The McCanns' Abuse of Power

Kate McCann's lawyer Carlos Pinto de Abreu: ''If you were Portuguese this would be enough to put you in prison.''

29 Aug 2018

Prime Suspects Ambassador for Missing People Kate McCann, and Professor at Leicester University Gerry McCann of Rothley, Leicester have committed some of the worst crimes against a child in recent British history

Kate McCann (Ambassador for Missing People) and Gerry McCann (Professor of Cardiology at Leicester University) both of Rothley, Leicestershire, have committed some of the worst crimes against a child in recent British history - and the UK Government and Police are letting them get away with it.

FACT: The Portuguese Supreme Court have deemed them NOT INNOCENT in the death of their child, Madeleine Beth McCann, and of concealing her corpse and faking her abduction. Kate and Gerry McCann KNOW that Madeleine is dead. They have NEVER searched for her, and the money they have taken from kind-hearted members of the public for pretending to search for her is FRAUDULENT. The Fund is FRAUDULENT.

FACT: Kate and Gerry McCann never co-operated with the Portuguese Police investigation. Kate refused to answer police questions. They, and their friends, refused to take part in an official reconstruction of the night they pretended Madeleine was abducted.

FACT: British sniffer dogs alerted to places and items concerned with the McCanns - and importantly to no other places or items. The alerts allow a short and tragic story to be told. Behind the sofa, on Kate's trousers, on cuddlecat, to a shelf in the parents' bedroom, where a blue tennis bag had been photographed, then in the boot of the car, and on the key fob. The sequence is not difficult to follow!

FACT: The Last Photo was not taken on Thursday 3rd May as the McCann's claim.
FACT: Kate and Gerry McCann accepted public donations that was intended to search for Madeleine but, instead, used it on legal fees for suing people who do not believe them. They took legal action against former Portuguese Police Inspector, Gonçalo Amaral, for eight years, forcing him to get divorced so they could seize his assets, breaking up his family of young children, making him homeless - legal action they ultimately LOST.

FACT: They have used YOUR money for paying their own mortgage.

FACT: Kate and Gerry McCann have lied to the POLICE in both countries, changed their fabricated stories in statements, have misled the UK media by planting false stories via their government-appointed spokesman, CLARENCE MITCHELL.

FACT: Kate and Gerry McCann are NOT INNOCENT of covering up the death of their own child in order to avoid an autopsy on Madeleine's body. Therefore, they are GUILTY of perverting the course of justice.

FACT: The UK government and Police are allowing this to happen by interfering in the Portuguese Police investigation.

Links: Dr Gerry McCann and Dr David Payne suspected of paedophilia

A report by Chief Inspector Tavares de Almeida to the Coordinator of the Criminal Investigation

Retired Police Superintendent, PeterMac's FREE e-book: 'What really happened to Madeleine McCann?'

Now, for the sake of justice for Madeleine Beth McCann, aged three, ask yourselves WHY this is being allowed to happen.  
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11 Jun 2018

How the angle of a pedophile ring was introduced in Maddie McCann's case and amplified by British Media

How the angle of a pedophile ring was introduced in Maddie's case and amplified by British Media

 Paulo Reis - Monday, 11 June 2018

The pedophile angle was introduced by the McCann couple in the case of Maddie’s disappearance, in their first comments about what could have happened to Madeleine. Kate McCann mentioned it, again, in her book, published in 2011. She “wrote of her fear that her daughter was kidnapped by a pedophile (...) She accused Portuguese police of covering up a series of child abuse cases before Maddy vanished”, according to “The Mirror”. In the first hours after she found Madeleine was missing, she thought immediately about that possibility: “When she was first stolen, pedophiles were all we could think about, and it ate away at us”, she said, on a interview with the “Daily Mail”.
I will give a hint about something I will have, with more detail, on my book, “The McCann’s War”. During my several stays (“undercovered”) at Praia da Luz, I managed to found how “Team McCann”, a very small group of experts (brought to Praia da Luz by Alex Wollfall, from Bell Pottinger) and the Press advisers of the parents of Madeleine, “feed” information to British journalists. I had a Honda CB 500, at the time, so I had some mobility and I was able to track the movements of a few British journalists.
Some of them, usually, stay at the terrace of a coffee-shop near supermarket Batista, close to Ocean Cub, in the afternoon. At night, they entertained themselves, until quite late, as I witnessed, mainly at a seaside bar and a disco, so they slept part of the morning. In the afternoon, they spend their time at the terrace having a couple of beers, surfing the net with their laptops and talking on their mobile phones. At the end of the afternoon, most of them drove out. I followed a few, several times, at a safe distance, taking precautions not to be detected, in my motorcycle.
In my book, I will explain, I detail, how “McCann Team” made possible that British journalists, one week after they arrived at Praia da Luz, the first time they went to Portugal, for most of them, were able to wrote stories quoting “Portuguese police sources”, when they had none, at all.  It was through that “system” that the pedophile angle and other topics were amplified in stories published by almost all British newspapers.
Alex Wolfall reading a Press Statement to journalists, at Praia da Luz
Talking about British Press, in my 37 years of working as a journalist, I read thousands and thousands of stories from British newspapers and news magazines, but not only since Madeleine’s case. Before that, I already had the habit to buy with regularity, a couple of English language newspapers, British and American, following the advice of a old and experienced colleague, when I started to work as a journalist, in 1981. He even told me that, if I was short of money, to try to buy at least “The Economist”, which he considered the best news magazine in the world.
Before I started to read British Press with regularity, my idea about British Media came from a story my late father told me. When he was a young sergeant, drafted to the Portuguese Army (1943), in the middle of II World War, censorship was very strict and strong, in the Portuguese Media, due to the sympathy of Salazar’s dictatorship for Mussolini, Franco and Hitler regimes. Late at nigh, in the headquarter of Infantry Regiment Nº5, in Oporto city, my father and a few trusted friends went to a barrack, far from the main dormitory and turn on a small radio, listening to Portuguese language broadcast of BBC, on short wave. “When BBC ‘talks’, the world listens, because they tell the truth”, was a phrase my late father said, when he told me this story.
So, let’s say I still have some mixed feelings about British Media. I read many good stories, investigative stories, in British newspapers, along the years. I also read the most unbelievable, fabricated and manipulated stories, made only to sell newspapers.

