Tapas 9 (and other witness) statements

Catriona Baker's statement
David Payne's statement analysed by solicitor
Diane Webster's statement
Fiona Payne's statement
Gerry McCann's statement - 04/05/07
Jane Tanner's statement
Kate McCann - 04/05/07
Kids Club staff interviews
Lori Campbell
Matthew Oldfield's statement
Matthew Oldfield's statement analysed by solicitor
Matthew Oldfield 10th May statement
mccannfiles statement links
Najoua Chekaya, The aerobic instructor - short statement
Rachael Oldfield's statement
Russell O'Brien's statement - 04/05/07
Russell O'Brien's hearing 11/05/2007
Russell O'Brien's Rogatory interview
Statements so far for May 3rd evening
Transcript of Mr and Mrs Healy's televised interview
Triangulation - 3 statements, compare!
Why no transcript of Gerry McCann's police interview?

Update: a lot of these links now no longer work but all statements can be found on Maddie Case Files