Kate and Gerry McCann Secure “Unprecedented” Libel Success

This is a section from an article from Carter-Ruck's website link

"In what is acknowledged to have been one of the most high-profile libel complaints in living memory, Kate and Gerry McCann, whose daughter Madeleine was abducted from their holiday apartment in Portugal in May 2007, have received unprecedented front-page apologies from four national newspapers, together with £550,000 in libel damages.

The Daily Express and Daily Star, together with their Sunday sister papers, had between them published over a hundred articles which suggested – entirely falsely – that Mr and Mrs McCann were responsible, or at least strongly to be suspected of being responsible, for the death of Madeleine and had then disposed of her body; and that they had then conspired to cover up their actions, including by creating “diversions” to distract the police away from evidence which would expose their guilt.

Following the publication of a number of libellous articles by the newspapers in question in the early autumn of 2007, representatives of the McCanns had contacted the editors to send a ‘shot across the bows’, in the hope that they would adopt a more responsible attitude to their reporting. Indeed, the newspaper coverage of Madeleine’s disappearance became the subject of such concern that Leicestershire police themselves contacted a number of media outlets requesting that they show greater restraint. Notwithstanding this, the Daily Express, Daily Star, Sunday Express and Daily Star Sunday continued to publish numerous grossly libellous articles, many on the front pages of the newspapers and accompanied by lurid headlines.

Mr and Mrs McCann approached Carter-Ruck to bring complaints to the editors of the newspapers, who were forced to acknowledge that the allegations they had published were utterly baseless."

And here's a few "utterly baseless" links:
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