Looking at Maddie’s case coverage through the lens of UK journalists, over the past eleven years is precisely the subject of my book, “The McCann’s War”. I have made a first selection of around 120 stories published on British Press, ranging from the comic to the absurd, from the most chocking to the clearest evidence of “strange forces” working behind the scenes and I chose a few dozen to be published.
John Redwood second version of the text about Madeleine McCann case. Unfortunately, I didn’t' make a "screenshot" of the first version...
This is a good example (and also a preview of a story that will be in my book) that I referred on a post in my blog, on September 18, 2017. John Redwood, a MP conservative, on September 10th, published a post in his blog, “John Redwood's Diary” (the link at my blog, in this post, goes to a blank page, Redwood’s blog has this news Internet address). Any search in the new blog about McCann, Maddie or Madeleine, has no results. 
The tittle of the post from September 18, 2017, was: "The McCanns - plenty of theories, little evidence”.  He asked a couple of questions, like these: “Can they (the McCann) clear away any doubt over whether entry was forced into the holiday home? Were there no screams or disturbances as the little girl was taken? Did no-one see her at any point as she was carried away? How did the abductor timed the removal, given the fact that parents and friends were returning to keep an eye or ear open for the children?”
I was surprised, because it was the first time I saw a British politician to ask these uncomfortable questions addressed to Maddie's parents, so I kept the blog open in a separate window of my browser, and checked it, almost every half-hour. I had a feeling something will happen, soon. And it did. After around five hours, the blog just vanished and, a couple of hours later, it appeared again. The initial text was deleted and replaced by another one. In the new text, John Redwood changed the initial paragraphs and replaced them with this words:
"It is not usually wise to venture into questions of individual guilt or innocence. These are properly matters for the courts, not for politicians. I do so briefly today because I have never seen so much speculation and so many press stories, created by the spin doctors of the parents and by mysterious sources for the Portuguese authorities, when there is so little fact behind it all."
“The Portuguese side, after four months, seem to have decided that the little girl is dead and the parents were involved in the death. To prove this it would be helpful to have a body, and an autopsy which shows how she died (...) It demonstrates little police competence that this most closely watched couple was able according to sources to keep the body from police attention immediately after the disappearance, and then to move the body many days later."
After, he reproduced part of the initial text, but with a different conclusion: “This is a heart rending story. The two sides seemed determined to damage each other. The truth remains a casualty. Maybe the McCann should employ a private detective rather than a spin doctor, to find evidence of the abduction they are sure happened and the trail to her present whereabouts. In the meantime with so few facts it is difficult to say what happened, apart from understanding the grief that the loss of Madeleine is causing.”
May be somebody phoned Mr. John Redwood and “explained” him that his initial “approach” to Maddie’s case was not the best one for the future of his political career

7 Jun 2018

Madeleine McCann case: Sniffer-dogs, the campaign against Eddie and Keela and “Vanity Fair” story about Maddie

With thanks to Paulo Reis

Thursday, 7 June 2018

Sniffer-dogs, the campaign against Eddie and Keela and “Vanity Fair” story about Maddie

Judy Bachrach is a highly respected American journalist, a contributing-editor to “Vanity Fair”, a magazine of popular culture, fashion, and current affairs published by Condé Nast in the United States. I met her in Praia da Luz, in 2007. She found my blog, “googling” about the Madeleine McCann case, before going there, we got in touch and had dinner together.
It was a long dinner and Maddie’s case was almost the only subject. I told her everything I knew and had already published, gave her some “insights” and tips and called her attention to the way British Media was reporting the case. She wrote a long story, “Unanswered Prayers”, where she quotes me and has some flattering words, saying that I wrote a blog about Madeleine, and “with considerable authority”, as I seemed to have “excellent contacts in law enforcement”.
I read the story, few weeks after it was published. I saw it, a few days ago, during a net search, and read it again. I don’t how, but there is a detail that I missed completely, when I read it for the first time. Judy Bachrach wrote that “after Madeleine vanished, local residents actually used household pets under the guidance of police with drug-sniffing dogs” to try to find Madeleine. She quotes Robert Tucker, who runs a New York security firm, as saying that he knows a lot about detective work but could not imagine “why the police would want anyone bringing their pets to assist.”
This is amazing, for me. I never heard absolutely nothing about this detail. It is just a question of common sense, right? Does it make any sense, for anybody, for a common citizen with no police training, to ask for pet dogs to help track and follow the scent of a child that disappeared? Pet dogs are just not able to do that, at all. So, if this is a absolute nonsense for any common citizen, how could it be considered by a trained policeman?
She mentions that those pet dogs were used “under the guidance of police with drug-sniffing dogs”. So, there were already at Praia da Luz some K2 units. And that’s truth, they were called and were there around 2:00 am, coming from their headquarter at Portimão. Later, at 4:00 am, more K2 units were requested by the GNR post commander. How is it possible that policemen from a K2 unit, with specific training about using dogs to search for people and drugs, could ask locals to bring their pet dogs to help?
It does not surprise me that somebody gave this kind of information to Judy Bachrach, as so many absurd things have been said and written about the case. What surprises me a little bit is that a seasoned journalist like her didn’t asked to herself the same questions I asked in the previous paragraphs, when she got that information.
The dogs brought from Portimão were patrol dogs also trained to track people and drugs. But around 5:00 am, the territorial group commander of GNR forces, with authority over Algarve area, after being briefed about the situation, called a specialized unit of sniffer-dogs, based at Queluz, in the outskirts of Lisbon. Those were dogs specifically trained only to follow the scent of missing or disappeared persons. He asked them to send their teams to Praia da Luz. All of this information is available, in English, in the site “McCann: PJ Files”.
From Lisbon to Praia da Luz it’s more than 300 kilometers, so they arrived early in the morning – three policemen with four sniffer-dogs – and started the searches immediately. I think everybody remembers that Eddie and Keela looked like pet dogs. Eddie is a English springer spaniel, for example. Sniffer-dogs are not only German Shepherds or Belgian Malinois, the breeds commonly used as patrol dogs. But they can also be used as tracking dogs, if they are trained for that. They are both included in the list of the the 10 dog breeds with the best sense of smell, and they are well placed in the ranking (fourth and sixth place) of that website specialized in dogs.

I don’t know what kind of dog breed the special unit from Queluz uses. But they may have other breed than the German Shepherds or Belgian Malinois. Just like Eddie and Keela, the “wonder dogs” that had their own page at the South Yorkshire Police website. It’s curious that, since long time ago, the link I posted to that page goes to a blank page (*), but the address still visible is the same that included a kind of “diary” about those famous dogs:
Is it possible that the specialized K2 units, coming from Queluz, used the kind of breed that, like Eddie and Keela, are also common pet dogs? That someone saw those dogs with the police officers, made an absurd conclusion and gave that information to Judy Bachrach?
Anyway, “Unanswered Prayers” is a really good piece of journalism, very well-written, well  researched, with a lot of facts, interviews, comments and, as any good journalist must do, asks a lot of questions about the case. I wrote this post also as a friendly message to Judy Bachrach. Everybody is at risk of making mistakes in their job. We, journalists, may be in more “danger” of doing it, due to several characteristics of our work, like editors screaming and shouting, because we didn’t finished yet to write our story, putting a lot of pressure over us.
I, myself, made two mistakes, while reporting about this case, since 2007 – and one of those mistakes was really big, when I trusted (without checking it with other sources..) a information given to me by a colleague I knew for more than 20 years, older than me, with much more experience as a journalist and good contacts in UK, where he worked for a couple of years, also as a journalist.
(*) A search in the website of South Yorkshire Police about “dogs”, “sniffer-dogs”, “Eddie”, “Keela”, as no results. The page about the dogs was deleted, following the violent reaction of Gerry McCann, after Eddie and Keela gave incriminating indications against the couple, when they were brought to Praia da Luz. At the same time, some stories published in British newspapers said things like the reliability of those sniffer-dogs was similar to the flipping of a coin.
Before she was used in the McCann case, Keela was the “star” of a story published by “Daily Mail”, in 2005: “The police dog who earns more than the Chief Constable”, praising the outstanding capacity of the dog “sniff out the smallest samples of human blood - even after items have been cleaned or washed many times.” Martin Grime, the handler of Eddie, in a statement that is in the DVD files of the investigation of Madeleine’s disappearance, says that the dogs have been used in around 200 cases and never gave a “false alert”.

