaviour similiar to the other vehicles, making quite clear and precises his actions.

- GA says he had already been removed from the team when he learned that one of the McCann's neighbors (at the second villa), a Portuguese jurist, says that in the nights leading up to the dog exams, the McCanns frequently left the baggage door open.

- One of Gerry's bro-in-laws later affirmed they used the car to transport garbage and that, once, some blood from beef spilled in the luggage area, thereby justifying the "strange" odor.

- One of Kate's aunts said that the car had unpleasant smells that she assumed came from the baby's diapers.

These justifications don't stand up to the English dogs. These dogs are exclusively trained to alert to human blood and cadaver odors. The hygiene habits of the users of this car do not even appear credible for the civilized people making up this group, which make the statements of these two, in the very least, bizarre.


- upon detection, we begin the collection and remit of the evidence to a forensic lab

- 2 early questions: how to collect and where to send. Someone from the Portuguese Police Lab came to do the collection. In a joint meeting between British and Portuguese forensic experts, it was decided to not try to do tests inlocal. Instead tiles were very carefully removed, monitoring all with fotographs, and taken to FSS for Low Copy Number tests, the lab where they can identify DNA from microscopic blood samples.

- to safeguard the samples, the technician who removed the tiles also handcarried them to the FSS.

- 7 august, taken to the FSS were:

---- tiles from behind the sofa and under the window
---- blood from the car key
---- hairs found in the luggage area
---- blood from the lining from the right side of the luggage area

- GA speaks of "blood" when other reports say "bodily fluids" because Keela only alerts to human blood.

This image is printed in the book as a summary of th dog's findings, and having now read the book, that Eddie alert icon is definitely in the WRONG PLACE. Eddie alerted behind the apt, on the Tapas side... not in front, near M's bedroom window. No doubt about it, it was in the back of the apt.

And before anyone asks, I could find no mention of what piece of M's clothing the dog alerted to. This is a detail the investigators are keeping from the public.

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Specialist in Forensic Medicine, Pinto da Costa supports the thesis followed by Gonçalo Amaral, which points to the death of Madeleine McCann.

Talking with Pinto da Costa – Forensic Medicine Expert

Reversed Investigation

In the book ‘The Truth of The Lie’ Gonçalo Amaral, the PJ coordinator who was removed from the ‘Maddie Case’ has no doubts about the death of the girl. Pinto da Costa follows his considerations.

Specialist in Forensic Medicine, Pinto da Costa supports the thesis followed by Gonçalo Amaral, which points to the death of Madeleine McCann. The professor does not understand the reason why the analyses done by the British laboratory are not conclusive and he manifests the conviction that, soon or later, the truth will be known. The biggest problem, according to the President of the Portuguese Section of International Transparency [sic], resided in the incorrect way the investigation was carried out. Pinto da Costa understands that the death hypothesis should have been pursued since the beginning.

Do you believe in the thesis defended by Gonçalo Amaral, according to which Madeleine McCann died accidentally in the night of her disappearance?

It does seem possible that that has taken place based on the circumstances of the cadaver dogs who signalled [death triggers] the existence of a cadaver and, also of blood with the genetic profile of the girl.

The English Laboratory said the analyses are not conclusive...

What the Laboratory concluded was that, in a total of 19 alleles [genetic markers], 15 are present in the sample examined. In Portugal, in order to guarantee the authenticity of progeny [descendants, children], that is, in the paternity tests we use 15 alleles. Therefore, the results obtained by the British Laboratory are extremely significant. Thus, they seem, pertinent in the consideration that the child could have died in the apartment. Another hypothesis is that she could have died outside and then the body was moved inside [the apartment].

Isn’t there, in Portugal, technical capacity to do this kind of analyses?

Yes, they could have been done in Portugal. I believe that either the Scientific Police Laboratory of the Judiciary Police or the various Forensic Medicine Institutes have the conditions to perform them. That did not happen possibly for the reason that the persons at issue were of English nationality.

The explanation given by Gonçalo Amaral, that the corpse was frozen or preserved in cold, for more than 20 days, also seems plausible?

What I believe is that the body was not totally decomposed. There are situations when the cadaver is preserved more or less without adding any substance, like ice, for example. Besides, we should not forget that this is the body of a child and not of an adult, who decays more rapidly.

Do you believe the Truth will be discovered?

Yes, when all entities involved are at a distance. The midwives fight, the truths are discovered. [Portuguese Proverb: "Zangam-se as comadres, sabem-se as verdades."]. The process has so many contradictions that, it is impossible to have one truth.

And what exactly is at the origin of so many contradictions?

The fact that the investigation started incorrectly. It should have started with the exaggeration of the positive and with the assumption that the child was killed. Even because the existence of maltreatment is a reality and in these cases, the number one suspect is the father, not the stepfather, the uncle or any other person. At another side, the scene should have been put immediately in custody to avoid its violation, because the examination of the scene is fundamental. The parents presented the abduction hypothesis, but those who do a criminal investigation have to have their ‘heads cold’ [‘cuca fria’- meaning open and objective mind], as they say in Brazil, and cannot deviate from the essential. The investigation was done in reverse.

Source: Jornal de Notícias, paper edition - 26 July 2008

Note: Professor Pinto da Costa was the Director of the Portuguese Forensic Institute [INML] for several years.

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The Madeleine Foundation: Combating child neglect: Letter to McCanns lawyers

Below is a letter from The Madeleine Foundation to the McCanns lawyers - and the reply from Bates, Wells and Braithwaite.

The Madeleine Foundation
Combating child neglect

Registered address: 66 Chippingfield, HARLOW, Essex CM17 0DJ

Bates Wells & Braithwaite Friday 18 July 2008
2-6 Cannon Street

Attn: Ms Rosamund McCarthy, Solicitor to Dr Kate McCann and Dr Gerry McCann. Sent by e-mail and hard copy

Dear Sirs,

re: Madeleine Foundation’s ‘Madeleine’s Law’ campaign against child neglect - and the ‘No to Neglect’ petition on the Prime Minister’s website

I write on behalf of The Madeleine Foundation, which your clients Dr Kate and Dr Gerry McCann, via their spokesman Mr Clarence Mitchell, recently criticised in an article in the ‘Daily Telegraph’.

First of all, for the record, the Madeleine Foundation was formally established on 26 January 2008 and its stated objectives are as follows:

a) to make every effort to ensure that Kate and Gerry McCann are prosecuted for their admitted abandoning of their children six nights in a row in Praia da Luz

b) to change the law in whatever way is needed in order to send out a clear message to all parents that leaving young children on their own is never acceptable, and to strive for the adoption of a ‘Madeleine’s Law’ with its key message: “Never leave young children on their own”

c) to pursue - in conjunction with others - the truth about Madeleine McCann’s disappearance on 3 May 2007, and in particular to encourage Kate and Gerry McCann and the friends who were with them in Praia da Luz to tell the truth about Madeleine’s disappearance

d) to investigate the facts behind the extent of British government involvement in this case and the reasons for it

e) to ensure that the media, in particular the British media, report this case accurately and give due weight to the opinions of so many of the general public that the McCanns are withholding the truth about Madeleine’s disappearance

f) to demand a full-scale investigation by the relevant authorities into the activities of the Find Madeleine Fund private trust and to encourage the trustees of that fund to give full particulars about its income and expenditure to the public who have donated so generously to it with the express purpose of finding Madeleine

g) to generally promote the welfare of children, in particular by ensuring that parents are aware of the psychological needs of their children and ensuring that the relevant authorities take appropriate action to safeguard and promote the welfare of children.

