Analysing a crime scene. Apartment 5A

Chapter 11 - Analysing a crime scene. Apartment 5A

- routine meetings between the investigators include the presence and the participation of English colleagues from Leicestershire, as well as José Freitas, a senior official from Scotland Yard, who is a British citizen, a descendant of Portuguese immigrants from Madeira

- this particular meeting is dedicated to analyse the photographic report that was made inside apartment 5A on the evening of the facts

- the first thing that jumps out is the ‘tidiness’ of the bedroom where Madeleine and her twin siblings were supposedly asleep. no signs of an abductor in the access to the bedroom window

- windowsill is 91 cms above the floor, a bed is placed against the wall, with signs of someone who slept in it. a wicker chair stands against the far wall. no markings of shoes on the chair, or on the bed

- conclusion: the window was not used for anything, or there were 2 abductors, one on the inside and one on the outside

- bedroom window is protected by a shutter on the outside. on the inside, an opaque curtain that reaches until the top of the windowsill, and two side curtains, that reach until the floor, with embraces. all the curtains are pulled towards the window centre, not covering it entirely

- the embrace on the right hand side lies on the floor, between the bed’s feet and the wicker chair, which is pushed against the curtain on the right. the embrace on the left side is hanging from the wall bracket, the left curtain is ruffled, making it look like someone pulled it close in a hurry

- none of the curtain’s embraces is in its normal position, suspended on the wall

- Kate says that when M was noticed missing, the curtains were completely closed, i.e. they would have been closed by the parents and the eventual abductor would have positioned them in that manner, in order to facilitate his passage through the window
- the embraces could only have landed in the position in which they were found, when the curtains were pulled shut. other possibility: the curtains were open and were taken out of that position after the disappearance. an abductor would not have wasted time with that; this action is more coincident with an intentional change of a crime scene
- other indicia pointing towards the change of the crime scene would surface

- the bed sheets and the position of the soft toy raised suspicions. bed looks like nobody slept there, soft toy is position symmetrically to the pillow, pink blanket is almost folded. father confirmed that the blanket and the soft toy were in that position when he went to check his daughter
- the two cots stand in the middle of the bedroom, making the movements of an adult rather difficult

- no bed sheets in the cots, only the mattresses; twins were taken out with sheets and everything, only woke up when they were taken into another apartment
- analysis of photographs of the living room: the sofa beneath one of the side windows is not in position, and the curtains of the window are pulled shut but rolled up and distorted
- the father would end up giving an explanation for the sofa’s position. the sofa was normally not pushed against the wall, but he pushed it against the wall because the children used to throw toys into the space behind the sofa while playing
- sofa may have played crucial role in the accident theory. if sofa was not pushed against the wall, M could have tried to access the window and fell between the sofa and the wall
- a digital camera is visible on the living room table, the investigators remark that they need the photos from that camera; they want to know what happened during the dinner, who sat where, what was eaten, what was drunk, who was close, what they were wearing, every detail
- the father dropped to his knees in front of the GNR officers when they arrived, made no sense as he is always under control - possibly to contaminate his trousers?
- in the couple’s bedroom, two beds are pushed together, a wide empty space between them and the wardrobe. one of the beds is made: nobody slept there

- empty space was apparently for one of the cots
- possible conclusions: the couple used to sleep in their bedroom with the twins, and M in the other bedroom; the children started sleeping all together in the other bedroom at some point; the spare bed in the children’s bedroom had been slept in; only one person slept in the couple’s bedroom; did the mother stop sleeping with the father and started sleeping with the children?
- not one single medicine was found, only a box of band-aids
List of inconsistencies - discussion at The 3 Arguido's

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