Martin Grime is also quoted on a story from BBC, that mentions a specific case, in Jersey, when “police suspected human remains were buried on the site of a former children's home (…) the springer spaniel was part of the specialist team brought in to investigate. Jersey Police said the seven-year-old dog located parts of a child's body even though they were buried under several inches of concrete.”
“The Sun”, on September 5th 2007, started the campaign against Eddie and Keela, with a story that quoted a unnamed “expert” who told the newspaper that “the dogs can identify traces of blood, but it's crazy to draw major conclusions just from what they find. Any evidence they find should be used as a starting point. It's madness just to rely on the findings of the sniffer dogs”, the so-called and unidentified “expert” said. The headline of “The Sun” was crystal clear: “It’s crazy to rely on animals”. It’s curious, almost comic, that the same newspaper had a story, on December 2005, about Keela, with the headline: “UK's No1 Sherlock Bones” (not available online).

After that story, also on September 2007, “The Telegraph” (page not available online) had a different story. “Kate and Gerry McCann's legal team has contacted American lawyers over a case where key sniffer dog evidence was thrown out of court in the hope that it may help them fight any charges that they were involved in the killing of their daughter”. McCann lawyers Angus McBride and Michael Caplan “consulted the legal team of Eugene Zapata, 68, who is accused of murdering his estranged wife Jeanette in 1976. But a judge ruled last month that the evidence was no more reliable than ‘the flip of a coin’ and could not be put before a jury”, wrote the newspaper.
Gerry McCann, on the sole interview he gave to a Portuguese newspaper, the weekly “Expresso”, was also very aggressive towards the capacity of the “wonder dogs”. Answering a question about what the the fact the the dogs found “traces of blood in the apartment and in the car”, he claimed that “no blood was found” and said “the evidence is worthless without being corroborated by forensic information. And they were not”.
He mentioned also that “the fragility of these dogs has been proven in a study conducted in the USA, about a man accused of murder. They had ten rooms, and in each they placed four boxes with vegetables, bones, trash. Some had human remains. They stayed there ten hours. Eight hours after they took the boxes out came the dogs. And the dogs missed two-thirds of the attempts. Imagine reliability when these dogs test an apartment three months after a child disappears”, he concluded.
So, Eddie and Keela had, on September 2007, a really dog’s life: one day, they were the best sniffer-dogs in the world, next day, they were no more reliable as the flipping of a coin.
Publicada por   Paulo Reis    em 11:34:00

9 May 2018

Madeleine McCann Disappearence Blog: Why I went undercover to Praia da Luz

Madeleine McCann Disappearence Blog: Why I went undercover to Praia da Luz: In 2007, I wrote in my blog “ Madeleine McCann Disappearance” that I went to Praia da Luz once. That is not truth. But this not exactly ...

4 May 2018

Criminal Profiler Pat Brown talks to Joshua Nevett (senior reporter @DailyStar) about Madeleine McCann and Operation Grange

Pat Brown

Well, I wasn’t misquoted, so I thank the reporter for that. But, as you can see, the actual point of my commentary was not included. Here is my total statement:

Joshua Nevett: I'd be interested to hear your perspective on the extra funds that have been given to Scotland Yard to pursue one “final line of inquiry”.

Pat Brown: Operation Grange has had seven years and more money than any missing child investigation to date and has not found Madeleine (dead or alive) nor does it appear they have come up with any solid leads. I hardly believe they need more money to follow up on just one particular lead as if it was suddenly the Holy Grail. It is more than odd that their investigation started with a remit to only investigate the crime as an abduction when, in fact, there is no evidence an abduction occurred. Furthermore, any proper review or investigation would start at the beginning and assume nothing; this means the parents should have been considered suspects until there was evidence to eliminate them. To date, the parents have not effectively been eliminated as participants in the disappearance of their daughter.

Joshua Nevett: Why do you think the Met Police have continued the investigation for more than a decade despite the lack of any major leads? It's seem disproportionate given the number of people that go missing every year.

Do you think the mystery of her disappearance will ever be solved? Why or why not?

Pat Brown: The Met DO have a major lead; it is the McCanns. However, the remit will not permit them to follow the top lead and IF the McCanns are indeed culpable in what happened to Madeleine, every other lead is fruitless and, therefore, seven years and a huge amount of taxpayer money has been wasted.

Even if the McCanns are not guilty of a crime other than neglect of their children, the amount of money spent on this one crime is outrageous especially considering that it isn't even a case that occurred within the UK and another police force has jurisdiction over it. Furthermore, if the McCanns were not involved, the only reasonable scenario would have have been a local child predator and Madeleine would almost surely have been dead within hours, meaning there would be no need of extensive worldwide searches or complicated investigations into child sex rings.

And why has this bizarre behavior of the Met police continued for seven years? I really don't know except to say that there was and is some political pressure that influenced this whole debacle.

17 Mar 2018

Madeleine McCann Disappearence Blog: Madeleine McCann may have died before May 3, 2007

Madeleine McCann Disappearence Blog: Madeleine McCann may have died before May 3, 2007: British researchers wrote to the Portuguese Public Prosecutor    A group of researchers, mostly British but also some Portuguese, has ...

Letter to the Portuguese Attorney General: The Disappearance of Madeleine McCann: New evidence of what happened to her

Portuguese Attorney General receives “new theory” in disappearance of Madeleine McCann

Many thanks to Natasha Donn and Paulo Reis

A team of independent investigators working over the last decade has come up with what it believes may have happened to Madeleine McCann.

It is independent of the official story. It doesn’t work to the accepted timeline and it doesn’t involve gypsies, blundering burglars, or Eastern European child smugglers.

Says a member of the investigating group, the theory has been run past professionals from all walks of life, time and again.
The team are convinced that this now needs to be seriously considered by the investigative authorities.

They have communicated their findings to British prime minister Theresa May, and the Metropolitan Police Commissioner Cressida Dick (click here), but the six-page letter laying out what they believe to be “credible evidence” appears to have changed nothing (although it was purportedly forwarded to the Grange ‘investigation team’).

A new letter, translated into Portuguese - containing all the research, and the “detailed file of evidence” on which it has relied - has now been sent to the Portuguese Attorney General as well as newspaper and website journalists in this country.

Said our source: “It is a question of hoping one of them will have the courage to undertake what no-one seems willing to conduct in the UK: a serious investigation into what really happened to Madeleine Beth McCann”.

This development comes just as the British Home Office is considering yet another request for funding of the Met’s long-running Operation Grange investigation.

Grange was opened in 2011 and has so far spent over £11 million investigating Madeleine’s disappearance against a backdrop of criticism, particularly over social media (click here).

As the Madeleine McCann Research Group waits to hear what develops from the 20-page letter - sent from the UK on March 6 and logged as received by the Attorney General’s office on March 12 - a leading member of the group said: “it is important that people follow this logically, and without preconceptions - however shocking the conclusion may seem”.

14 Oct 2017

Shame on 'Britain's finest police force' and Operation Grange, for spending millions of pounds on this farce and even greater shame for allowing innocent young children to be hounded and have their photographs in the world's media.

How many 'sightings' of Madeleine McCann have there been?

Potential sightings of the British three-year old total 8,685 across 101 countries and territories, a Freedom of Information request for the figures showed.

Many of the sightings were collated by Portuguese cops and stamped “NFA” – No Further Action – as they believed the youngster was dead, compounding the despair of parents Kate and Gerry.

Since May 2011 the Met police has collated reported sightings under Operation Grange.
Where have the 'sightings' of Maddie been?

1. ALGERIA: October 2008: A man reported he had seen a blonde girl with a British accent, who looked liked Madeleine, with a dark-skinned Algerian family who were “acting suspiciously”.