The use of Madeleine’s name by our Foundation is because your clients have made Madeleine ‘public property’. They have asked the world to search for Madeleine. They have asked the world to contribute to the Trust Fund:- ‘Madeleine’s Fund: Leaving No Stone Unturned Limited’. They have appeared on countless TV news bulletins, documentaries, and interviews. Their faces and that of Madeleine are amongst the best-known on the planet. So she has become all of ours, as this recent comment on a blog surely exemplifies: “I have done enough crying over Madeleine, like she were my very own“.

We note that your clients, from the ‘Daily Telegraph’ report, are worried that people might donate to The Madeleine Foundation, thinking that they are donating to the Trust Fund that your clients set up with the stated purpose of helping to find Madeleine. Please tell them that they need not worry about losing a source of income. We are seeking members, not donations, and when our website goes live, there will be a clear statement on our home page that The Madeleine Foundation is not concerned with the matter of helping to find Madeleine but is primarily interested in the child neglect issues raised by your clients admitting to leaving their three children on their own in Praia da Luz.

‘Madeleine’s Law’

The main purpose of my writing to you at this stage, apart from correcting the misleading impression given by ‘The Daily Telegraph’ about our aims, is to ask if your clients would support our campaign to tighten up and re-define the laws on child neglect, especially insofar it concerns the law on leaving young children on their own. We were prompted to launch this campaign by reports from the Doctors McCann themselves that they claimed to have been told - by an unnamed professional source - that their admitted leaving of three very young children, all aged under four, on their own, six nights in a row, in Praia da Luz, was ‘well within the bounds of responsible parenting’.

We disagree, as do millions of others who know about the circumstances leading up to Madeleine ‘going missing’, and so of course does the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children.

The N.S.P.C.C. say on their website:

(a ) “The NSPCC advise that most children under 13 are not mature enough to cope in an emergency, and should not be left alone for more than a very short while. You should never leave babies or young children alone in the home, whether they are asleep or awake, not even for a few minutes”, and

(b) “It’s never O.K. to leave a baby alone, not even for a few minutes. What if the baby wakes up just as his parent had left? For a baby, 15 minutes is a long time to feel abandoned and left to cry alone. The risks are dangerous too. What is the baby was sick or there was a fire?” and,

(c) “Young children should never be left alone, not even for a short time. An hour without you or another caring adult can be very lonely and distressing. And there are many serious safety risks to a curious, exploring child”.

Many other child welfare organisations say exactly the same. It seems very odd to us that the unnamed professional source quoted by the Doctors McCann should so flatly contradict the advice of the N.S.P.C.C. and other child welfare organisations.

Your clients may also be aware that, recently, the Children’s Legal Centre has also drawn attention to the growing problem of young children being left alone by their parents and, like The Madeleine Foundation, is also calling for a change in the law.

We would therefore invite your clients to do two things.

First, we should be glad if they would support the petition of Mr Anthony Bennett, currently on the Prime Minister’s website, which calls for it to be made a criminal offence to leave children under 12 on their own. This would be subject to a qualification that the children were left on their own ‘without reasonable excuse’. Mr Bennett is a professionally qualified social worker with an M.A. in Social Work. The petition may be viewed at:

Second, we invite your clients to publicly support our campaign for changes to the law on child neglect, under the slogan: “Never leave young children on their own”. We feel sure that the Doctors McCann, especially bearing in mind their professional standing, would recognise that the main issue in the case of missing Madeleine is not about setting up schemes like ‘Amber Alert’, which only kick in, so to speak where a child has gone missing, i.e. after the horse has bolted, but, rather, that a clear and resounding message should go out to all parents that, as a parent, you never leave young children on their own. We know from our contacts that many people long for the Doctors McCann to spell out this clear message - and also to state publicly, in line with the views of the N.S.P.C.C. and other child welfare organisations, that it is never ‘responsible’ to leave young children on their own, even for a few minutes.

Madeleine’s Fund: Leaving No Stone Unturned Limited

I turn now to the failure to date of the Trustees of the Madeleine’s Fund: Leaving No Stone Unturned Limited to give an account to the general public of how much money has come into the Madeleine’s Fund - and on what it has been spent. There have been many contradictions and evasive statements by the Trustees and Mr Clarence Mitchell about the trust Fund. What is urgently needed is a clear statement of what income has been received by the Fund, from what sources, and on what it has been spent. We say this because the Doctors McCann and their public relations team invited the public to contribute large sums of money - on the basis that it was being used to ‘help to find Madeleine’. The Fund may have been set up as a ‘private company’, but it is a private company that has relied for the majority of its income on a very public appeal for donations.

The questions that need to be answered by the Trustees, and on which we now seek your replies, include:

a) how much money has been donated by the general public?

b) how much money has been donated by major benefactors?

c) how much money has been raised by selling yellow bangles and other ‘Madeleine merchandise’?

d) how much more has been raised for the Fund by fees for the Doctors McCann appearing on TV programmes, for giving newspaper and magazine interviews, and other media and film publicity opportunities? [in this respect, it would also assist if the Trustees and/or the Doctors McCann were to state on the record whether the Doctors have paid all of their TV/media/magazine/interview fees into the Fund or only a proportion. If it is only a proportion, we suggest that the public be informed what proportion has been retained by the Doctors]

e) how much money, if any, was paid by the Doctors McCann into the Fund from their successful libel action against ‘Express Newspapers’?

f) how much has been spent on the services of Metodo 3 to date and how much has been paid for the services of Control Risks Group to date?

g) how much other expenditure has been incurred in directly trying to find Madeleine?

h) how much has been spent by the Fund on the Doctors McCann’s mortgage payments?

i) what other payments have been made, by way of expenses or other sums, to:

(i) the Doctors McCann
(ii) the Trustees, in respect of their expenses or otherwise
(iii) professionals providing services to the Trustees, e.g. yourselves, the Trust’s bankers, the Trust’s accountants and auditors etc.
(iv) any other person.

j) has the Trust Fund made any payments towards the legal expenses of the McCanns, either their legal costs in the U.K. or their legal costs in Portugal? If so, how much has the Trust Fund paid out towards those legal expenses?

k) what is the current balance of Madeleine’s Fund: Leaving No Stone Unturned Limited?

We would appreciate an answer to as many of these questions as the Trust are prepared to release at this time. If answers cannot be given to all of these queries, when will the Trust Fund be able to publish a full set of accounts for public scrutiny, having regard to the public interest in knowing where their generous donations have gone. As an example of public concern about the way the Madeleine Trust Fund has operated, we draw your attention to your failure to reply to another organisation concerned about the Trust Fund: ‘Truth for Madeleine’.

