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6 Dead Bodies
6 Dead Bodies part 2
A joint investigation: Leicestershire Constabulary & PJ
Analysing the crime scene
Behind the smokescreen - list of inconsistencies
Cadaver and Blood Dog analysis
Cadaver in flowerbed
Cadaver smell

Can we reconstruct the last hours?
CASE FILES -Gerry McCann's interview 4/05/07
Chronology of Events Following May 3 Based on DE/SE Articles
Clarence Mitchell lied under oath at Leicestershire police station?
Clarence Mitchell tells the truth at last
COMARE and the government
David Payne
Debit/credit cards - Reply from Home Office
Digging of the roadworks


Dr David Kelly Cover Up (and the coincidences with the McCann case)
Duarte Levy talks to Amaral in Madrid
Duarte Levy: "there are only 2 ways to infiltrate pedophile ring"
Early and ongoing translation of Amaral's book
Eddie and Keela reports and stories
Establishment paedophilia - it happens!

Evidence Review
Evidence the McCanns have "deeply misled" the EU Parliament
Ex-Pats helping the McTeam cover-up?
Expresso Interview - 06.09.08
Final report of PJ
French Policeman's blog - fully translated
How to finance the defence indirectly?
Images speak louder than words
Interesting Interactions On The Airport Bus
Jane Tanner Liar Extraodinaire
Jane Tanner's statement
Jon Corner: Maddie was "SO BEAUTIFUL" with "SPECIAL QUALITY"
Judiciária “attentive” towards new evidence in the Maddie case
Justice for Madeleine Threads
Kate's Diary: Another mystery or is it a lie?
Kate's Diary: Another mystery or is it a lie?
List of inconsistencies
Logicman's 'Hoax Theory'
Ludicrous "facts" from UK press
Ludicrous: This, that and other stuff
Maddie not seen all afternoon according to anonymous Tapas 7
Maddie: "I'm scared, I'm scared"
Madeleine McCann: Ward of Court
Matthew Oldfield's first statement
McCanns relied heavily on others to care for their children - Portugal Resident 28/8/08
McCanns ripped Maddie's book
Messages of support for the PJ and Gonçalo Amaral
Most people would wonder why on Kates only trip to the flat to check the kids, she changed her clothes and then raised the alarm.
Mother ”known” – father ”uncertain/doubtful"
Oakley International Group
Ongoing translation of Amaral's book: The Truth of the Lie
Operation Ore - is this the reason?
PJ admits children were drugged
PJ Final Report
PJ planting evidence to frame the McCanns?
police statement threads and translations
Portuguese even had the Army searching for Maddie
PT 24Horas Kate's letter to P.Rebelo. Row on the 2nd May
Revealed: The real location of the Smith sighting
Scottish connections and the Rugby Training Camp
Search for the 'Predator'
Shame on the lot of them - hippychick
Some Mirror Forum archives
Stem Cells
The 48 Hour Rule
The Abductor and the cleaned apartment
The Portuguese Trojan Horse

The questions they didn't ask
The sleeping twins and the bruises
The stains on the wall
Ward case Brit Gov cover-up and deceit
We know you go on the "net" Kate, so can you ANSWER these?
Weapons of Mass Destruction and Madeleine
What was the real reason for destroying Maddie's book?