2. ANDORRA: Details not made public.

3. ARGENTINA: June 19, 2007: A man took a photo of a girl “identical” to Madeleine. Sighting later ruled out.

4. AUSTRALIA. July 26, 2015: A suitcase containing the skeletal remains of a fair-haired young girl was discovered next to a motorway in Wynarka, near Adelaide. Pathologists said she would have died in 2007. There was speculation that the body was Madeleine’s after a cop said it did not match descriptions of any missing children in that country. But the victim’s DNA did not match Madeleine’s.

5. AUSTRIA: July 2008: A couple at a hotel in St. Valentin claimed a girl resembling Madeleine cried “Help me!” in English as a man dragged her away.

6. AZORES: Details not made public.

7. BANGLADESH: Details not made public.

8. BELGIUM: May 14, 2007: A British man claimed he saw a child asleep on a train from Brussels to Antwerp and thought she looked drugged. The girl was with a balding, 6ft white man in his forties, who got off the train at Mechelen carrying her. British Police trawled CCTV footage but eventually ruled out the sighting.

9. BELIZE: Details not made public.

10. BOLIVIA: Details not made public.

11. BRAZIL: June 7, 2007: A man spotted Madeleine in an Ipanema cafe sitting with a man. He said she looked “sad” and did not speak to her male companion.
May 11, 2007: A man said he saw Madeleine at a book fair in Cinelandia Square, Rio de Janeiro. She was with a white woman and speaking English.

12. BRITISH VIRGIN ISLANDS: Details not made public.

13. BOSNIA: July 8, 2007: A British tourist believed he had seen Madeleine at the Roman Catholic shrine of Medjugorje. He said the little blonde girl he saw with a couple was “agitated and sobbing”. Police investigated and traced the girl, who was a local.

14. BULGARIA: May 26, 2007: Female Brit tourists saw Madeleine in a hotel in Sunny Beach with a man. When the girl took her sunglasses off the man told her to put them back on which she found suspicious. Madeleine had a defect in her right eye.

15. CAMBODIA: June 2014: Police travelled to the Southeast Asian country to quiz convicted paedophile Roderick Robertson about Madeleine.

16. CANADA: May 4, 2009: Distressed viewers inundated a Canadian TV station with calls after a blonde girl identical to Madeleine was shown singing with a choir on a news show. Private investigators studied the footage and ruled it out.

17. CANARY ISLANDS: June 27, 2007: Madeleine spotted in a Chinese restaurant in Playas De Las Americas eating with a “dark-skinned family”.

18. CHILE: Details not made public.

19: CHINA: July 3, 2007: A man spotted a tall, blonde girl who looked like Madeleine at Taipei Airport with two men. They were never traced.

20. COSTA RICA: Details not made public.

21. CROATIA: June 19, 2007: She was seen in Dubrovnik, laying on the floor “kicking and screaming” and yelling: “I’m never going to see them again.”

22. CUBA: Details not made public.

23. CYPRUS: October, 2012: A British couple and three children their flat in Ayia Napa after a neighbour alerted police that a girl with them was 'identical' to Madeleine. The family have never been traced.

24: CZECH REPUBLIC: Details not made public.

25: DENMARK: Details not made public.

26: DUBAI: May 31, 2007: A caller, claiming to be a UK barrister, told Portuguese police that Madeleine had been taken out of Portugal on a ship registered in Holland. The report was ruled out.

27: EGYPT: May 23, 2007: A British woman on a boat trip in Sharm El Sheik saw a blonde girl on another boat screaming at a man. Egyptian authorities investigated and ruled it out.
September 12, 2009: Maddie spotted at a hotel in Hurghada. Not traced.

28. ESTONIA: Details not made public.

29. FIJI: Details not made public.

30. FINLAND: Details not made public.

31. FRANCE: May 26, 2008: Seen in a restaurant in Montpellier by a student who shouted out 'Maddie' at which the girl looked up 'surprised' before a man with her 'bundled' her out.

32. FRENCH POLYNESIA: Details not made public.

33. THE GAMBIA: Details not made public.

34. GERMANY: May 31, 2007: Maddie was spotted in a car park in Offenburg.

35. GIBRALTAR: May 2007: A Brit couple said they saw a woman pushing a girl who looked like Madeleine in a trolley out of Marks & Spencer’s. They said they heard the girl shout: “You’re not my Mummy.” The woman replied: “Of course I am.”

36. GREECE: May 12, 2007: A girl resembling Maddie seen in a watch store in Milos.

May 17, 2007: Madeleine was spotted on an easyJet flight from Athens to London.

May 19, 2007: A girl resembling Maddie spotted in Athens, hitch-hiking with a man.

37. GUATEMALA: Details not made public.

38. HONG KONG: June 14, 2007: A woman said she saw Madeleine in a shopping centre but this was ruled out after police studied CCTV footage.

39. HUNGARY: Details not made public.

40. IBIZA: August 12, 2007: A woman saw a girl who had the same visible eye defect as Madeleine.

41. ICELAND: Details not made public.

42. INDIA: July 28, 2011. A British tourist was so convinced a girl in the northern city of Leh was Madeleine she took a photo of her. When it was shown to Kate and Gerry they said it was not her.

43. INDONESIA: Details not made public.

44. ISRAEL: Details not made public.

45. ITALY: June 17, 2007: A British man said he saw Maddie in Bari, walking along with a “large” lady.

46. JAPAN: Details not made public.

47. JERSEY: May 9, 2007: A woman in a park saw a man and a young blonde girl at the top of the slide. She thought it strange as there was no interaction between them all the time she was there. The man was Portuguese but spoke English. Police investigated but ruled it out.

48. JORDAN: Details not made public.

49. KENYA: July 24, 2007: A man saw a child who looked like Madeleine on an internal flight from KTC Wildlife Safari Park, Kichwa Tembo. She got off at the next stop and was never traced.

50. KOSOVO: Details not made public.

51. LAOS: Details not made public.

52. LATVIA: July 3, 2007: A man said she saw a blonde girl exactly like Madeleine holding a woman’s hand in the capital of Riga. He took a photo of her which was later ruled out.
July 20, 2007: A man spotted Madeleine, again in Riga.

53. LITHUANIA: Details not made public.

54. LUXEMBOURG: Details not made public.

55. MACEDONIA: Details not made public

56. MADAGASCAR: Details not made public

57. MADEIRA: May 16, 2007: Madeleine seen in a black car in Funchal.

58. MALAYSIA: Details not made public

59. MALTA: July 20, 2007: A couple staying in a hotel in St Julian’s saw a girl who looked like Madeleine screaming in the hallway. She was rushed away by a couple after guests came out to see what was going on.

60. MAURITIUS: Details not made public.

61. MEXICO: July, 2007: A man said he heard a little scream 'Help me, help me!' while visiting friends in Mexico City. He said she had blonde hair and spoke English. He flagged down a police car but they did nothing.

62. MONACO: Details not made public.

63. MONTENEGRO: June 15, 2007: Dr. Seamus Hegarty, a child educational specialist, said he saw a girl like Madeleine while at a conference in Budva.

64. MOROCCO: August 2007: In the town of Fnideq, A woman aged around 50 was spotted with a blonde girl who had a mark in her eye like Madeleine’s. The girl also had a dummy around her neck, not something usually seen in Morocco.

August 31, 2007: A British tourist took a snap of a local, dark-skinned woman walking with a young very blonde child tied to her back with a cloth. The little girl looked so like Madeleine even computer face- imaging experts said it was a match to her. British police scrambled to Morocco to find the girl but within hours news came back that it was a girl from a village in Rif mountains.