On 21 January this year, ‘Truth for Madeleine’ wrote to your firm pointing out that:

“The company is either a bona fide and legitimate company who is aiming to complete its stated objectives - or it is living up to the belief of many that it is some kind of scam. Up until now, the feedback we are experiencing is hardly helping to alleviate any thoughts that the Madeleine Fund is not acting professionally and with the integrity one would expect from a large, high-profile fund. Other members of the public have written to Bates Wells & Braithwaite and I know they have received what amounts to a standard response. This is not good enough. Poor elderly people as well as young children have made donations to the Madeleine Fund. Those people do not get their mortgages paid from a fund. They deserve better and they need to know what is happening from the horse’s mouth, and not from tabloids. On behalf of the many disgruntled donors to the fund, this website [Truth for Madeleine] is requesting the following information:

1. Who can this site contact to request information about the fund and its use in accomplishing its stated objectives?
2. As the press seem to be misrepresenting the real facts of the use of the fund, can Bates Wells or Madeleine’s Fund’ make an official status report as to the use of the donated money?
3. How much of the fund has been used for personal expenses beyond the two stated mortgage payments to Mr & Mrs Gerry McCann?
4. Can a donor request a refund if the donor is not happy that the money was used for the stated objectives?
5. As the official Madeleine website does not give accurate information as to the fund total or its expenditure, can either Bates Wells or the company give an up to date figure for the fund total?
6. Who is in charge of the company on a day to day basis and who controls the operations?
7. What other companies were considered along with Metodo 3 before making a decision to recruit Metodo 3 to look for missing Madeleine and what arm’s length methods were used to choose this particular outfit?
8. Were any of the Bates Wells and Braithwaite’s staff known to any of the Madeleine’s Fund board of directors prior to incorporation of the latter?
9. What are the current stated objectives of Madeleine’s Fund’?
10. What is the current board of directors?

We do not ourselves necessarily seek answers to the above questions. But the longer that the Trust Fund, and yourselves, the Doctors McCann and Mr Clarence Mitchell continue to hide the finances of the Trust and refuse to answer reasonable questions from the public and from organisations like ours, the greater the suspicion that this is not a Trust Fund about helping to find Madeleine at all, but has other purposes.
Metodo 3

Finally, Metodo 3 has been employed by the Trust Fund for nearly a year now. Once again, there have been contradictory statements issued to the press by Mr Mitchell and others about how much Metodo 3 is being paid. A common figure mentioned is £50,000 a month. A statement was made by its Director shortly before Christmas last year that, in terms, ‘We are hot on the trail of Madeleine, she is still alive, and would be home by Christmas’.

Have the large sums of money that have been spent by the Trust Fund on Metodo 3 to date brought the Doctors McCann anywhere nearer finding out if there was an abductor, who he is, whether if they know who he is, he had accomplices, and where he took Madeleine if he did so and what he has done with her? Unless Metodo 3 has provided good answers to these questions by now, then it seems from statements made by Mr Mitchell that over £½ million has been spent getting nowhere.

I await hearing from you.

Yours sincerely

Debbie Butler
The Madeleine Foundation

The reply to this letter from Bates, Wells and Braithwaite

Full text of the letter addressed to Ms Debbie Butler:


“25 July 2008



Dear Madam,

re: ‘Madeleine’s Fund: Leaving No Stone Unturned Limited (”the Fund”)

We refer to your letter of 18th July 2008 which we have passed to the Fund.

We have no instructions from the Fund to reply to your letter.

Yours faithfully

Bates Wells & Braithwaite”


Team McCann

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Abuse of Power: Kate McCann Forced Political Pressure on the Investigation

Revelations –Maddie’s mother’s notes prove Gonçalo Amaral right

Kate McCann forces political pressure

The English prime minister called the couple directly and the British diplomacy took care of the travelling

“To increase the political pressure”. The phrase, by Kate McCann, written among the notes that were found in her house and which the Polícia Judiciária (PJ) had apprehended, is clear about the manner in which Maddie’s parents intended to manage their daughter’s disappearance, bringing it into the press’ first pages and turning it into a case with political outlines.

On the morning of the 23rd of May 2007 (twenty days after Maddie’s disappearance), before they left for the Sanctuary of Fátima, Kate and Gerry left Gordon Brown a message. Maddie’s mother describes it as a form of “raising the political pressure” and reveals that the present prime-minister – at that date, he was not in functions but had already been confirmed as Tony Blair’s successor – answered her only three hours later. He spoke with Gerry, was “very sympathetic and gave strength”, tells Kate, who describes the visit to the catholic sanctuary as overwhelming, potent and emotional.

On the same day in the afternoon, Gordon Brown called Maddie’s parents again. Kate’s notebooks do not report the conversation but one is able to understand that the purpose was to create political pressure, forcing the PJ to act swiftly.

Today, at more than a year’s distance from the child’s disappearance and after the case has been archived, Kate’s notes expose the pressures that were reported by the former coordinator of the case, Gonçalo Amaral, who from the moment when he was removed from the investigation, realized that the process would not produce an accusation.

With an investigation that was initially inclined towards the abduction theory, partly forced by the McCanns, the evidence of the pressures by the couple also explains the British press’ posture in the coverage of the case, mainly from the moment when Madeleine’s parents went from victims to suspects and arguidos. With the British prime minister himself supporting the McCanns, through direct and frequent phone calls that are revealed by Kate, it became almost impossible for the English government to help an investigation that had indicated the parents as guilty.

Apart from the contacts with Gordon Brown, Kate’s notebooks reveal other important allies. From the hiring of Clarence Mitchell, who at that point in time worked for the government, as an assistant, until the conversations with the wife of Tony Blair, the former British prime minister.

Mitchell actually had a pivotal role in the propaganda machine that was built by the McCanns within a few days, and which counted on the great help from the British diplomacy in all the trips that were carried out by Kate and Gerry.

The first and most media-exposed [trip] – to Rome, to be received by Pope Benedict XVI – was suggested by the assistant, on the 27th of May, after speaking to Francis Campbell, the British ambassador at the Vatican. “Rome is already preparing itself”, Kate wrote, anticipating that visit as what would become the “main” news on that day. One day later, the visit and the audience with the Pope were already confirmed, with a program that was prepared in a detailed manner.

On the 30th of May, after leaving the British consulate in Rome, Kate and Gerry, accompanied by the ambassador, made a strategic stop “for the photographers to catch an image looking at the Basilica”, and continued towards the Vatican, where they spent a few minutes with Benedict XVI. A moment that was described as very emotional, positive and important, and that summoned “loads of” journalists and photographers, which is definitely a concern that is always present with the couple.

After Rome, Madrid, Berlin and Morocco followed, trips with the purpose of publicizing Madeleine’s face and which always relied on passages through consulates or receptions by British ambassadors and political representatives of the corresponding countries.