65. MOZAMBIQUE: May 26, 2007: A man saw Madeleine being driven in a 4x4 in Maputo by a man with no teeth. The witness took the number plate. Police traced the man and it was ruled out.
May 26, 2007. Another caller said he had seen Madeleine with a white man in the capital.

66. NEPAL: Details not made public.

67. NETHERLANDS: May 2007: Amsterdam shop worker Ana Stam, 41, claimed a little girl of three or four who said her name was “Maddie” asked her: “Do you know where my mummy is?”
Then she pointed to the couple she was with and told Ana: “They took me from my holiday.” Ana said the little girl was with a Portuguese man and woman. Ana reported her fears to police but nothing was done.

68. NEW ZEALAND: May 2007.: A girl there bore such a strong resemblence to Madeleine that police had to investigate whether she was her TWICE. After a photo of the girl went viral in March 2012 police interviewed her parents and said they believed she was their daughter.
A few months later police officers requested DNA tests from the girl, which finally ruled her out.

69. NORWAY: September 2007: Madeleine was seen at a cafe in Skarnes. She was with two smartly dressed men.

70. OMAN: Details not made public.

71. PANAMA: Details not made public.

72. PAPUA NEW GUINEA: Details not made public.

73. PARAGUAY: May 2016: Officers from Interpol and an anti-kidnapping elite squad went into action when British private eye Miraz Ullah Ali claimed earlier this year he had uncovered evidence Madeleine was being held in Paraguay. He said a woman was looking after her in the city of Aregua. There was a huge search there but nothing was found. He later said he was “mistaken”.

74. PERU: Details not made public

75. PHILIPPINES: Face-imaging computer experts have examined “dozens” of child abuse images beamed from the Philippines to identify if any are Madeleine.

76. POLAND: May 12, 2007. A medical student in Wroclaw saw a taxi with a young girl like Madeleine in it with a “tough looking” man.

77. PORTUGAL: May 23, 2007: A girl seen in Vilamoura had a mark in her eye like Madeleine has.

May 26, 2007. Girl seen being pushed by a man of Muslim appearance in Porto. The caller said when he reported it to Portuguese police they “laughed” at him.

78. REPUBLIC OF IRELAND: May 2007: A woman in Dublin told police she had seen a girl who looked like Madeleine getting on a bus with a man at Eden Quay. They got off at the city centre. CCTV images of the girl were studied and the sighting ruled out.

79. ROMANIA: Details not made public.

80. SERBIA: June 2, 2008: A man thought he saw Madeleine in the back of a car in Belgrade.

81. SEYCHELLES: Details not made public.

82. SINGAPORE: June 21, 2007: A woman saw a white couple in a sushi restaurant with a girl who looked like Madeleine.

83. SLOVAKIA: Details not made public.

84. SLOVENIA: Details not made public.

85. SOUTH AFRICA: In June 2007 police driving through Cape Town noticed two black men in a car driving with a young blonde child. When they stopped the vehicle the men grabbed the child and ran off towards Table Mountain. Cops gave chase but lost them. The incident was reported to Leicestershire Police as a possible sighting of Madeleine.

86. SPAIN: There have been numerous sightings of Madeline since she went missing including:
May 25, 2007: girl fitting her description in Puerto Banus in a bar with a woman. The child was wrapped in a blanket and crying.
July 11, 2007: A woman spotted “Madeleine” on a beach near San Pedro with a man of 50 who was rubbing sun lotion on her.

87. SRI LANKA: Details not made public.

88. SWEDEN: October 2009: A photo of a girl at a car show in Stockholm that appeared on a website led to Swedish police being inundated with calls that she was Madeleine. Face-mapping technology used by British police identified the girl as a possible match. Swedish police were unable to trace the girl.

89. SWITZERLAND: May 25, 2007: A family driving near the Gotthard tunnel were hit by an Alfa Romeo. The driver of the Alfa was a male aged between 30 and 40 with a pony tail. He kept getting out and 'nervously' checking the back door was locked. In the back was a small blonde girl wrapped in a towel.

90. SYRIA: Details not made public.

91. THAILAND: Details not made public.

92. TUNISIA: Details not made public.

93. TURKEY: May 25, 2007: A man saw a girl resembling Madeleine in a market in Istanbul with a dark-skinned woman who she was speaking English to.

94. UGANDA: Details not made public.

95. UNITED KINGDOM: February 20, 2008: A retired civil servant reported that a Portuguese couple who knocked on his door in Dorset had a blonde-haired child with them he was sure was Madeleine. The couple were never traced.

96.UKRAINE: Details not made public.

97. USA: July 25, 2007: A man at Disney World in Florida saw a girl on a Disney bus who looked like Madeleine. She was with a man in his mid-50s who treated the girl 'strangely' because he didn't speak to her at all during the journey.

98. URUGUAY: Details not made public.

99. VANUATU: Details not made public.

100. VENEZUELA: May 2008: Brit Trevor Francis said he saw a girl like Madeleine with a blemish in her eye on the Island of Margarita.

101. VIETNAM: July 2007: Madeleine spotted in Vietnam, but the report to police had so few details they were unable to act on it.

According to Eddie and Keela, Madeleine was in Portugal all along - apartment 5a of the Ocean Club to be precise. Madeleine's parents' apartment, to be even more precise.

Shame on 'Britain's finest police force' and Operation Grange, for spending millions of pounds on this farce and even greater shame for allowing innocent young children to be hounded and have their photographs in the world's media. 

9 Oct 2017

**NEWS FLASH** Ex-Portuguese PM Jose Socrates (Gordon Brown's partner in crime) to face trial ready for PROSECUTION for CORRUPTION.

**NEWS FLASH** Jose Socrates to face trial ready for PROSECUTION for CORRUPTION.

[Joana Almeida JORNALECONOMICO 8th Oct]

Head Line: Prosecutor seizes Jose Socrates properties and banks accounts.

The seizure of his assets occurred after the DCIAP ( Department of investigation and criminal proceedings. ) had discovered that the ex-PM illegally received 32 million euros from the State and now it has to be compensated.
Apart from the properties, the State will ask for the rest of the money ( around 15 million euros) from Socrates Switzerland account.

The Prosecutor ordered the seizure of 3 houses and a large farm belonging to the ex-PM after he concluded that Socrates illegally received 32 million as part of Operation Marques, the assets will be kept as a guarantee in case he gets condemned. 

The 3 houses were sold by Socrates mother to his friend Carlos Santos Silva and the farm is under the name of Sofia Favs, Socrates ex-wife. Also, all of Carlos Santos Silva accounts were seized. 

As part of OM, Socrates is accused of the practice of eventual crimes of CORRUPTION fiscal fraud, money laundering, wrongful receipt of an advantage, forgery, INFLUENCING peddling. 


The case started in July 2013, Socrates was arrested on November 12th, 2014 and served 10 months in preventive prison.

The accusation will be ready for PROSECUTION next week.

[Translated by abscam member Pamela Copetta Ossandón many thanks ]

THE McCann case is closed - until as Gonçalo Amaral tells us (and believe it he knows more than us)
''When there will be political courage, it will be solved".

LOW AND BEHOLD his prayers have been answered THE PORTUGUESE parliament have thrown a massive cover-up to one side, and have charged the former Prime Minister Jose Socrates, with CORRUPTION and more important he use this position of trust by the Portuguese people, to sell the INFLUENCE it brings I think we can say, Sócrates, was pressured in IMO by the UK to release the McCanns.

BECAUSE he had accepted bribes from a UK company the trial will show all this has massive ramifications on the case, this is a game changer, think about it's like GORDON BROWN being arrested!

The corruption is being bought out into the open, despite national interests, the TRUTH and Justice is being put in front of national interests, ask yourself have we the UK ever done this? this shows us the Portuguese wind of change means they will not be scared to PURSUE the McCanns if they want to, if Sócrates, DECIDES TO TELL ALL WHICH HE MIGHT TO GET A SHORTER SENTENCE

FOR TEAM McCann its one disaster after another.

The case again GA totally lost they own 500k over this, the Portuguese high court has told them are still, the prime suspects, operation Grange has been exposed as a sham, public opinion is demanding it's closed or they interview the tapas nine, their accountants on the fund has pulled out no longer willing to put their name to the accounts, MSM are doing their best in mind of super-injunctions to leak the truth, in fact, the truth is now bubbling to the surface, the game is up ! Rome is burning CM might be still playing his violin of spin, but to no avail, this is the beginning of the end Sócrates WILL LAY BARE the cover-up, what will be left nothing but a word ABDUCTION, Gonçalo Amaral has many friends in the police, the media and the political world is this as he said....
''When there will be political courage, it will be solved".

Brown vs Sócrates. Someone with power can attempt to influence other people to listen to him or to do things for him, here we see PM Brown trying AND indeed influencing the Portuguese national government. 

The conversation between them and the signing of the Lisbon Treaty. For Sócrates it was important to secure Brown’s signature, but for the latter, it was equally important to solve the Madeleine McCann case, which counted on the personal and institutional support of the new British Prime Minister.

Gordon Brown was informed by his SFO the suspicions that hung over Prime Minister Sócrates HAVING TAKEN A BRIBE FROM UK FIRMS TO GIVE PLANNING PERMISSION to build a shopping centre FREEPORT on RESTRICTED LAND near Lisbon. 

on the 2nd of October 2007, case coordinator Gonçalo Amaral is removed. 

The removal of the man who had always suspected the involvement of the McCann their daughter’s disappearance happened on the SAME DAY that Gordon Brown announced to Sócrates that he accepted to sign the Lisbon.

Strangely this is not reported in the UK press yet, but they will have to as the beans are about to be spilt.

17 Jun 2017

Retired Police Superintendent, PeterMac, and retired Portuguese DCI, Gonçalo Amaral to collaborate with new private Maddie McCann investigation

Retired Portuguese DCI, Gonçalo Amaral: "It is time to transform the PJGA initiative” (set up to help him pay his legal costs) “into PJMM, Projecto Justiça Madeleine McCann”

“With the collaboration of retired Portuguese and British police”, PJMM could “advance with a real, objective, independent investigation to investigate the causes of the mysterious disappearance, search for the child and identify those responsible”, he said.

Maddie disappearance “pretty much solved”, say sleuths pushing for “new remit”

A little over a month since the world’s press went into overdrive commemorating the 10 years since Madeleine McCann vanished during a family holiday in Portugal, campaigners doggedly researching the case insist it has been “pretty much solved”.

It is simply a question of doing away with the “expensive farce” that Operation Grange - the British police investigation into the mystery -“has become”, and opening the field to an “unlimited remit”.

Volunteers running The Complete Mystery of Madeleine McCann (CMoMM) forum contend that “ten years of the UK Police and government deliberately looking in the wrong direction is criminal”.

Thus, the group that includes retired police officers has approached Prime Minister Theresa May and Metropolitan Police chief Cressida Dick with a renewed call for action in the form of a six-page letter setting out all their reasons.

CMoMM leading light Jill Havern - formerly attached to RAF military police at USAFE, Alconbury airbase in the UK - told the Resident that she suspects “something very wicked lies at the heart of this case”, bearing in mind that the forum’s repeated approaches to the authorities “always fall on deaf ears”.

“We have written Petitions, submitted FOI (Freedom of Information) requests… All replies are written from the same script. It doesn't matter from which department.

“Basically people want to prevent our research”, she continued.

Right now, “CMoMM is being mercilessly attacked by nameless faceless entities on the internet”, she added.

There have even been “death threats” aimed at a forum member whose book: “"What Really Happened to Madeleine McCann: 60 Reasons which suggest she was not abducted" was ‘silenced’ in 2009 by lawyers working for the McCann parents.

But adversity has not deterred campaigners from pushing for what they believe to be the truth to be allowed to come out.

Thus last month’s media razzmatazz - and three key developments that it threw up - have been seized in this latest bid for “a new unlimited remit”.

Havern actually dubs the moment “urgent”.

She explains in the letter sent to Downing Street and the Met that Portugal’s highest court in the land has ruled in favour of former Maddie investigator Gonçalo Amaral - bringing his court wins in the bitter legal case brought by the McCanns to three (click here), and dispensing with any further chances of appeal.

In a rejection of the McCann’s ‘last pitch’ at litigation in Portugal, the Supreme Tribunal reiterated that the couple had not been cleared of involvement in their daughter’s disappearance (click here).

And in interviews with Sky News and “an Australian news source” former Metropolitan Police Detective Chief Inspector Colin Sutton dropped the bombshell about being warned off leading Grange “by a very senior Met police officer” as he (Sutton) “wouldn’t be able to go where he wanted to”.

Havern quoted Sutton as saying: "Operation Grange's narrow remit to focus only on the theory that the four-year-old was abducted from the family's holiday apartment in Portugal was unusual and a 'missed opportunity'..."

Reminding the prime minister of a previous letter from the forum, pushing for true transparency, openness and thoroughness - to the point that detectives are free to go “wherever the evidence leads them” - CMoMM said that it hopes a new remit would also give a green-light to investigate “all aspects of the operation of the Find Madeleine Fund, including:

investigating the actions of all of its Directors,

the funding of the private investigations,

whether or not funds have been used to pay the McCanns’ legal fees and expenses,

why it was necessary for a separate account to be set up last year, to be controlled by the McCanns and not the Directors,

and accounting for all monies paid into and from the Find Madeleine Fund since it was set up in May 2007.”

So, does Havern think she will get answers?

The amateur sleuth is not holding her breath - particularly as Theresa May is “up to her ears in problems” right now.

“Ultimately, we will have to make a Misconduct in Public Office complaint”, she told us. “But that cannot happen until Grange is concluded”.

Indeed, there are those who believe the only reason Grange remains open is to stave off the effects of its closure - both in UK and Portugal - bearing in mind it has spent around €15 million without producing any answers.

Here, for example, a vindicated Amaral is still adamant that the Supreme Court victory should impel the PJ to “once and for all start investigating” (click here).


Amaral, who has a second book in hand - ready for publication once Grange is wound-up - believes it is “high time to channel efforts into what’s important”: getting to the truth.

In an interview with the Resident shortly after his third legal victory in the battle for his right to freedom of expression, he said “perhaps it is time to transform the PJGA initiative” (set up to help him pay his legal costs) “into PJMM, Projecto Justiça Madeleine McCann”.

“With the collaboration of retired Portuguese and British police”, PJMM could “advance with a real, objective, independent investigation to investigate the causes of the mysterious disappearance, search for the child and identify those responsible”, he said.

“An independent investigation that doesn’t look at names but looks at evidence and facts - without worrying about the position of anyone - is possible”, he believes, though the quality of journalism over the last 10 years has clearly left him unimpressed.

“Not one organ of communication bothered interviewing the companions of (Madeleine’s) parents”, he told us.

“They should be bombarded with questions, but no one questions.