According to Kate’s notes, the days started or ended with meetings, phone calls and emails. Cherie Blair, the wife of Tony Blair, Gordon Brown’s predecessor, was one of Kate’s contacts, as demonstrated by the reports of the 17th of July. Before Kate gives Sky News an interview, she speaks with Cherie, who agrees to make a 20 second videoclip about Maddie for the English channel. On that same day, Blair himself pledges assistance and makes himself available for whatever is needed.

Kate’s notes:

“Left a message for Gordon Brown to call us in order to increase the political pressure” – Kate McCann, 23rd of May

“Gordon Brown called and spoke with Gerry – very sympathetic and gave strength. Somewhat emotive feeling afterwards” – Kate McCann, 23rd of May

“Clarence spoke to us about a possible visit to the Vatican. Rome is already preparing itself. Francis Campbell was spoken to” – Kate McCann, 27th of May

The ambassador’s solidarity

On the 4th [of May], only hours after the alert of Madeleine’s disappearance was given, Kate wrote in her notes that the English ambassador, John Buck, had been in the apartment offering them his solidarity. She also noted the presence of two employees from the consulate and stressed the strong presence of the media on location. “There is news appearing in the United Kingdom”, Maddie’s mother remembered, also noting the “worrying” and “boring” presence of Yvone, the English social security technician who tried to understand whether there was anything in the family’s life that might explain the child’s absence.

It should be referred that on that very same day, the ambassador met with senior officials from the PJ to understand the outlines of the case.

The news

Abduction theory – On the first days after Maddie’s disappearance, on the 3rd of May 2007, the abduction theory was the only one that was mentioned in the news. “Give back our Madeleine”, the parents appealed, not admitting any other possibility.

Visit to Fátima – Twenty days after Maddie’s disappearance, the McCann couple went to pray at the Sanctuary of Fátima. But before that, they called Gordon Brown in order to increase the political pressure.

Brown’s pressure – Only five days after the McCanns’ contact with the British prime minister, Gordon Brown’s pressures on Portugal because of the Maddie case were already known.

McCanns at the Vatican - The trip to the Vatican and the audience with Pope Benedict XVI were suggested by advisor Clarence Mitchell, who mobilized the British diplomacy in order to take the McCanns to Rome.

“Former PJ director pulls the rug from under his successor’s feet”

The former President of the Republic, Jorge Sampaio, said to SIC yesterday that it is “truly unheard of, from the point of view of institutions and of the prestige that we must defend before foreign countries, that the former director of the PJ, a joint prosecutor [Alípio Ribeiro], came out to criticize the archiving [of the process of the disappearance of Maddie] when it was him who managed that process, and I also presume that the constitution of arguidos [of Kate and Gerry McCann] was not entirely unknown to him. I think this is an amazing thing in terms of pulling the rug from under the feet of colleagues that succeeded him in his post. There is no democracy that justifies this”, according to Sampaio.

Concerning Gonçalo Amaral, the former President considers that “if he has factual data that is important for the reopening of this instruction, then he should present them”.

Book Complaint advances – The McCanns say that a lawsuit for defamation against Gonçalo Amaral is “likely”, because of the book, but also against Portuguese newspapers for reproducing its contents.

Amaral Everything in the process – The McCanns’ spokesman says that “from the Attorney General’s statements, they are innocent before the law”, but Amaral recalls that his statements are in the process.

Portimão Presentation – Gonçalo Amaral launches his book in Portimão today. The session is scheduled for 7 p.m. at the Municipal Museum. Porto and Braga are his next destinations.

Book Reserve your copy – “The Truth of the Lie”, Gonçalo Amaral’s book, will be distributed again next week, on a date that is yet to be scheduled by CM. Reserve a copy at your kiosk.

Malinka Receives 250 thousand euros – Apart from Robert Murat, also the Russian Sergey Malinka and his [Murat's] girlfriend at that time, Michaela Walczuch, will receive approximately 250 thousand euros in compensations from the British press.

Tomorrow – The management of news in the British press

Source: Correio da Manhã

Translation by Astro

by Joana Morais

Interview with Gonçalo Amaral: Cadaver was frozen or kept in the cold

Exclusive Interview with Gonçalo Amaral: Cadaver was frozen or was kept in the cold

Gonçalo Amaral regrets that a 'fact-finding inquiry (sindicância) to the investigation was done". In the first interview where he talks about the process, he defends that Maddie died at the Ocean Club. The book is launched today in Lisbon and promises to re-launch controversy.

Interview with Gonçalo Amaral in Correio da Manhã today

“The investigation was syndicated”

Gonçalo Amaral laments that “the investigation was syndicated”. In the first interview during which he speaks about the process, he defends that Maddie died at the Ocean Club. The book is launched in Lisbon today and promises to launch the controversy again

Correio da Manhã – As the case investigator, what is your thesis?

Gonçalo Amaral – The little girl died in the apartment. Everything is in the book, which is faithful to the investigation until September: it reflects the understanding of the Portuguese and the English police and of the Public Ministry. For all of us, until then, the concealment of the cadaver, the simulation of abduction and the exposure or abandonment were proved.

What led you to indict the McCanns over all of those crimes?

It all starts with an abduction theory that is forced by the parents. And the abduction is based on two facts: one is Jane Tanner’s testimony that says she saw a man passing in front of the apartment, carrying a child; the other is the bedroom window, which, according to Kate, was open when it should have been closed. It was proved that none of that happened.

How was it proved?

Jane Tanner is not credible: she identifies and recognizes different people. She starts with Murat, later on someone else is mentioned, according to the drawing done by a witness, and she already says that is the person, completely different from Robert Murat.

Jane Tanner’s testimony drove the abduction theory.

In order to advance into that direction, it would be necessary to give her credit: there was no other indicium of the abduction. And the issue of the bedroom window, where Maddie and her siblings slept, is vital. It leads to simulation. This means, whether or not it was open when Jane says that she saw the man carrying the child. The little girl’s mother, Kate, is the only person that mentions the open window.

Does that undo the abduction theory?

There lies the solution. To be closed or not, is a strong indicium for simulation. And why does one simulate abduction, rather than simply saying that the child has disappeared? She could have opened the door and left…

Do Kate’s fingerprints reinforce the simulation theory?

They are the only fingerprints on the window. And in a position of opening the window.

Did Kate have suspicious attitudes?

She goes out for dinner and supposedly leaves three children asleep. She returns, one is missing, she goes out, leaving the window wide open with the twins asleep. And the night, according to what she says, was very cold…

What about Maddie’s bed?

It carries no signs that anyone was in it. Nor does the chair or the bed under the window. And there are no imprints from strangers.

The reconstitution is missing.

It was not carried out 10 or 15 days after the facts, because the resort was full of tourists. We trusted that it could be carried out at a later date. It couldn’t.

Did you request data about the group?

At 8 a.m. on the 4th, the request was made to the English liaison officer, but [the data] never arrived.

What did you want to know?

Who the people are, their antecedents. And the child, whether or not there are complaints against the parents or others. How she behaved in school, to find out if she was the target of abuse.

How important is the Irish witness within the case?