“In the front line appears the parents, with the friends in silence...It is strange, very strange”.

A former British police superintendent, member of CMoMM and author of the ebook “What Really Happened to Madeleine McCann?” put the forum’s new initiative into three simple sentences:

“This is not about any kind of personal vendetta against the McCann parents, it is a search for the truth of what happened to Madeleine”.

“If the McCanns, any of their detectives, the PJ or Grange can come up with a cogent, coherent and credible story about what happened between 9pm and 9.50 pm on 3/5/2007 then we all want to hear it.

“But each bit of what we have been told has been proved to have been wrong, mistaken, irrelevant, or a simple lie”.

16 Jun 2017

Madeleine McCann case: The letters to the Prime Minister and Met Police Commissioner Cressida Dick were posted on Tuesday (12 June). I have also sent a copy to the Leader of the Opposition, Jeremy Corbyn.

Prime Minister, Theresa May, introduces Prime Suspect, Kate McCann,
to Royalty: The Duchess of Gloucester

The letters to the Prime Minister and Met Police Commissioner Cressida Dick were posted on Tuesday (12 June) and I am awaiting replies which I shall post here. I have also sent a copy to the Leader of the Opposition, Jeremy Corbyn.  

From: Ms Jill Havern and members of ‘The Complete Mystery of Madeleine McCann’
[address withheld]

Rt. Hon. Mrs Theresa May
Prime Minister
10 Downing Street

Commissioner Ms Cressida Dick
Metropolitan Police
8-10 Broadway,

Monday 12 June  2017

Dear Prime Minister and Commissioner Ms Cressida Dick

NEW DEVELOPMENTS SINCE September 2016: The conduct of the Operation Grange investigation into the reported disappearance of Madeleine McCann

As before, I write on behalf of the members of my forum ‘The Complete Mystery of Madeleine McCann’, whose membership has grown to 7,645 since my previous letter.

I now write to you again on your re-election as Prime Minister and as before wish you well in that capacity.

You and the new Metropolitan Police Commissioner, Ms Cressida Dick, will recall that nine months ago, I wrote to you in robust terms about the truth about what really happened to Madeleine McCann. I gave you, in particular, detailed evidence about the misconduct of the various private detectives and agencies used by the McCanns. They had used a series of discredited or bogus investigation agencies - and at least four of their detectives had been imprisoned for criminal offences after they had been engaged by the McCanns. Two of their investigators, Kevin Halligen and Antonio Giminez Raso, each served four years in jail. Yet Operation Grange has deemed that the material collected by these criminal or discredited investigators is somehow worthy of consideration.      

I suggested to you previously that the expensive farce that Operation Grange had become should be ended, and that you should set up a fresh inquiry team, with an unlimited remit, which could investigate whether the McCanns were directly involved in any way in the reported disappearance of their daughter.

There have been at least three major developments since I last wrote to you, which fully reinforce what I said back in September - and make it more urgent than ever that Operation Grange is ended and a new inquiry set up with an unlimited remit.

These are:

(1) The original Portuguese police investigation co-ordinator, Dr Goncalo Amaral, winning, in January this year, the libel case brought against him in June 2009 by the McCanns

(2) The clear declaration by the Portuguese Supreme Court, announced in February  this year, that the McCanns had been wrong to claim that they had been ‘cleared’ by the Portuguese police investigation. The Court ruled (a) that the McCanns had NOT been cleared, (b) that the alleged criminal offence of the McCanns, i.e. having hidden Madeleine’s body, was still being investigated, and (c) that proceedings  against the McCanns could still be taken if new and credible evidence of their involvement in Madeleine’s disappearance were to emerge, and

(3) The revelation in April this year by a former senior Metropolitan Police officer, Detective Chief Inspector Colin Sutton, that he had been advised by a very senior Metropolitan Police officer that he should not accept the recommendation of the former Head of the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Service, Jim Gamble, that he (Sutton) should head the proposed Operation Grange Review - because it would have a strictly limited remit and he would “not be able to go where he wanted”.    

Moreover, in later remarks discussing the advice the ‘very senior’ officer had given him, Sutton stated in a SKY News documentary, and in an interview with an Australian TV network, that he had reasons for believing that the McCanns might , after all, have been involved in Madeleine’s disappearance.
In my previous letter I respectfully reminded you as follows, quote:

“Whilst you were at the Home Office you personally approved and organised the setting-up of Operation Grange in 2011 and approved its remit, which was to investigate ‘the abduction. The innocence of the McCanns in the disappearance of the daughter was assumed to begin with and so, contrary to all normal rules of police investigation and conduct, any lines of enquiry which might suggest that the McCanns knew or were involved in the disappearance of Madeleine were excluded right from the start.

“As Home Secretary from 2010 to 2016 you would have had regular briefings on the case from your most senior advisers, civil servants, and security service and police officers and you would no doubt have been fully informed of the intensive involvement of government security services and other agencies in the case from the very first day, and their continuing extensive involvement for many years later.

“You must have personal knowledge that the McCanns have by no means been ruled out of involvement in Madeleine’s disappearance”.

At the end of January this year, after a legal process that lasted over 7½ years, the Portuguese Supreme Court refused the McCanns’ appeal against a ruling in the Portuguese Appeal Court in April 2016 that the original Portuguese investigation co-ordinator was not guilty of libeling the McCanns in his book on the case: ‘The Truth of the Lie’. His book, published back in 2008, had given clear evidential reasons for believing that Madeleine McCann had died in the McCanns’ apartment, and that they had covered up Madeleine’s death and arranged to hide her body.

The comments of former Detective Chief Inspector Colin Sutton

I now reproduce some of the statements made by former Detective Chief Inspector Colin Sutton. In a SKY TV documentary on the Madeleine McCann case, he said::

“I did receive a call from a very senior Met Police officer who knew me and said it wouldn't be a good idea for me to head the investigation on the basis that I wouldn't be happy conducting an investigation being told where I could go and where I couldn't go, the things I could investigate and the things I couldn't...”

In a longer interview with an Australian news source, he said:

"There were critical errors because of a high level agenda to not interrogate the child's parents...", and

"Operation Grange's narrow remit to focus only on the theory that the four-year-old was abducted from the family's holiday apartment in Portugal was unusual and a 'missed opportunity'..."

The Australian article continued: "In 2010...Sutton received a phone tip-off from 'a very senior Metropolitan police officer', warning him about the looming investigation and how it would be handled. The insider told Sutton, who served 30 years with London's Met before retiring in 2011, that the dozens of murder detectives assigned to Operation Grange would be instructed where they could and couldn't look. 'I immediately assumed that what was meant was that the [McCann] family and Tapas 7 [the group of seven friends on holiday with the McCanns] were a no-go area', Sutton said".

The article went on "...the detective's instincts were proven correct. The 'crucial phrase', as Sutton calls it, in the Operation Grange remit was a line stating the review would be carried out 'as if the abduction occurred in the UK'. That meant Kate and Gerry McCann, despite several concerning inconsistencies in their witness statements, were not to be looked at”, Sutton said. The rest of [the remit] is really of little consequence after that because that's sort of saying…we are only treating this as an abduction and we are not looking at any other scenario."

"Sutton also hit out at Scotland Yard claims that the McCanns...had been cleared...'The PJ have never cleared anyone', Sutton said. ‘Ceasing the investigation 'just meant they couldn't find enough evidence to proceed against them'."