He explained where he and his family had seen, at 10 p.m. on the 3rd of May, a man carrying a little girl. And it wasn’t Murat. They did not see the face, but they described the athletic and clumsy manner in which he carried the child.

That was back in May.

When the McCanns returned to England, the witness, watching Gerry get off the plane and walking across the asphalt carrying his child, had a realization. By the manner in which he walked and the clumsy way that he carries the child, he is 70 to 80 percent certain that it was the person he saw that evening. Says he and say the other members of the family.

What did you do?

On the days before I left Portimão we were taking care of that trip to Portugal. Then, the hearing of that witness was requested through a liaison officer from the Irish police in Madrid, which took months. During that time, the witness was approached by persons that are connected to the McCanns’ staff, I don’t know with what intention. They felt pressured. Later on, the hearing arrived and he maintains the probability of 70 to 80 percent that it was Gerry who carried the little girl towards the beach.

Couldn’t that have been included in the rogatory letter?

It could and it should. The ideal would have been for him to come to Portugal, as a key witness. Just like the couple of doctors that describe the situation in Mallorca.

Once the abduction theory was set apart, how was the death theory built?

With the elements that exist, we could only reach an accident, natural death, any cause without the intervention of another person. We were cementing evidence and advancing to understand what happened to the little girl’s body. Also based on information from the British lab, about residues that were found inside the car that was rented by the McCanns.

Where and how could they have hidden the body for over twenty days?

That was what we were trying to find out. Searching within their friends, because the couple had a lot of acquaintances. We tried to understand where the little girl could have been during those twenty something days.

Out of reach from the searches.

Yes. There was information that the couple had been seen walking towards a certain apartment block, we were trying to understand which apartment it was. Who had access to that apartment. But everything stopped.

How do you interpret that stopping of everything, when you left?

It almost looks as if the investigation was syndicated.

It was even said that the blood that was found was not human.

The dogs only smell human blood. The sample that is collected and taken to England, to be analysed with the Low Copy Number technique, is microscopic. The technique does not allow them to state whether it is blood or any other type of fluid – but it guarantees that it is human.

The family tried to justify itself.

Later on, a brother-in-law and a cousin of Kate said that they had carried steaks in the trunk that had thawed, even garbage, but no. The dogs follow neither garbage smell nor non-human blood. Then there is a witness, that was never heard, a jurist that lived next to the couple, in the second house [villa] outside of the apartment, saying that the car trunk was left open during the night, for airing. But maybe that was because of the garbage…

Within the theory of the parents’ involvement, can you reconstitute that night?

We had already concluded, long before the Irish witness, that if those persons were involved, there was only one possibility. It pointed towards the beach. Not only because of what [locations] they knew but also due to the terrain’s conditions. In that area, it is not easy to dig a hole. One either knows where holes already exist, or it is not possible, within a short time lapse, to decide where to place a corpse without knowing the area. If there was involvement, it would have been towards the beach area. Which is later corroborated by the Irish witness.

At the time when the Irish tourist reportedly saw Gerry, there are various witness statements that place the child’s father at the Ocean Club.

They are not credible. The employees are unable to tell at what time the persons were there, for how long each one of them stayed away when they say they went to the apartments. And the group is not credible. They say that on the previous nights, every 30 minutes, each one of them went to check only on his own children; but on that night, between 9.30 and 10 p.m., someone curiously goes to check that apartment, almost every five minutes, leaving the rest unchecked.

And what about Gerry?

He justifies some of the time with a trip to the toilet. That is not five minutes, then he meets another individual outside. Hence the need for the reconstitution. To find out how long it took them to get to the apartments, what route they walked, etc. A reconstitution that should be joint with the restaurant’s movement, because when it is said that they asked for the food from 9 p.m. onwards, there was one person who ordered a steak. And that steak was heated again because someone was not there. It is necessary to find out whose steak that was. He was away for a much longer time period…

An adult carrying a child, until the beach, how long [does it take]?

Fifteen minutes.

How was it possible for the apartment to be rented out after the crime?

The apartment was immediately fully contaminated by the parents’ action, before the police arrived. A complete fair was built there and at a certain point, dogs were demanded to come inside the house.

You admitted the possibility that the children had been given sedatives.

The twins, with the lights on, with the lights off, with a crowd of people going in and out, slept until 2 a.m., when they were carried into another apartment. Even then, they continued to sleep. That sleep is not normal.

But the Judiciária did nothing.

Once again, we were inhibited. We thought about asking the parents to test their hair, in order to understand whether there were sedatives, but as soon as it was found out, it would be said that we were suspecting the parents, and it was being avoided at all costs that it became public that those suspicions existed.

How is there room for speculation about the DNA tests? It was those results that allowed you to advance with the arguido status.

The speculation is done by the scientist who performs the test. He starts out by saying, in his preliminary report, that it was easy to say that it was Maddie. Then he raised other questions. Of course nobody can be accused, based on that data alone.

“The cadaver was frozen”

Correio da Manhã - What do you think happened to the body?

Gonçalo Amaral – Everything indicated that the body, after having been at a certain location, was moved into another location by car, twenty something days later. With the residues that were found inside the car, the little girl had to have been transported inside it.

How can you state that?

Due to the type of fluid, we policemen, experts, say that the cadaver was frozen or preserved in the cold and when placed into the car boot, with the heat at that time [of the year], part of the ice melted. On a curb, for example, something fell from the trunk’s right side, above the wheel. It may be said that this is speculation, but it’s the only way to explain what happened there.

If the body was hidden in the beach area first, was it always out of reach for the searches?

The beach was searched at a time when it is not known whether the body was still there. Using dogs, but sniffer dogs have limitations, like the salted water, for example. Later on, it may have been removed.

“We should have done phone tapping”

Correio da Manhã – Did you feel political pressure during the investigation?

G.A. – Inhibition. One of the mistakes was that we did not advance on this group with everything that legally was within our reach: Tapping, surveillance. It was necessary, for example, to recover the clothes that the little girl was wearing when she left the crèche to go home. There, we thought: if we go, it will immediately be said that we suspect the parents. That inhibition happened throughout time.

And that led you towards the abduction.

We had to prove that there was no abduction, in order to focus on those persons afterwards…

How does the pressure appear?

Right on the morning of the 4th of May, with a consul calling the embassy and saying that the PJ wasn’t doing anything. Then an ambassador. Next, an advisor and the English prime minister.

“Payne is the last one to see her”

Correio da Manhã – When do testimonies concerning David Payne’s behaviour indicating sexual practices with minors arrive?

Gonçalo Amaral – In May. Something went wrong with that group during a holiday: David Payne made revealing gestures concerning behaviour towards children. Even towards Maddie. We asked for information but it arrived after the 26th of October. They sent the information without giving it any importance.

What exactly did arrive?

A couple of doctors spent holidays in Mallorca, in 2005, with David Payne, the McCanns and another couple. The lady says she saw Payne with his finger in his mouth, making a movement in and out, while rubbing his nipple with the other hand. And he was talking about Maddie, next to her father. Those statements should have been given a different treatment by the police. It was relevant to access the information, about doctors, who are just as credible as anyone else.

What else remains unclear concerning David Payne?

He will be the last one to see Maddie alive after 5.30 p.m., when she leaves the crèche. He meets Gerry playing tennis and asks him about Kate and the children. Gerry answers that they are in the apartment and he goes there. He returns 30 minutes later. Kate says it was 30 seconds. There is something not quite right here.


The evidence and the results of the case

“Arriving this far, it is important to make a deductive summary about this case. Which means, to reject what is false; to set aside what cannot be proved, because it is insufficient; to consider as valid and certain what has been proved.

What is proved


1. The abduction theory is defended by Maddie’s parents since the first moment;

2. Within the group, only her parents stated that they observed the open window in the missing girl’s bedroom; the majority cannot witness it faithfully because they arrived at the apartment after the alarm was raised;

3. The only statement outside of the group that mentions the open window and the raised shutters comes from Amy, one of the Ocean Club’s nannies, who points her observation towards 10.20/10.30 p.m., which is some time after the alarm was raised and does not prove that it was open like that at the time when the crime happened;

4. The set of depositions and witness statements exposes a high number of imprecision, incongruence and contradictions – which, in some cases, may be typified as false testimonies. In particular, the key statement for the abduction theory, from Jane Tanner, which loses all credibility due to the fact that it successively evolved throughout various moments in time, becoming ambiguous and disqualifying itself;

5. There is a cadaver that has not been located, a conclusion that is validated by the English EVRD and CSI dogs and corroborated by the preliminary lab test results.

Certainties until October

“For me, and for the investigators that worked with me on the case until October 2007, the results that we reached were the following:
1. The minor Madeleine McCann died in apartment 5A at the Ocean Club, in Vila da Luz, on the evening of the 3rd of May 2007;
2. An abduction was simulated;
3. Kate Healy and Gerald McCann are suspected of involvement in the concealment of their daughter’s cadaver;
4. Death may have resulted from a tragic accident;
5. There is indicia of neglect in the guard and safety of the children.”

“Decisive diligence was never carried out”

“The Smith family [Irish witnesses] is available to make a formal recognition. We had already contacted the Smith family, from Ireland, whose patriarch was prepared to travel to the Algarve, to give a new statement and for a formal recognition […] following the recognition that he had made on television of the man who on the 3rd of May, in Vila da Luz, walked towards the beach carrying a little girl, a little girl that they had recognized as being Madeleine McCann.

The man that the Smith were talking about was, with a high degree of certainty, Gerald McCann, who they had seen on the English television news, on the day that the McCann couple returned [on their definitive trip] to the United Kingdom. That man that came down the airplane stairs and walked on the asphalt, carrying a child, was apparently the same man who, on the evening of the 3rd of May, walked into the direction of the beach, carrying Madeleine, who seemed to be deeply asleep.

When the situation was presented to the National Director of the Polícia Judiciária [Alípio Ribeiro at that time], he agreed with what was being suggested to him, [namely] the coming to the Algarve, at our expenses, of the elements of the Smith family that were able to testify the facts.”

McCanns erased all the telephone calls

The calls on the couple’s mobile phones were erased, with the exception, in Kate’s case, of a call from her husband at 11.17 on that night of the 3rd of May, minutes after the disappearance was known. But this call is not registered on the mobile phone that belongs to Gerry, who erased all the phone calls of that day, presumably after he called Kate at that time. This fact, that was never clarified in terms of its motivation, intrigued the investigators.

Source: Correio da Manhã

Gonçalo Amaral: Excerpts from The Truth of the Lie

Excerpts of the book “The Truth of the Lie"

P. 11 “This book appears out of the necessity that I felt of putting back my good name that was vilified in the public domain without the PJ has allowing me to stand up for myself ”.

P. 19 “The mistake was that we treated the couple 'with tweezers'. They were treated with privileges. It is that, that is not normal”.

P. 26 “It seems that the Judiciary Police is a ‘stepmother’ [Portuguese expression, meaning the PJ as an institution was never good to its officers] with its servants, it never knew how to defend them ”.

P. 38 “It was pertinent to know if Madeleine was the biological daughter of the couple McCann, the information requested does not arrive, but the English ambassador is already arriving. It is not normal this preoccupation of the English diplomacy ”.

P. 48 “A hand print was found in the balcony window at the rear [of the apartment]. It was corresponding to one of the police elements ”. (protocol of proceedings is lacking)

P. 54 Sightings: “Kate appears bored because of having being obliged to return and bothered with the speed reached by the police car We found strange that she didn’t show signs of hope with the possibility of the girl being recovered ”.

P. 67 “The PJ should have had persons to analyse all the news, being preoccupied by what the parents and friends would say to the public opinion. What did not happen ”.

P. 68 “It is not usual that common citizens, to whom a daughter just had disappeared, nominate press advisers”

P. 71 “The English service secret already had, after the facts, the couple and the group of friends under surveillance. If that was right such an information was never accessed by the Portuguese police”

P. 81 “The medical registries (of Madeleine) requested with insistence were not given to us, due to great difficulties raised in England”. P. 92 Attempt of extortion "Gerry McCann was sucking casually one lollipop while he was reading banalities in sites of the Internet and was talking about rugby and football with one of the English police officers.” Sentence of the English police officers “Do not forget that he starts cutting people in half shortly afterwards of the breakfast”.

P. 165 “There were signs of death in the apartment. It was concluded that that cadaver odour could only came from Madeleine McCann”.

P. 168 “The toy had cadaver odour”

P. 214 Conclusions “Madeleine died in the apartment 5 A on the 3rd of May of 2007 A simulation of kidnapping took place Kate and Gerry are suspected of corpse's occultation [hiding the cadaver]The death might have happened as a result of an accident There are signs of negligence in the safe keeping and security of the children”

Source: SIC (Portuguese TV Channel)

“The Truth of the Lie”: Release of Gonçalo Amaral’s Book on the Maddie Case

The book “The truth of the Lie ", which promises controversial revelations on the Maddie case, is launched tomorrow. The SIC reveals today the first excerpts. The work has the signature of the man who directed great part of the investigations but ended up being removed. The lawyer of the couple McCann, Rogério Alves, said to the SIC that he does not comment fiction.

Gonçalo Amaral says that he wants “to put back the good name that was vilified in the public domain" without the Judicial Police allowing his own defence.

In the first pages of the work, the author highlights since then the unusual treatment given to the couple McCann, which in the words of the inspector were treated with "tweezers".

Much was spoken also about the attitudes of Gerry and Kate McCann and Gonçalo Amaral reports several situations in which he found the coldness of the couple strange facing the tension of the investigations.

In one of the situations the inspector speaks about the mother of the child, Kate, who before the possibility to find the daughter appears bothered with the speed reached by the car of the police. [This was after a new information of a possible sighting of Madeleine was given to the police, the mother instead of being anxious looked annoyed with the entire situation]

In another case it was the father who aroused the attention of the inspectors: in the middle of a negotiation, with a possible kidnapper, the doctor “was sucking casually one lollipop while reading banalities in sites of the Internet and talking about rugby and football with one of the English police officers.”