Moreover, they quoted more statements from Sutton: “Sutton...said it was well-rehearsed, best police practice in cases such as Madeleine McCann to eliminate those closest to the child first. 'Also any kind of investigation of murder or akin to murder the other place you need to eliminate early on is those that last saw the victim alive. In this case you've got essentially the same group of people who are both close to the victim and the last to see her alive. I'd always want to start with that. I don't understand why that hasn't been done [by Operation Grange]...'."

Sutton said he disagreed with [Met Police] Asst Com Rowley's assessment. He said inconsistencies in some of Kate and Gerry's statements, Kate's 2011 book ‘madeleine’ and also some of the witness accounts of the Tapas 7 disturbed him.

"After police found no forensic evidence in the apartment to back up claims of a break in, Gerry's statements to police detailing what doors he and Kate had used while checking on their three sleeping children changed".

The article concluded: “Portugal's police also had some doubts over the accuracy of timelines provided by Kate and Gerry, and the Tapas 7, in the critical hours either side of Maddie being reported missing at 10pm.  Specialist cadaver and blood dogs were brought to Praia da Luz from the UK, and signalled hits inside apartment 5A and a hire car rented by the McCanns 25 days after Madeleine disappeared. [Colin Sutton said that] It was 'entirely possible' that some of Operation Grange's remit was forced upon Scotland Yard by government officials who rubber stamped the multi-million-[pound] funding of the investigation".

The comments of Assistant Commissioner Mark Rowley

I also wish to refer to the comments made by Assistant Commissioner Mark Rowley about the case in an extended interview given to the media.

He told his interviewer: “What I’ve always said on this case, and I’ve said it to Kate and Gerry as well, we will do everything reasonably possible to try and find an answer for them”. He thus confirms DCI Colin Sutton’s statements that the remit, devised originally by Detective Superintendent Hamish Campbell, excluded the McCanns from the investigation.      

In rambling responses to the interviewer, AC Rowley said first of all that: “There is still a lot unknown”, but later contradicted himself by stating: ”We’ve achieved a complete understanding of it all”. Later in the same interview he contradicted himself once again by saying: “Ten years on, we still don’t have definitive evidence about exactly what’s happened”, and further adding: “All the different hypotheses have to remain open”.  In the same vein, he continued: “This case is [one where] the evidence is limited at the moment as to which one of the [various] hypotheses we should follow. So we have to keep an open mind”.

He continued:  “As I said earlier on we have no definitive evidence as to whether Maddie is alive or dead” but then, bizarrely, claimed: “The investigation has achieved an awful lot”.

He also referred to the initial Portuguese investigation, stating that: “When we started, we started five or so years into this, and there is already a lot of ground been covered, we don’t cover the same ground, what we do is pull all the material we had at the start, all the Portuguese material…” This material included multiple lines of evidence that Madeleine died in the McCanns’ apartment.

He then said: “It would be no different if there were a cold case in London, a missing person from 1990, we would go back to square one look at all the material and if the material was convincing, it ruled out that line of enquiry, we would look somewhere else…You don’t restart an investigation pretending it doesn’t exist and do all the same enquiries again, that is not constructive… What hypotheses does it open, what does it close down…?”  

So, despite all the material in the Portuguese police files pointing to Madeleine’s death in  the McCanns’ apartment, AC Rowley admitted that Operation Grange ignored these lines of enquiry. To make it crystal clear, Rowley confirmed that “We did not interview the McCanns as potential suspects”.              

AC Rowley then developed one of Operation Grange’s favourite hypotheses over the past few years for Madeleine’s disappearance, namely a ‘burglary gone wrong’. He said:  “One of the lines of enquiry, one of the hypotheses was: could this be a burglary gone wrong? Someone is doing a burglary, panicked maybe by a waking child, which leads to Madeleine going missing”. The interviewer retorted, very sensibly: “Most burglars would just run out”. AC Rowley, aware that nothing had been stolen from the McCanns’ apartment even if this was a ’burglary gone wrong’, replied with yet another rambling, 200-word answer, and admitted that, three years after identifying three Praia da Luz residents as the possible burglars, “we have pretty much closed off that group of people”.

The arrest and questioning of these three alleged ‘burglars’ was based on records of one mobile telephone call made between two of them lasting 58 seconds at 9.51pm on Thursday 3 May, the night Madeleine was reported missing. This was the one and only piece of evidence against them, and it was achieved after Operation Grange sifted some 11,000 mobile ‘phone records obtained from some 31 countries of people known or thought to have lived in or visited Praia da Luz at the time Madeleine was reported missing. To achieve this, letters had to be sent by Operation Grange to 31 countries to obtain these records, and thousands of man-hours would have been needed to examine them all. The only result of this vast amount of expensive activity was the wrongful arrest of three local Praia da Luz residents.                      

In my previous letter, I called on you both to, quote:

1. Appoint independent assessors of proven integrity and independence to evaluate the work of Operation Grange, and make its findings public. In this respect, may I remind you of this part of the review’s remit, as determined by DCS Hamish Campbell: “The ‘investigative review’ will be conducted with transparency, openness and thoroughness…” Any such report must include a full investigation into the huge involvement in this case of MI5, Special Branch and other government  or government-backed security agencies;  

2. Appoint, via the new Home Secretary, a different police force, which has the highest possible reputation for integrity and independence, to investigate the reported disappearance of Madeleine McCann;

3. Ensure that any new police investigation has an unlimited remit and can therefore go to wherever the evidence leads them;

4. Order the relevant government department to investigate all aspects of the operation of the Find Madeleine Fund, including:-
investigating the actions of all of its Directors,
the funding of the private investigations,
whether or not funds have been used to pay the McCanns’ legal fees and expenses,
why it was necessary for a separate account to be set up last year, to be controlled by the McCanns and not the Directors, and
accounting for all monies paid into and from the Find Madeleine Fund since it was set up in May 2007..    

I shall again send this same letter to the new Metropolitan Police Commissioner, Cressida Dick. Again I urge you to seek an urgent meeting with her to discuss the contents of my letter.

In the three years and eight months since a BBC Crimewatch ‘McCann Special’ on Madeleine McCann on 14 October 2013, one of my members, Richard Hall, has produced five documentary films on the case lasting a total of 17 hours. These films have had over 5 million views on YouTube alone. The films developed the evidence that Madeleine did indeed die in the McCanns’ apartment and that Gerry and Kate McCann, with the help of others, hid her body. There are in addition literally hundreds of other YouTube uploads by other Google members which also develop this evidence, many of them having a large number of views.

Another member of mine, a retired police superintendent, has published an e-book documenting in detail the evidence that Madeleine died in the McCanns’ apartment. It has been re-published all over the internet and has been read by hundreds of thousands at least. In these ways, ever more people are realising, in line with what Colin Sutton was told in May 2010, that Operation Grange is a sham investigation which was deliberately designed to cover up what really happened to Madeleine.

It would surely be in your interests to admit that Operation Grange was seriously flawed from the start and must be urgently replaced with a new investigation with an unlimited remit.              

Please give this matter your most careful consideration and I shall look forward to your response in the near future.

Yours sincerely


Jill Havern

For and on behalf of the members of ‘The Complete Mystery of Madeleine McCann’

Posted on CMOMM forum:

Prime Minister Theresa May introduces Prime Suspect Kate McCann to The Duchess of Gloucester

Prime Minister Theresa May introduces Prime Suspect Kate McCann to The Duchess of Gloucester

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Richard D. Hall: 'When Madeleine Died?'

Richard D. Hall: 'When Madeleine Died?'
Please click on image to view all three Madeleine films

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