Gonçalo Amaral believes that "Madeleine died in the apartment 5A of the Ocean Clube, on the 3rd of May of 2007, but he does not discard the hypothesis of having been accidental".

Contacted by SIC, Rogério Alves, he refused to comment on the book by Gonçalo Amaral. “While lawyer of the family McCann, I only comment reality, I do not comment fiction", said the lawyer.

Excerpts of the book “The Truth of the Lie "

P. 11
“This book appears out of the necessity that I felt of putting back my good name that was vilified in the public domain without the PJ has allowing me to stand up for myself ”.

P. 19
“The mistake was that we treated the couple 'with tweezers'. They were treated with privileges. It is that, that is not normal”.

P. 26
“It seems that the Judiciary Police is a ‘stepmother’ [Portuguese expression, meaning the PJ as an institution was never good to its officers] with its servants, it never knew how to defend them ”.

P. 38
“It was pertinent to know if Madeleine was the biological daughter of the couple McCann, the information requested does not arrive, but the English ambassador is already arriving. It is not normal this preoccupation of the English diplomacy ”.

P. 48
“A hand print was found in the balcony window at the rear [of the apartment]. It was corresponding to one of the police elements ”. (protocol of proceedings is lacking)

P. 54
“Kate appears bored because of having being obliged to return and bothered with the speed reached by the police car We found strange that she didn’t show signs of hope with the possibility of the girl being recovered ”.

P. 67
“The PJ should have had persons to analyse all the news, being preoccupied by what the parents and friends would say to the public opinion. What did not happen ”.

P. 68
“It is not usual that common citizens, to whom a daughter just had disappeared, nominate press advisers”

P. 71
“The English service secret already had, after the facts, the couple and the group of friends under surveillance. If that was right such an information was never accessed by the Portuguese police”

P. 81
“The medical registries (of Madeleine) requested with insistence were not given to us, due to great difficulties raised in England”.

P. 92
Attempt of extortion
"Gerry McCann was sucking casually one lollipop while he was reading banalities in sites of the Internet and was talking about rugby and football with one of the English police officers.”

Sentence of the English police officers “Do not forget that he starts cutting people in half shortly afterwards of the breakfast”.

P. 165
“There were signs of death in the apartment. It was concluded that that cadaver odour could only came from Madeleine McCann”.

P. 168
“The toy had cadaver odour”

P. 214
“Madeleine died in the6 apartment 5 A on the 3rd of May of 2007
A simulation of kidnapping took place
Kate and Gerry are suspected of corpse's occultation [hiding the cadaver]
The death might have happened as a result of an accident
There are signs of negligence in the safe keeping and security of the children”

Goncalo Amaral: "It is not a declaration of innocence"

Portuguese ex-police chief says Maddie decision 'rushed': report

LISBON (AFP) — The former head of Portuguese Police on Tuesday criticised the decision to close the inquiry into the disappearance of missing toddler Madeleine McCann saying it had been taken too quickly, a report said.

"A case of disappearance of a minor cannot be closed, for a lack of evidence, so soon after the tragedy," said Alipio Ribeiro in a report by the daily Diario Economico.

"A rushed closure can be harmful... perhaps definitively, to subsequent clarification," said the former director of the Portuguese national police.

It would "have perhaps been more sensible" to have lifted the arguido (suspect) status of those formally named in the case while continuing to pursue the inquiry in other directions, he added.

Meanwhile, the retired senior detective who led the investigation said the decision to close the case did not mean Madeleine's parents, medical doctors Kate and Gerry McCann, had been cleared.

"It is not a declaration of innocence," said Goncalo Amaral who was sacked from the investigation last October for criticising British Police.

The authorities "are not saying that they are innocent," added Amaral who is due to publish a book this month.

In his book, due to be published this month, Amaral has promised to give "facts" to back up his conviction that Madeleine "died in the apartment" rented by her parents.

Madeleine McCann went missing in May 2007, days before her fourth birthday, from the holiday flat in the Portuguese resort of Praia da Luz as her parents dined at a nearby restaurant.
On Monday, Portuguese authorities closed the investigation and lifted the "suspect" label from her parents and British property consultant Robert Murat due to lack of evidence. Murat last week accepted six-figure libel damages from several newspapers over allegations he was involved in her disappearance.

article here

"It is not a declaration of innocence" - Gonçalo Amaral

“The Attorney General does not say that they are innocent”

Former investigator of the Judiciária promises facts that help to solve the crime

The archiving of the process “is not a declaration of innocence” about Maddie’s parents, Gonçalo Amaral reminded the CM yesterday. “The Attorney General’s Office does not say that they are innocent” and the former senior officer from the Judiciária in the case investigation, who was convinced of Kate and Gerry’s guilt since the beginning, for covering up the death, expects it “to be reopened at any moment”. The now retired coordinator knows what the PJ lacked to solve the crime, but points towards the clues in his book, ‘Maddie – The Truth about the Lie’, which is to be presented on Thursday.

link to Joana's article here

Kate and Gerry McCann: Abuse of Power: Spudgun's Plea to Editors

Letter to Editors from Spudgun:

Dear Mr. Editor,

I'm quite sure that you are very busy, organising your hacks and other staff, clearing away space on the front pages of your newspapers to make way for tomorrows joyous headlines, not to mention the inevitable pull out and keep 10 page insert guide, explaining the tragic chain of events that have had to be endured by Saint Gerry & Kate of Rothley.

Bungling/Boozy/Inept/ Sardine Munching Porto Plods finally admit defeat!! The agony goes on for our Kate & Gerry. Vindicated at last!!

Just some, I am CERTAIN, of the headlines that we will all be reading about in the next couple of days. Readers will then be subjected to innumerable column inches over the coming weeks, with poignant articles from Richard Madely, Amanda Pearson, Carol Malone et al, explaining how they had all been there for our illustrious golden couple, supporting them in their hour of need, joining forces to combat and admonish those vile evil whisperings that were emanating along the corridors of certain internet forums and blogs.

No doubt, celebs agents are already in negotiation with tabloid editors, all lining up to prepare their clients to express their solidarity by way of exclusive interviews, as a parent myself, I can't imagine what hell they have had to go through by the way, my new book, which is out this Monday.....

Who knows? Almost certainly an OBE or two will be in the pipeline, especially if the McCanns are allowed to take credit for the European AMBER ALERT.

Clarence Mitchell will almost certainly be given greater impetus, either directly or otherwise, to organise the Government's Media Monitoring Unit, to clamp down and to CLOSE down those websites and bloggers that influence sufficient numbers of people to be potentially detrimental to New Labours diktats, (as he did the MIRROR Forum).

Tony Parsons, will undoubtedly have accrued sufficient soundbites to keep his Mirror column going for the next 2 years.

But, Mr. Editor, just before you fall asleep at night in your bed, having finished the proof reading to your simpering, sycophantic, subservient homage to Clarence Mitchell's release, please give a little thought to the following:-

Irrespective of what the Portuguese announce on Monday, the 20th July, there are a number of serious issues and questions which, FAR from being answered, have actually never been ASKED.

It may very well please you and whoever is dictating your editorial policy to perpetually vilify and BLAME the Portuguese authorities, their police or even their subjects for every aspect of the Madeleine McCann tragedy, but that would not explain, in any way, the following:--

The suspicions surrounding the McCanns and their possible involvement in the disappearance of their daughter arose, NOT because the Policia Judiciaria were inept and clueless, but because the McCanns made inaccurate statements, from the outset. Inaccurate statements about their movements, the movements of their friends, inaccurate statements about the state and condition of how they found the apartment and the shutters, inaccurate statements about what they discovered and discussed.

We know that they made inaccurate statements because what they said directly contravened and countered what the other stated, as well as what some of their friends stated. And they can't ALL have been correct. Inaccurate statements, Lies or omissions?

Likewise, it wasn't the 'bungling Porto plod' who strongly suspected or suggested that Madeleine may have died in the apartment.

It was a couple of British dogs. Specialist canines, who have a LONG and proven history and success rate in determining and locating the precise areas of residual tissue and and materials relating to cadavers. Specialist dogs who are currently proving to be both CRUCIAL and instrumental in unraveling the ongoing horrors being unearthed at Haut de la Garenne in Jersey.

Not, I am sure, that you will give much credence or space to their findings in Portugal, but HOW would you propose to explain away their behaviour in Praia da Luz, in the apartment, on Kate McCanns clothes and belongings? Having a bad day? Inconclusive? The fact that it is not wholly admissible in a Court of Law?

And what about that car boot sample? The Birmingham FSS, the acknowledged, finest Forensic science laboratory in the world? Martin Brunt is STILL on the Sky News website video, reporting a 100% DNA Match to Madeleine McCann. Was he misinformed? Contaminated sample? Mistaken Process? Total fabrication? We may never know, especially given that the British authorities are fighting to ensure that particular aspect of this case remains secret. (Have you ever asked yourself why?, Mr. Editor, or are you simply not permitted to question Mr. Mitchells rhetoric?)

Are you also, Mr.Editor, going to lambast those bungling, inept, incapable LEICESTERSHIRE police, who were also widely reported as concurring, and in some cases even SUGGESTING, that Madeleine died in the apartment on that first night in May?

'Licentious, lacklustre, Leicester Police loonies!' doesn't quite have the same ring to it, does it Mr.Editor?

Friends in high places? Curious RICH associates and backers, underhand Government assistance? Prime Ministerial blessings, chats and advice?. Papal divine intervention, European and world leaders hob-nobs?. It's all there Mr. Editor. Enough material to sell a billion Sunday journals. So why no interest?

You see, Mr. Editor; I don't really know what happened in Praia da Luz in May of last year. I don't know why, how or when. I wasn't there. Neither were you. We can only listen to those that are either close to, or aligned to, the proceeding in question.

It boils down to who and what you want to believe. I am reminded of Herman Goering. He once stated, "it's always a simple matter to drag the people along whether it's a democracy, a fascist dictatorship, a parliament, or a communist dictatorship. Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy". How right he was.

I realised just how right he was when George Bush convinced the majority of his people that Saddam Hussein had a hand in 9/11, just before he embarked on the massacre of an estimated 600,000 Iraqi men, women and children, just so that Halliburtons could procure the rich oil fields; (FAT lot of good THAT did with the current oil price, but I digress.)

What I particularly hate about that atrocity, is that the British went ahead and held his hand while he did it. Only at least Blair gave the British people SOME credit. He knew we wouldn't buy the 9/11 angle, so he made up the WMD's story, inventing documents, dossiers and 'intelligence' as he went along.

Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy.

Charles de Mendez? We would know for sure, exactly what happened to him, poor chap, were we to examine the countless surveillance video of the event. Except, for some reason, we can't. Because the tape is apparently damaged or lost, or the cameras malfunctioned or were facing the wrong way or were broken or vandalised. Or all of the above.

And of course, when Neil Mackay sensationally reported in 2003 that 'senior members' of the Labour Government were being investigated for 'pedophilia and the "enjoyment" of child-sex pornography', as part of the infamous 'Operation Ore', Tony Blair very quickly and effectively served a DA NOTICE on the press and media, banning details of these matters being reported. A ban that still stands today. A sublime example of how a Government and its press can lie, mislead and fool its people.

Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy.

So, you see, Mr. Editor. You will have to forgive me if I choose not to believe a single word that your paper publishes on the Madeleine Mccann case.

You will have to excuse me if I do not join in the rejoicing and celebrations when the illustrious couple are exonerated , nor contribute to their inevitable NEW fund to help them 'find their daughter'.

Because, although it may be ultimately true that there is insufficient evidence to prove the culpability of the McCanns in the disappearance of their daughter, there is most definitely AMPLE and OVERWHELMING evidence that the authorities of this country do not wish for the truth to ever come out.

BUT; if there IS a god, and the leaders who presided over this debacle and cover up ever have to stand and atone before him, then rest assured that their minions:- the paltry, gutless, servile cowards who spread their lies and diktats in their respective newspapers, will have to atone also.

That's YOU, Mr. Editor.

Perhaps you'd care to dwell on that point before you fall asleep tonight.

That, and the image of a precious, angelic and innocent little girl for whom, with your able assistance, Justice was denied

Godbless, Madeleine. Wherever you may be.

The REAL Madeleine McCann story by Spudgun

Court 'vindicates' McCann suspect

Madeleine McCann suspect Robert Murat has accepted a £600,000 settlement from 11 British newspapers in a libel claim.

Mr Murat told the BBC in an exclusive interview that the court award represented a "vindication".

He said the more than 100 articles and sensational headlines about him had caused the "total and utter destruction" of his life.

Mr Murat said: "I would have preferred to have not gone through it, than had to get to this stage."

He said an apology from the papers allowed him to "rebuild his life".

"I have to live my life knowing that I was linked to this situation but with a strong family I do have a future, I do feel I have a future - now which direction that takes me in I don't know. At this moment I have no idea."

Full article here
Full court judgement here

NHS Cardiologist Dr Gerry McCann & NHS GP Kate McCann

"Whoever Madeleine's with she'll be giving them her tuppence worth."
Kate McCann

Looking for Maddie in their colour coordinated clobber. Not.

Still looking for Maddie. Not.

How about now?

"We're good parents, not suspects."
Kate McCann

The Marketing Ploy
"The iris is Madeleine's only true distinctive feature. Certainly we thought it was possible that this could potentially hurt her or the abductor might do something to her eye. But in terms of marketing, it was a good ploy."
Gerry McCann

"We want a big event to raise awareness that she is still missing, It wouldn’t be a one-year anniversary, it will be sooner than that."
Gerry McCann (June 3, 2007)

Gerry McCann and his Flip Chart of the Wider Agenda
"After 5 or 6 weeks things went very quiet and I was actually quite glad of that, we could get back to a more normal existance and a quieter form of campaigning... broader political issues, etc."
Gerry McCann

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Richard D. Hall: 'When Madeleine Died?'
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